Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday I celebrated my one year of blogging. It has been quite a journey. I started off blogging about Mike Huckabee on That was my family website that no longer exists. I started at Michigan Redneck in early May. Now I am posting at Michigan Redneck II. I don't think I will be doing much with this blog anymore. Posting is always updated at Michigan Redneck II. Check it out at - Glitter Graphics

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mich. in jeopardy of losing out on federal highway dollars

Christine Rook
Lansing State Journal

DELTA TWP. - Some legislators and county officials fear the state is in jeopardy of losing federal highway money next year.

“It’s got to be a serious concern,” state Rep. Tom Casperson, R-Escanaba, said between conference sessions at the County Road Association of Michigan’s annual highway conference in Delta Township.

Casperson serves on the state House Transportation Committee. Attendees made comments this morning concerning the state’s ability to make use of federal money in the new fiscal year, beginning in October.

Michigan Department of Transportation officials were not immediately available for comment.

The federal government is projected to send $1.3 billion to Michigan next year. But some are concerned about whether the state has sufficient money to match some of that funding.

Casperson said he is concerned about the state’s ability to match all of its projected federal dollars next year in part because of what the state expects to spend on transportation is relatively flat when compared with current spending.

“We’re kind of going in a backward trend,” he said. [more here]

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Convicted Calif. Molester Jumps to Death

SANTA ANA, Calif. — A 52-year-old man jumped to his death from a Southern California courthouse balcony hours after being convicted of child molestation, authorities said.

Carlos Edward Tello was facing more than 20 years in prison when he jumped from a ninth-floor balcony of the Central Justice Center in Santa Ana Tuesday afternoon. A suicide note was tucked into his clothing, authorities said.

A jury in a Fullerton courtroom earlier Tuesday convicted Tello of repeatedly molesting a young girl between 1989 and 1994.

Deputy District Attorney Heather Brown tried to have Tello’s bail revoked and have him taken into custody immediately after the verdicts were announced. She said he was carrying a suicide note when he was arrested in 2006 in the case and that he might be in danger.

Superior Court Judge Greggory Prickett declined to revoke Tello’s bail, instead ordering him to return to the Fullerton courtroom by 4:30 p.m.

Just after 4 p.m. at the Santa Ana courthouse, an alarm sounded that someone had entered a restricted area, said Orange County Sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino.

A bailiff found Tello standing on the balcony and tried to wrestle him away from the edge, said police Cpl. Jose Gonzalez.

“He said, ‘Nobody’s stopping me,’” Amormino said, “and he jumped.”

Tello died at the scene. [source]

He hope he writhed around a bit before dying. This was a sissy’s way out. In reality, that’s what a molester is, a sissy.

Joel Westrom's Message about Last Night's Live Blogging

Here is the First District email blast that Joel Westrom sent out regarding the Live Bloggin on for the March 4 Presidential Primaries.

First District Updates -Live Blog Success

March 5, 2008
First District- We had a great night last night with our new First District blog site. We had several people participating sharing thoughts and stories from all over the District. Special thanks to Keith Almli, John Niemela and Kathy Wells for taking the challenge on and delivering a great event.
Couple comments from last night’s event…
John Niemela (Houghton County)
“The live blogging event hosted by the First District GOP was like attending a Primary Watching - District Wide event. Having fellow Republican Activists sharing their observations or items they found while viewing TV, Cable News or online media was an enjoyable evening.”
Kathy Wells (Mackinac County)
“Last night's live blogging on was a great example of First District members participating in team work and having lots of fun. It was great to have Saul Anuzis, Michigan GOP Chairman, join in with us.”
Saul Anuzis (Chairman, Michigan Republican Party)
Excerpt from daily blog.
“Congratulations to the First Congressional District for running “live” blog last night, tracking commentary and numbers on the presidential primary…once again, leading the way. Special thanks to Kathy Wells, John Niemela and Keith Almli. Maybe a new meaning to #1(First)!?!”
We’ve done great things over the last year to help improve communications in the First District using technology and there is a still lot of room for growth. I receive emails weekly from people across the District asking all kinds of questions and suggestions on a range of issues. Keep them coming and lets keep moving forward in the First.
Joel Westrom

Since I can not add in the link to Mr. Anuzis' blog post on "That's Saul, Folks," in the original message, I will add it here.

Thoughts on Yesterday’s Super Tuesday

Last night I did some live blogging, along with other First Districters and Michigan GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis, on It was really fun. I was watching Glenn Beck and his panel on CNN Headline News and blogged about it. I stayed neutral on the Republican front regarding John McCain. I dissed a little on the Democrats. Since the First GOP Blog is a group blog of fellow Republicans, I held back a little and didn’t give my full thoughts on things. I did not feel it was right to talk about some things, so I will talk about them here.

