Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why I Have Been Away From My Blog


As most of you know, I have been working on a carry on bag that says "I Like Mike." I have tried and tried to upload my videos of the process, to no avail. I will continue to try. I am multi-tasking in that. I talk about Mike Huckabee while sewing. But never fear, I have at least taken still photos of the process.

Some of y'all out there may be wondering why I am taking time to make a bag instead of talking about Mike Huckabee. Well, here's my answer. The way I see it, I will be traveling to Iowa on a bus. People talk to each other on the bus. What else is there to do? Conversations usually start out with "Where are you going? Do you have family or friends there? Are you on vacation?". I plan on telling everyone I talk to on the bus about Mike Huckabee. Since ya can't just go up to strangers and have political conversations with strangers, I thought this bag would make a great ice-breaker. People would ask me about the bag. Then there would be an opening to talk about Mike.

People on buses are usually the working poor. Some of them get government assistance. They usually either don't follow politics much. If they do they buy into the concept that the socialist ideals of the Democrats are going to save them, without doing much, if any research. Mike Huckabee is just the REPUBLICAN candidate that I can talk about without getting mentally assaulted. They will understand that he cares about the poor without giving handouts. When I have talked to people on the bus, the ones who are blue collar who are not on assistance they are the ones who get most upset with assistance programs. But they still know the hardships of being poor and trying to keep food on the table. Mike Huckabee is just the candidate they can support once they hear about him.

So let's get going and see my progress!
Finished sewing seams and ironed.

Elephant cut and pinned.

The "I" sewn in. Here I used a piece of pearl necklace I found in the kiddie section of the local thrift shop. The reason I pinned the elephant to the material then sewed the "I" in is I needed the elephant pinned in to help with centering.

Zig-zagging the elephant. I had a little problem with the zig-zag attachment, in the beginning. I got it figured out, eventually. So it didn't turn out as good as I wanted it to. I hand sewed the "Like" words. His gold collar was taken from the scrap drawer out of the cabinet, that my grandma already had in there when she gave me the sewing machine. The red sequin for the eye was taken from a head band I wore with a flapper costume.

Finished the zig-zagging. The elephant ended up a little puffy. Again, I usually don't zig-zag, especially with felt. Any products that I should sell will be handled more careful.

I will keep you informed of my progress as I go along. All I need to do is sew on the "Mike" and I can get starting sewing the bag. I have started sewing my coasters. I will post the pics and instructions for those today. That way, you will have time to do it yourself. Unless you started some of your own.
As for the top pic. This is not my bedroom. I do not sleep with stuffed animals. That's "Puppy White." I had him since I was a kid. Now he is "Puppy Beige." I keep him there for my guests. As my sewing room is also my guest room.

Well, gotta "Shake, Rattle and Roll!" and God Bless from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fun Debate-Party Ideas!

Over at OneMom Kerry has a good post about the Republican debates on George Stephanopoulus' "This Week" show, that will take place next Sunday Aug 5. Please read her full post for info about show times.
Watch this debate to show your support for Mike Huckabee. Invite friends and family to watch with you, whether they follow politics, already think they have chosen a candidate to support or are already Huckabee supporter. If they do not support Mike Huckabee I will predict they will support him after hearing him talk against the other guys. He has given great debate performances in previous debates and I don't think things will change.
Now for my fun ideas. Some people may groan about watching political debates and think they are boring. Here's a few ideas to turn watching debates a fun party. Have a potluck, whether there is a lot of people or only a few. A way to make a debate- party potluck fun is to make candidate themed food. Examples could be Southern for Mike Huckabee, Italian for Giuliani, Southwest for McCain, New England for Romney, cheeseball for Tommy Thompson (or Ron Paul; TT is from Wisconsin, RP is well...a cheeseball), etc. You can also get patriotic themed paper plates, cups, napkins, etc. or at least red/white/blue.
Now since most of you are Mike Huckabee supporters here are my personal ideas. Make coasters out of red/white/blue felt. It would be real simple. Just cut out little squares that are average coaster size, back-stitch "I Like Mike" lettering using embroidery floss, then trim with bias tape. For the bias tape you can either machine sew it to the square or back-stitch. This is very simple even for people who don't sew. I will start to work on my coasters and take pictures giving step-by-step instructions.
If you are fairly familiar with sewing you can make a hostess apron or potholders that says "I Like Mike." Since I have too many projects going on now I don't have time to make one for myself, but again, this too would be easy whether you use a pattern or design something of your own. Add a cute little elephant and/or embellishments. These can be made with any fabric that you have on hand or can find on sale. Both ideas can get a subconscious message to your non-Huckabee guests without being pushy.
For food I would suggest banana pudding. I know, I know, Mike Huckabee is the candidate who is on a health kick, but this is a popular Southern desert. I have two recipes, my dad's and one in my Elvis cookbook. I like my dads better. My dad's recipe; take vanilla wafers (store-bought or home-made) put on the bottom of a baking dish, layer sliced bananas on top, then pour vanilla pudding on top. If you want you can repeat process. When you have the desired amount of layers add whipped cream.
Don't forget pom-pons to cheer on Mike! Any other ideas, please let me know.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Couple Articles to Check Out

