Thursday, January 3, 2008

Rumors are Untrue

There are rumors out there that Fred Thompson will drop out of campaign if he does not have a good showing they are untrue. h/t to ARRA News Service. They have a post about Thompson's response to these false rumors, along with responses from other bloggers. Click here for the post. God I hope it isn't true. America NEEDS Fred!


DR said...

Thanks for dealing with this underhanded attack by another campaign. I linked to your post. If Fred were to get out of the race I honestly would not have another candidate I could support. I understand that Fred has raised a couple of million in the last couple of weeks so finances are starting to improve and I think he will get a strong finish in Iowa tonight.

Michigan Redneck said...

I believe he will have a good showing also. Nonetheless, I don't think what is going on in Iowa is end all be all. When I first heard about the "news" I was devastated.
Iowa should not matter as much as the MSM says it does. From what I have been hearing about how it all goes down it is no different than union votings at meetings. Nothing more than strong arming for the union boss. That ain't how American Democracy should work. I don't think that is how the rest of us "peons" in other states feel, except a lot of the "peons" don't know that this is how it goes down in Iowa.