Mike Huckabee conceded out of the race. Thus making John McCain the Republican nominee. As of last count John McCain has a delegate count of 1192. That is one more than the 1191 needed delegates to clinch the nomination. Today John McCain is expected to be at the White House, where President George W. Bush is expected to endorse John McCain. I am still not sure how to think of John McCain. I am not thrilled with the any of the Democrat choices. The thing is, Hill and Bar are just so freakin awful.

A part of me thinks about voting third party once the general election comes up. But then I think, what if too many Conservatives vote third party and Hill or Bar become the next president. Sometimes I think that maybe this would be a great wake-up call to the Republicans and it would be a great chance for us to re-group and bring the party back to it’s conservative principals. It would be a good four years to heal. But would the hurting that Hill or Bar be so permanent that the country could never heal? There needs to be a balance. I want to see the Republican party heal itself, but I don’t want to see the entire country get hurt in the process.

Rush Limbaugh talked about Republicans voting for Hillary in the Texas primary to keep her in the race and mess with the Democrats primary, since he is not a fan of John McCain. I get some of his points on why he said this. His feeling as that the longer the Democrats go without a sure nominee the more money that gets spent, from the campaigns and supporters of the campaigns and gives the DNC a shorter time to group up once they have a nom. There are some out there who want to see Hill become the Dem nom. They think that Hillary will be easiest for John McCain to beat.

While I left my support of Mike Huckabee, due to some things I read about him that I didn’t like, there is one thing I agree with him on. When I first supported Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama was just an after thought he said that Hillary Clinton would be a formidable candidate. He said not to underestimate her. Again, ya gotta admit, him living in Arkansas and seeing the “Clinton political machine” first hand. They even had a hand in Arkansas politics after leaving the state.

A part of me is seeing this Obama craze and thinking that maybe he would be harder for McCain to win against. But then I recall about how Mike Huckabee has said about how Hillary Clinton can be sneaky and using dirty tricks. I just don’t think Obama would be able to use dirty tricks, or at least not to the extent that Hillary would. Then I think to myself, why even bother thinking about this. I am not a fan of McCain.

I had heard people banter about Condoleeza Rice possibly running for president. Obviously that ain’t gonna happen for ‘08. I didn’t know too much about her when I heard this. I know who she is and I have followed up on her a little bit. But not to the extent that those who wanted to see her run has. I have just started really learning about her. She is a well accomplished lady. I think if enough people can talk her into it, she just may run in ‘12 or ‘16.

Here is the problem if Hill or Bar were to become president. Obviously Hillary is a woman. Obviously Barack is black. Obviously Condoleeza Rice is a black woman. From my point of view, if one of these two become president and messed up, I would say Hillary royally messed up because of who she is. Or I would say Barack royally messed up because of who he is. I judge people on their minds and actions. Unfortunately, there would be people out there who would say that that is why a woman and or black should not be president. This would mess up Condi’s chance.

I saw John McCain make his victory speech last night. His wife was standing beside him. She looked like an aging Barbie Doll. She looked plasticky like she had no personality. She had this closed lip perma grin. She looks so country clubby. Those clothes, jewelry and hair. I don’t know what it is about her, but I just can’t help but she just gives me chills. Everytime I see her, I can’t see the coloring in her eyes, looks like just white surrounded by too much black eye make-up. Creepy, if you ask me.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

First District GOP Blogs

Just finished Live Blogging on First GOP Blogs. Saul Anuzis, along with Joel Westrom are over there blogging. Check it out!

Voting Language?

This live blogging is so ADD! Any-hoo, was searching the internet to get some info about something else. But I found this picture.

A voter heads to the polls in Dallas, Texas.
Source, MSNBC
Personally, I think that English should be mandatory to vote. Thoughts?

Main Posting at Michigan Redneck II and First GOP Blog

Most of the posting on the live blogging is on Michigan Redneck II and First GOP Blog. I am going to try to do some blogging onto First GOP Blog and copy/pasting from Michigan Redneck II posts here. Stop by the First District Blog and give a big hand clap to John Niemela.

What States are Voting today?…

…that was the question I had to ask myself. Maybe you are asking yourself that too. Most of us know that Texas and Ohio are voting. But also Rhode Island and Vermont are voting. To make it easy I will list them.