Since I have been busy working on my carry on bag I thought I would point y'all to a few good articles about Mike Huckabee. Also, a good place to find Mike Huckabee info is two blogs, One Mom and Massachussetts for Mike Huckabee. Both of these blogs are in my blog roll. I have to correct the link for One Mom, which the actual link is http://www.onemom.wordpress.com/. Both these blogs are almost completely dedicated to Mike Huckabee. Be sure to check out all the links for Huckabee and politics and whatever is on the mind of the blog writer.

In this link Mike is talking about education, in Iowa. A few highlights;

  • When supporter Bob Parker, of Story City, introduced Huckabee and explained why he and his wife support him, he said, "As far as I know, he has no skeletons in his closet. And I'm sure people have looked." Rather than speaking from the podium, Huckabee - an ordained Baptist minister and former governor of Arkansas - sat near the front of the room while he summarized his experiences with education issues in Arkansas and responded to comments and questions from those present. He said that his education reforms in Arkansas, which resulted in students earning markedly better test scores in that state, demonstrate that he understands the pertinent issues and is able to implement programs that will improve the quality of the education system. "I was the first Arkansas governor in 50 years who put his own kids through public school," he added.
  • He said he also believes that music and art programs have "intrinsic value, beyond raising math and science scores" (as some researchers say those programs do). Huckabee also made reference to a study that showed, he said, that the greatest predictor of whether students will finish college is "accessibility to a rigorous and broad curriculum."
  • A man in the audience who identified himself as a retired ISU history professor said he believes No Child Left Behind should place more emphasis on social studies because "becoming a good citizen is just as important" as reading and math. Huckabee agreed with the man, saying that the Act "needs to address a broader curriculum."
  • "One of the values of an education is being exposed to a wide variety of ideas, whether you're going to agree with them or not," Huckabee said, speaking generally about curricula at public educational institutions. That's why, he explained, he favors the study of debate and forensics, in which students are expected to argue for or against positions regardless of their personal views.
  • He emphasized that he's an "unapologetic conservative," but with regard to the extreme left and extreme right, he said, "I think sometimes you have to cut off both ends of the sausage and eat from the middle."
  • He added that he was "the first Republican to show up at an NEA convention." "If you really care about kids, it's not a Democratic or Republican issue. It's a vertical issue, not a horizontal one. And whoever (addresses that) ought to be elected."
  • Huckabee's Web site is http://www.mikehuckabee.com/.

Here is another article about his pro-life stance. I can't comment on it right now, my computer is acting slow and it's not showing up all the way.

Mike Huckabee to Appear on Fox News

Watch Mike Huckabee on Fox News on Sunday at 2:45pm.

Friday, July 27, 2007

My First YouTube Video!

I decided to do a video chronicle of the "I Like Mike" carry-on bag that I am making. Here is my first video of that. Please have patience with me, as I have never done a YouTube vid.

My next videos will be more interesting. And if you like the finished product I may be able to make more bags and sell them, and use the profits to contribute to the Mike Huckabee campaign. Please, if you laugh, do it in the privacy of your home and not in the comments. Thank You!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Michigan Teaser...

Republican Vs. Democrat

As the sand in an hour glass of time...these are the days of politics.

Well I was a recipient of a mass forwarded email from the 1st District Chairman, Joel Westrom. This email is regarding the status of a possible joint Republican/Democrat Primary to be held on February 5. I do not have time to research or report on all of the details right now. I am waiting for my grandma, her sister and sister's husband. Basically, this is going to boil down whether or not the power of voting in the Primary will go to the people or the elitists on BOTH sides. This will be up to the elected people in Lansing. My grandma just got here, so I am signing off.

