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Busy with Genealogy Stuff

I wrote this over at Michigan Redneck II;

Ahoj kamarady/Hi friends,

I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but I always get a melancholy feeling in regards to family, those living and those who have passed on. Y’all know I am into searching my Bohemian genealogy. On a complete fluke I found an answer to an inquiry I made to the town office of Mšeno, Czech Republic, one of my ancestor’s hometown. I was expecting an answer via email. When I did not receive an email, I gave up. I did not know that there was a q & a page. I found the q & a page while searching for something else. Right now, I need to do some translating, a few things that I need to follow up and talk to some contacts (such as write to my pen-pal in CR and re-initiate contact with cousins in CR). I am going to get back to writing and updating at the original Michigan Redneck about family, genealogy, cooking, sewing and other girly stuff. Don’t worry, I will continue to write here (at Michigan Redneck II) about politics, Czech news of interest to readers and other news of importance. Just right now, I feel there is something that I am searching for, just don’t know what it is. When I do know, I will let y’all know.

Na shledanou/See ya later

Some of the tags below are not words not mentioned in the post, but are relevant to the post about my genealogy.

I intend to write up a post here soon, detailing some of my genealogy searching and spotlighting different ancestors with pictures when possible. If not today, in a few days.

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