  1. Texas
  2. Ohio
  3. Rhode Island
  4. Vermont

CNN is Showing Exit Polls

CNN is showing exit poll results. They have stated that Vermont is the winner take all state. They are speculating that this will be the election that will make John McCain the Republican nominee.

Hannity and Colmes

I just took off to take a snack break. Took longer than I thought. The long lost sunshine that is back in the UP brought people out and grocery lines. I am back. I kept the TV on when I came back Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes are on FOX News. They were talking to a Democrat Strategist. Remember the hullabaloo about Florida and Michigan holding there primaries early? And the DNC not allowing the Dems to campaign in these states? Well, this strategist is talking about how Michigan and Florida “almighty” Superdelegates will be important in deciding the Democrat nom.

I know, I know I am a Republican. Why am I talking anything about Dems? There isn’t much interesting going on on our side. Hill and Bar a close in delegates. Mac and Huck have a major delegate ratio between them. I am going to channel surf a bit and also see what Rush is talking about. I am wondering if Betty Ford Clinic has a wing for political addiction, argh.

First District GOP Blogs Has Started Live Blogging

Some of the good bloggers at the First District Gop will be live blogging the Super Tuesday Part II tonite. John Niemela has already started. Check out his post here. I have it on good word that Saul Anuzis might be blogging over there also. If that doesn’t do it for you, there will be jugglers, puppies, kitties and the Osmonds. Just kidding.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Live Blogging Texas and Ohio

I haven’t been checking out the presidential primaries much lately. Tomorrow I will be live blogging the four state primaries. Glenn Beck will be reporting live on CNN Headline News tomorrow at 7pm and 9pm. I am not sure what I will be talking about, but we’ll see won’t we. Oh, and some people might live blog on the

Pro-Life Congressmen Want Planned Parenthood De-Funded Over Web Site Porn

h/t to Maritime Sentry for bringing this article to light.

by Steven Ertelt Editor
February 28
, 2008

Washington, DC ( — Pro-life members of Congress say the federal government should stop funding Planned Parenthood through national family programs because its teen-oriented web site features pornography. Planned Parenthood’s online venture TeenWire features content so graphic that some Internet filters are preventing access to it.

The site is supposed to be a compendium of “medically accurate” information for teenagers on sexual issues.

Though Planned Parenthood is careful to say the information is intended for people 18 years and older, the web site is clearly geared to teens.

The web site’s “advice columnists” tell kids viewing the web site that many people use pornography as part of sex play.” A columnist tells one viewer that viewing pornography won’t lead to getting bad grades in school.

OK, this last paragraph really gets me worked up. I don’t know if pornography will cause bad grades or not. I don’t care if kids who view it get better grades. Which is something I highly doubt, but I digress. It will give kids a bad sense of what sex is. If they don’t already have a bad sense of it anyways. In fact, many adults are messed up about sex. I have never watched such stupid crap. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what is in porn. Boys will think that the nasty asty way girls act in these “movies” is the way that girls are supposed to be and expect this from girls. Girls will think this is the way they are supposed to act and that if they don’t act this way they won’t get a prom date or whatever. It will have a lasting effect on them, even into adulthood.

The web site encourages kids to play sexual games or explore bisexuality and it gives teens advice on how to avoid telling their parents about a possible abortion.

The first part is bad enough, but teaching children how to be sneaky about anything, especially on possibly ending the life of a human being is absolutely horrendous.

Leading pro-life groups agreed and say Planned Parenthood doesn’t need one-third of its income coming from the federal government. [more here]

My sentiments exactly.

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First District Now Has it's Own Blog!

If you recall, a while back I said there was a group project in the works. Well it is official, Michigan First District GOP now has a blog. Here is the email announcement from Joel Westrom.

February 29, 2008
Baraga- On our way home from State Convention a couple weeks ago it was discussed by several people about putting a First District blog site together. Several people submitted ideas on how to do that. Keith Almli (Baraga County, left) and Kathy Wells (Mackinac County, right) worked together to bring this discussion to a reality.
On behalf of the First District, I’m pleased to announce as a new blog site for the District. Keith has spent several days working on this and we are very proud of him. We encourage you all to sign up and submit your thoughts. The site is set up for each County (31 in the First) to submit your information. Keep the District informed on you latest events or fundraisers or take a moment to tell us how you felt about a State or National issue.
1st District- I’m working with the officers to schedule our next First District meeting. We are planning to have it centrally located in the District within the next 5-6 weeks. We’ll keep you posted and encourage you all to attend.
Our last meeting in Gladwin was a huge success co-hosted by Hubert Fisk and Darlene Conner. Over 80 people in attendance. Meetings have been doubling in size since we started. Thank you all for those who have made them a success.