Will things in Michigan work for Mike Huckabee, will the people of Michigan, both Dems and Reps, feel included or disenfranchised, will the biggies on both sides choose our next President? Stay tuned for the next episode.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mike Huckabee in Ottuma, Iowa

Hey, an article about Mike Huckabee that has more than one page!

Check this article out in the Ottuma Courier.

  • OTTUMWA — Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s first visit to Ottumwa was something of a throwback campaign in some ways.

    There’s a lot of talk about the changes in Iowa campaigning by presidential candidates. About how living room chats are being pushed aside by rallies for thousands.
    Huckabee’s visit centered on a cluster of picnic tables in Central Park, with a cooler off to one side full of plastic ice cream cups for supporters. The scale fit Huckabee’s goal. He thinks there’s plenty of space for a candidate to break out of the Republican pack and into the national consciousness.

Some quotes from the picnic;

  • “Americans expect people, when they get elected, to do something,” he said. “Americans aren’t stupid. We understand that there’s a complete dereliction of duty on the part of Congress.”
  • Huckabee, a Baptist minister, sprinkled his speech with references perhaps more common to the pulpit than the campaign trail. He said he won’t avoid questions about his faith, but said he doesn’t expect it to play a major role in the campaign.
    “I think people just want to know you’re honest about your faith,” he said.
  • Huckabee supports the fair tax plan. The plan eliminates the income tax, along with other taxes on revenues. That means it ends the capital gains tax and estate taxes.
    “It’s a ridiculous system we’ve got,” Huckabee said. He contrasted a federal audit with the criminal justice system, saying the burden of proof in the audit is on the accused.
    A national sales tax takes the place of the current system. Huckabee described it as a system simple enough “for a 7-year-old with a lemonade stand,” to understand.
    “You take all the taxes off productivity,” he said.

Click the link above to read the whole article.

Well I gotta go "Shake, Rattle and Roll" and God Bless From the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!

Two Goals - From Mike Huckabee

Email from Mike Huckabee:
Dear Friend,
I am busy campaigning in Iowa today but I wanted to reach out to you with an update on where things stand.

I spent yesterday in Davenport where I met hundreds of interested voters. Education, health care, border security, Iraq and out of control Washington spending are on the minds of voters here. Which isn't suprising, because wherever I go these are the issues people are talking about.

As I have said in previous emails our campaign is continuing to gain ground. Our online fundraising is picking up and our website traffic is building, especially in Iowa. Which is good news because the Iowa Straw Poll is only 18 days away and we still have a ways to go and very real goals we must meet as a campaign. Its my hope that you will once again help us.

1) By this Friday at midnight we need 1,000 online Vounteers to send emails to their friends, family members and co-workers encouraging them to join our campaign. You can do so by visiting the "Build Our Base" section of the website. The last time we set this goal over 2,000 of you participated. A great result and one we need to duplicate.

2) Make an immediate online contribution to our campaign of $15, $25, $35, $50, $70 or even $140. We must raise 400 contributions by Friday at midnight, so I hope you will take a moment now to make a contribution in support of our campaign. We will invest the contribution you make immediately into our grassroots field operations nationally.

Your support has helped fuel this campaign and your continued support is critical in the remaining 18 days before the Ames Straw Poll. If you have already made a contribution, now is the time to seriously consider making another. The amount you contribute isn't as important as your participation. Thank you!
With deep gratitude,

Huckabee: U.S. has 'sick care,' not health care

Sorry for the fact that the last couple posts have not been Huckabee related. Unless ya consider my attempt at "Rockabilly Poetry" to Mike Huckabee to be Huckabee related. I wonder how many of y'all recognized the songs I mentioned? No offense, but I prefer the vintage rock to anything modern, even country. Not that I don't like anything new, I do. Oh yes, back to Mike Huckabee.

Check out this article in the WCFcourier.com.