Yeah, that is me in the right side. I know, that is a crappy picture. Why he used that pic is beyond me. I have a long skinny nose. I have heard that is a typical Czech feature. So that makes me feel a little better. If you want to say something about my forehead, just remember "Big foreheads are Eastern Europe."
If you are from the First District (Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan), join in on the fun. If you are not, read it and see how us First District Republicans are newsworthy and politically minded. I will be blogging on the Mackinac County Page.

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Teens Accused of Clubbing Disabled Young Woman

I had heard about this story on the Glenn Beck tv show from Friday. It is a sickening story about a teenage couple who broke into a home and clubbed a young lady in the head, along with other types of abusing her. From the Glenn Beck transcript;

I want to tell you a story about what happened Friday in a rural town in southwestern Ohio. Two teenagers broke into a house and hid in the basement. Their plan was to get up the next morning and steal the homeowner`s car. But it didn`t work out. So they did something much, much worse.

After realizing the only adult in the house had left for work the two went upstairs and found an 18-year-old girl sleeping. They woke her up and then for the next six hours, they tortured here. They used a baseball bat, they shaved off all of her hair, they doused her with water and made her walk barefoot in the snow. Despite her pleas that she just had brain surgery, they repeatedly hit her over to the head. By the way, she`s disabled.

The girl`s mother found her, bloodied, bruised, helpless later that night and the teenagers that did it were found minutes later in the woods nearby. They`re being charged now, if they were being charged as adults, they would only face eight to 28 years in prison. But they`re not being charged as adults. If it were up to me, these two dirt bags would never see the light of day again. Richard Jones is the sheriff of Ohio`s Butler County. And Wendy Murphy is a law professor at the New England School of Law and author of “And Justice for Some.”

I agree with Glenn on these brats never seeing the light of day, and the possible punishment is too short. But here is some good news from The Western Star of Ohio.

HAMILTON — Prosecutors have requested that a teen couple accused of terrorizing a disabled young woman at her Hanover Twp. home last week be tried as adults.

The 16-year-old boy and 17-year-old girl appeared in Butler County Juvenile Court Thursday, Feb. 28, on charges of aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary, felonious assault, kidnapping and vandalism in the attack of Ashley Clark.

Assistant Prosecutor Daniel Phillips said based on the severity of the charges and age of the accused offenders, he is requesting the cases be bound over to adult court. A hearing has been set for April 4.

Glenn Beck talks with the sheriff of Butler County in Ohio.

Let me start with you, Richard, I have heard you quoted saying in 32 years you have never seen anything as bad as this?

RICHARD JONES, BUTLER COUNTY, OH, SHERIFF: Glenn, I have seen almost everything imaginable. That people can do that to other human beings and I have never seen anything such as this. It makes your throat swell up, it makes you have such emotion, that Ashley is the victim here, she`s 18 years old and she does have a disability.

Here’s the kicker, if you thought things couldn’t be worse, they have a kid!

JONES: I that have a two-month-old child themselves. It`s probably the best thing for the child that they not raise the child. Who knows what would happen with that child. If these two — it`s so unusual for two people from a different family to end up — usually in something like this, one person would have sympathy and say, please don`t do this, we need to stop this, this isn`t right. Both of them continued and went on with this rampage for hours.

This is proof that any idiot can reproduce. I know eugenics is supposed to be wrong, but I think in this case an exception can and should be made. Both these little brats should be forcibly sterilized. I hate to think how this kid is going to grow up.

Glenn says he can’t tell these kids names on the air. He says if they are tried as adults, come April 1, he will put their names and faces all over television. I found their names, here.

Wendy Murphy talks about how Ohio law works on whether or not to try teenagers as adults.

Wendy, in Ohio, you actually have to go to court and prove to the court that they should be tried as adults and not juvenile. Any doubt in your mind that that`s going to be able to be pulled off here in this case?

WENDY MURPHY, NEW ENGLAND SCHOOL OF LAW: No. What`s really unfortunate here, Glenn is that Ohio has it a bit backward compared to the trend in the rest of the country which is that for this aged group of juveniles, they`re very close to adult. They`ve got records, this crime is the most heinous for that category of juvenile, you should start off in adult court and in some states, they let the juveniles try to prove that they should be bumped back down to juvenile court which by the way would also never happen in a case like this.

Ohio should not have to bear the expense, taxpayer expense of having to prove that this case deserves to be in adult court.

Did you read that? These little brats even have a record. I hope like hell their kids are taken away.

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