  • DAVENPORT --- The U.S. health care system is too focused on curing illness and not enough on preventing it, Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said in Davenport on Monday.
  • Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas, told about 60 people at the Adler Health Education Center that while universal coverage, the goal of all the Democratic presidential hopefuls, is laudable, the country ought to focus on lowering the cost of care.
  • The U.S. spends about $2 trillion a year on health care, or 17 percent of its gross domestic product, Huckabee said, with most of it to treat chronic disease.
  • "We don't have a health-care system. We have a sick-care system," he said.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

Mike Huckabee Responds to Iowa Democrat Party/Health Care Record in Arkansas

Huckabee Campaign Responds to Iowa Democratic Party Little Rock, AR – The Mike Huckabee presidential campaign issued the following
statement in response to comments by the Iowa Democratic Party about Huckabee’s record as Governor of Arkansas:

“Mike Huckabee has a proud record of dramatic innovations in health and health care during his tenure as Governor of Arkansas. In fact, he’s been consistently honored as the national leader in health innovation, including recognitions by the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association, the American Diabetes Association, and the American Association of Retired Persons,” said Iowa campaign spokesman Eric Woolson .

“Frankly, I find it ironic that the Iowa Democrat Party is lambasting Governor Huckabee’s record in Arkansas – especially given that this same record has, in fact, been lauded by Democrat Governor Tom Vilsack and Senator Tom Harkin, not to mention Bill Clinton,” said Woolson.

Woolson pointed out that Huckabee’s health achievements led to his being named one of the country’s five best governors by Time magazine, Public Official of the Year by Governing magazine, and receiving the National Excellence in Public Health Award from the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials. Last year the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation held a special event to praise Arkansas as the only state to have reversed childhood obesity rates, he said.

“Given the Iowa Democratic Party’s irresponsible rhetoric on this issue, it’s critical that Iowans have a chance to look at the facts about Governor Huckabee’s impressive health care record in Arkansas ,” said Woolson.

n Governor Mike Huckabee created the ARKids First program which today covers almost 200,000 children who previously were uninsured, and has cut the rate of uninsured children by more than half.

n Governor Huckabee created ARHealth Net, an innovative program that provides basic benefits to small businesses that did not previously offer health insurance. The program is a partnership among the federal and state governments, small businesses, and their employees.

n Governor Huckabee led the effort that made Arkansas the first state in the country to require that the Body Mass Index of every school child be measured annually.

n He led the successful banning of vending machines from all elementary schools. Access to vending machines in junior and senior high schools has been reduced, and half the choices in the machines must meet certain health criteria.

n During Governor Huckabee’s tenure immunization rates improved dramatically. First Lady Janet Huckabee led this effort and visited all 91 health offices in the state. In 2003, the state was forced to provide a new “philosophical” exemption to its immunization law after a federal court declared the previous law unconstitutional. According to the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement’s 2006 Annual Report, this new exemption resulted in a “significant increase in the number of immunization exemptions requested, compared with the two previous years.” The increase in exemptions resulted from parents’ exercising their freedom of choice as the federal court mandated and was beyond the control of the Governor. He urged all parents to continue to immunize their children.

n Governor Huckabee created the Healthy Arkansas initiative to encourage Arkansans to stop smoking, eat healthier diets, and exercise more. As chairman of the National Governors Association, he chose health as his personal initiative issue and expanded Healthy Arkansas into the Healthy America initiative.

n He used radio addresses, speeches, news conferences, media interviews, and web sites to spread the Healthy Arkansas message. He developed local plans in all 75 counties.

n Governor Huckabee made smoking cessation tools available to all Medicaid recipients at no cost. He created an innovative program to get better disease management information to diabetics.

n Governor Huckabee led efforts to improve the health of state employees and made these programs a model for the private sector to implement. He eliminated co-pays and deductibles for state employees to have diagnostic procedures like mammograms, colonoscopies, and prostate cancer screening. He expanded state health plans to include medically-supervised weight loss. He made smoking cessation tools available at no cost. He offered state employees and their spouses a reduction in their health insurance premiums if they agreed not to smoke and took an online health assessment. He provided exercise breaks during the work day.

n He successfully led a 2000 ballot initiative that devotes all of Arkansas ’ tobacco settlement funds to improving Arkansans’ health. Arkansas is the only state that has used every single federal tobacco dollar for health programs and issues.

n He successfully led the fight in 2006 for passage of the Arkansas Clean Air Act, guaranteeing people smoke-free environment at work. Arkansas was the first state in the South to pass such a law.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Importance of Knowing about Bats and Rabies

Most of the recent human rabies cases in the United States have been caused by rabies viruses from bats. Awareness of the facts about bats and rabies can help people protect themselves, their families, and their pets. This information may also help clear up misunderstandings about bats.
When people think about bats, they often imagine things that are not true. Bats are not blind. They are neither rodents nor birds. They will not suck your blood -- and most bats do not have rabies. Bats play key roles in ecosystems around the globe, from rain forests to deserts, especially by eating insects, including agricultural pests. The best protection we can offer these unique mammals is to learn more about their habits and recognize the value of living safely with them.

Well I had fun today. I saw that my cat, Bobbie, had a swollen lip. I figured she must have got bit by something or stung by a bee. Obviously I called the vet. Her receptionist scheduled an appointment.
Today was trash day. As I was taking the trash can from the side of house, I noticed a dead bat. So I put two and two together, thinking that maybe the bat bit her. Or scratched her. Yeah, bats have claws. I did not know this until I picked up the bat, hands protected by grocery bag, and saw his wings by his face and his claws were in defense position. And to the guys out there, no I will not apologize for assuming the bat was a he. And don't read anything into it either. I know biology. I know that there has to be girl bats also to make more bats. I just call ugly animals he and cute animals she.
I called the vet office back to let them know I found the bat. The receptionist told me to put it in the fridge, double bagged, and call animal control. Not the freezer, that kills any possible rabies results. I also let her know that the cat caught one a few days ago and whether I should take him out of the trash. She told me that I should. Well, I went outside and took all the trash out of the can and found maggots. I had quite a few "presents" from my cats in there that I had to throw out. Sorry, but I am not going to search through maggots to differentiate between decomposing chipmunks, mice and bats.
I got a hold of the animal control office. She told me that the vet should be able to take care of that. I told her that they told me to get a hold of her. She told me to take it to the animal shelter and she would find out from the state what to do and pick it up at the animal shelter. I went up to the animal shelter and one of the workers met me outside and said she couldn't keep it there. So, needless to say I still have it. Diet tip of the day; keep a bat in your fridge.
I was kinda scared to go to the vet. I was afraid she would lecture me about not keeping up with Bobbie's shots. Joe is updated though. He's always going to the vet for one thing or another. so he got updated when I took him in for something else. She was nice and didn't lecture me. She did show me something from the State of Michigan or CDC about what to do if a pet gets bit or possibly bit. Supposedly, if the pet is not updated on shots and the bat can not be produced the pet has to be put down. If the pet owner does not want that done they have to be kept inside for 6 months away from people and other animals that are not vaccinated. Then if no symptoms they are to get their shots.
She asked me if I got a hold of the animal control officer. I told her the situation. She told me to contact the officer again and make sure that the bat gets tested. If it tests positive I will have to rethink the situation.
There are a lot of things I did not know regarding bats. My vet told me that they are major carriers of rabies. I knew that people could catch rabies from bats, but I did not know about how serious it is.


This is important to know, whether or not you have pets. Please click on the links.

Bats and Rabies

  1. What is rabies and how do people get it?
    Why should I learn about bats and rabies?
  2. How can I tell if a bat has rabies?
  3. What should I do if I come in contact with a bat?
  4. What should I do if my pet is exposed to a bat?
  5. How can I keep bats out of my home?
  6. Things to remember when "bat-proofing"
  7. How can rabies be prevented?
  8. Are bats beneficial?

Questions and Answers about Rabies and Bats and Summer Camps

Playing with My Sewing Machine

Since I am going to Iowa I will be busy sewing pajamas and an "I Like Mike" carry bag to take my stuff in. Also I am going to make hair ribbons or a headband. So I won't be able to blog as much.
After seeing Sunday's video of Mike Huckabee at the Surf Ballroom, it brought out my inner Rockabilly self.
Ya can't see from the pic, but for the pajamas, it is flannel with kitties on it. Granted no one will see me in my pajamas. I just think it would be fun to have a new pair to take with me. The second photo is the pattern I am using.
The red/white/blue material is felt. With my Rockabilly personality I decided to copy the old "I Like Ike" campaign ideas. I will be making a red travel bag that says "I Like Mike." It will say "I" on top, with a blue elephant in the center and "Like" sewn on him, "Mike" will be on the bottom. I will probably use the white felt and/or scraps I have for the lettering. If the campaign is reading this don't worry, I won't be making a "poodle skirt" that says "I Like Mike." Unless ya want me to :). Hey, an idea. Get women to go to senior homes in "I Like Mike" skirts and crinolines. I can just see heads shaking in Iowa now. Well, my regular readers no that I have a bit of smartallically personality. So, only take everything I say with a grain of salt.
I am not sure if I will make hair ribbons that have glitter saying "I Like Mike" and "Mike Huckabee." Or a headband saying "I Like Mike." I need input into which sounds less tacky, but fun at the same time. I can provide ribbons to anyone wanting some.
No I have not gotten the Elvis apron finished. Speaking of which, TV Land will be having an Elvis month all August. Elvis died on August 16, 1977 at his home, Graceland. This Summer will be the 30th anniversary of his passing.
Have no fear, I won't be completely gone. I will touch base to give a quicky newsworthy post once in a while. Or I can kill two birds with one stone and give video blogs while I am at the sewing machine. I have found some retro-political videos that I would like to share links with y'all. They aren't on YouTube so I can't actually post them.
They are relevant, due to the fact that "the more things change, the more they stay the same." The 1952 and '56 campaigns of television being the "new" political medium and the Internet/YouTube being the new political medium. Plus, I found the original "Obama Girl" from Stevenson's '52 campaign. No joke, the girl looks just like Gwen Stefani, blond piled up hair and all. I even found a Stevenson supporter who looks just like Hillary Clinton.
And of course, there is "Ike." His wide range of supporters, issues and "I Like Ike" campaign commercials reminds me of the Mike Huckabee supporters and "I Like Mike" vids. Except the taxi driver in the "I Like Ike" '56 commercial is leaning against a lamp post smoking a cigarette. I don't think we will see any "I Like Mike" vids with people smoking.
Ya would love to hear my sewing machine running. She doesn't sound like these new sewing machines with their click, click sissy sounds. Once my machine gets fired up, oh baby does she go. I have no fear using denim or upholstery. I listen to Rockabilly, Doo-Wop and Elvis when I sew. Listening to great music while sewing makes it even more fun! Vroom, Vroom!
Well gotta "Shake, Rattle and Roll" and God Bless from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!

Monday, July 23, 2007


HELLOoo BABY! Yeah this is the Michigan Redneck speaking. HaHaHaHa! Oh you sweet thing. Do I what? Will I what? Oh baby you know what I like. Mike Huckabee and Rockabilly music and capri slacks-cropped up!!!

As y'alls fave resident mid-century historian I thought I would bring this to y'alls attention. Check this video out of Mike Huckabee, standing in front of The Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake Iowa. That was where Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P "Big Bopper" Richardson performed their last concert during the Winter Dance Party Tour. They then went on to die in a plane crash that Don McLean called "The day that the music died," In the immortal song "American Pie".

On a side note, Waylon Jennings was a member of Buddy Holly's band. He won and lost a straw poll that kept him off the plane that fateful day of February 2, 1959. Instead, he took a bus that had no heat. In interviews, he felt some guilt 'til the day he died.
I hate to think of anyone dying. But if he had been on that plane instead of The Big Bopper or Ritchie Valens I don't think The Dukes of Hazard would have been as good. If either of the two guys had survived and sung "Just Some Good Ol' Boys" the song would never had been the same. Of course I am sad that anyone died on that plane.

In an attempt to butcher Don McLean's words, I have a song dedicated to Mike Huckabee.

  • Hi-Hi Mr. American Pie
  • I'll drive my Chevy to the Iowa levy
  • I want to volunteer at the Straw Poll
  • This good ol' girl won't be drinkin whiskey and rye
  • Singing this'll be the day that I die
It looks like I will be going to the Straw Poll. I wish there was some way that I could be able to see the memorial outside of the Surf Ballroom. I would also love to see the memorial at that historical corn field, nearby. Wishful thinking. Well "Maybe Baby." Hey, it may not be Graceland, but what is?
Buddy Holly was a huge influence upon bands like The Beatles.

Well until August 11 I will "Rave On" about Mike Huckabee. There's nothing to "Think it Over," Mike Huckabee is the only one to support, in this otherwise "Fools Paradise." These fools he has to compete with ain't nothing but "White Lightinin'." Yeah they pack a punch when first tried but the hangover ain't gonna be pretty.
That's why ya need to support Mike in a "Heartbeat." That's why you need to keep him in your prayers "Everyday." "It's so Easy" and "It's the Truth Ruth." Our message to Mike should be "Someone Watching Over You." Like the preacher in the "Preacher and the Bear" Mike is going to see a miracle and win, as long as we all help him to not "Fade Away" out of the media.
Some say he has a "A Million to One" chance of winning at the Straw Poll. But I think with Rudy Giuliani not being there in his "Pink Petticoats" under a "Chantilly Lace" dress there is a chance. Plus John McCain won't be there to act like a "Little Girl" when he whines and cries.
I can't wait to go to Iowa! I will be arriving "Early in the Morning." "Oh Boy!" I will get to be part of history! I will take a "Fast Freight" to Iowa if I have to.
I know this much, I will "Cry Cry Cry" if Mike Huckabee doesn't have a good showing at the Straw Poll. If he decides to get out of the race early, depending on his showing, it will be "Raining in my Heart." "That'll be the Day" when I support someone else. My feelings toward the political process will be "It Doesn't Matter Anymore."
After I saw that short, but sweet, video I have gotten my creative juices flowing and put on my Buddy Holly and Big Bopper CDs. Now I have been recalling many Ritchie Valens songs, that I unfortunately haven't heard in ages since I do not have any of his records or CDs. I think I will go on Amazon.com to order a CD.
Seriously, if Mike Huckabee was to play stand bass wildly and jump on it I will get my grandma to give a contribution to his campaign. In fact anyone from Capitol Offense will do. George Jones asked over 20 years ago "Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes?". I think it will be Capitol Offense.

So if anyone get out to the Straw Poll "Put on Your Cat Clothes" and pack you "Blue Suede Shoes." All you cats need to be there or be square.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I REALLY Want to go to Iowa!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. That's what I was doing last night. I am trying to find bus tickets to get to the Straw Poll in Iowa. I was checking the online rates last night for going to Chicago and possibly carpool with someone, a Mike Huckabee supporter, to the Straw Poll. Or going to Ames or Des Moines and finding someone to pick me up there, to take me to wherever Mike Huckabee volunteers are supposed to meet. Well, I guess my OCD was kicking into overdrive. I kept looking at the same schedules repeatedly, only to come up with the same results. Who woulda thunk?
Greyhound has started to make taking the bus hip and cool. They even have frequent rider programs, hot seats starting at $12, even a traveling street basket-ball team. I just wish that I could find one of those "hot seat" cheap rates going to Chicago or Iowa.
I was looking at rates trying to find the cheapest possible result, over and over and over.... again. Trying to find the best schedule that would get me back home in time, so as not to take too much time off work, over and over and over... again.
If someone out there who is passing through Chicago to get to the Straw Poll could pick me up and take me I will help pay for gas. Or if someone would be willing to picking me up at the Ames or Des Moines bus station, please let me know. The bus going back from Ames leaves at 6:30am on Aug. 12. There is a bus going out of Des Moines at 11pm on August 11. For Chicago, I would have to be back in Chicago by 9am on the 12th. I will need to be back to work on Monday night. But I would like to be home as early as possible so I can get at least one decent day of sleep.
I know this is alot to ask of anyone. And I would be ever so grateful to anyone who could help. I still don't know for sure if I can get the time off. If I do go I would need to buy my tickets at least 14 days in advance.

Some of My Favorite Things (Raspberries and Joe)

One of my favorite things about Summer is that I have Raspberries in my backyard. This is my 5Th Summer picking berries. Since I have lived in my house I have been able to pick about 20 1lb cottage cheese cartons of berries, each year. I am not quite sure on the exact amount, because I eat them throughout the Summer, plus it depends on how the weather is during the season.
Whenever I pick berries that have been eaten by bugs or get moldy I throw them out by my fence and let new plants grow. In the past 4 years I have doubled my amount of plants. Some
of the seeds get into my yard, also. My goal is to have the whole back yard of nothing but raspberries. Hey, less lawn to mow.
That's the nice thing about living in the UP. Yards don't have to be prissy perfectly manicured. The first two Summers I was all fussing over my bushes. Now I have decided to let them grow naturally. At first I sprayed for bugs and used Miracle Grow. I decided not too use bug spray.
God already made natural "bug spray," they're called spiders. I have so much more respect for God and spiders, now that I have started growing stuff. But I still don't like them when they get in my house (Spiders, not God. I love having the Lord and Holy Spirit in my home). God made spiders to eat the bugs that would eat the berries. Anyways, the chemicals stunt the growth of the bushes and make them less full. If I let the spiders do their God given work I don't need bug spray, thus not needing Miracle Grow.
Not to sound like a big 'ol hippie-lippy, but, I would prefer not to use chemicals. The berries seem to taste better, now that I am not using any chemicals at all. Think about it, berries growing in the woods don't need chemicals and they do just fine. God watches over them, and He is the best gardener and landscaper. After all, He created them. God knew what He was doing when he created the land, climates and food that grow in the places He put them.
I think next Summer, or at least the Summer after that I will have enough berries to take to the Farmers market. Right now I can only pick enough for one half to a full carton a day. By the time I get enough to take up there the older ones get moldy. Unless I put them in the freezer. But I need to take fresh ones.
Through putting them in the freezer they can last me almost the entire year until the next picking season. Every Summer I make at least one or two annual sponge cakes with raspberry sauce and real whipped cream, the stuff in the cartons that I whip with a mixer, on top. I also like to make raspberry coffee and iced tea. When I make them I put the berries in the percolator basket with the grounds or tea-bags. Just because I am poor doesn't mean I can't spoil myself.

My cat Joe, also likes raspberries. When I first moved into my house he would follow me around when I picked berries. In fact he would pick berries himself. It was so cute. He would grab the stem, pull it to his level, put his mouth around a berry and eat it. I asked his vet if it was OK for him to eat raspberries. She said it was all right. Advice for any cat owner out there, she said cats can eat any fruit, except grapes. Grapes make them sick. Also, she said that if ya can get cats to eat berries that's good.
The next two Springs when I let him out after a Winter inside he would run to the bushes and sniff around for berries. He knew that there would be more raspberries. But now he has gotten spoiled. Now, after the berries have been picked and put in the fridge I will give him the berries as treats, plus I give them to him when I have friends over to show them how cute it is that he eats raspberries. So now he figures that he doesn't need to go to the work of picking them himself. When I pick them now I feed them to him by hand. I think he has figured that I put the better ones in the carton. So he tries to stick his nose in the carton, while I pick. He also likes strawberries and other fruits.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Send an Iowan to Straw Poll

Message from Mike Huckabee;

Dear Friend,

  • I would like you to help me with the Iowa Straw Poll.

  • It's important for our campaign to be able to provide Iowans that can't afford tickets to attend the Ames Straw Poll with the opportunity to particpate. Tickets for the Straw Poll are $35 each. The campaign would like to be able to provide tickets to these Iowans, but to do so however, we will need your immediate help.

  • I urge you to make an immediate contribution of 35, $70, or $140 to help me sponsor Iowans who will cast a vote in the Straw Poll for me.

  • It is a simple request that will have a tremendous impact on the direction of our campaign. Campaigning in Iowa you can feel the momentum building behind our campaign. Traffic to our website from Iowa is increasing. We are reaching out to Iowa voters on the phones, in the mail and over the internet. Our team is working overtime.

  • That is why I hope you will help us send as many Iowans to the Straw Poll as possible. Thank you in advance for your support.

  • With deep gratitude,

  • Mike Huckabee

Friday, July 20, 2007

A Synospis of Thusdays Blogger Call

I was sleeping during the great Blogger call that I obviously missed. I don't mean that I was sleeping while on the call, I took a nap and didn't wake up. So hear is the post of it from the ARRA.

  • Huckabee & Hardin Talk With Bloggers
  • Dr. Bill Smith, ARRA Editor: It took a "root canal" to keep me from participating in yesterday's blogger's conference with former Governor Mike Huckabee and University of Central Arkansas President and former Senator Lu Hardin. President Hardin has been a leader in higher education and a strong proponent of laws to protection property owners from the wayward use of imminent domain. But many other friendly bloggers provided the following reports:
  • Massachueetts for Huckabee: Lisa Camp reported that Governor Huckabee hosted a bloggers conference call this morning, with him on the conference call was Sen. Lu Hardin. The Senator spoke about Governor Huckabee's extensive and impressive education record. Sen. Hardin said that Governor Huckabee was an education Governor who was very generous in funding many important programs. Sen. Hardin also mentioned the Kids First program that was started by Governor Huckabee. Read about the Kids First program . . . There was also a question about gun control Mike Huckabee said it really bothers him when other candidates confuse the 2nd amendment with hunting saying, “ The 2nd amendment isn’t about hunting. It’s our last line of defense in protecting our homes and families from criminals, or the an oppressive government.”
  • Colorado For Huckabee: Steven Nielson asked Governor Huckabee what he thought about Human Space Exploration to Mars. You don't want to miss Steve's insightful questions and comments regarding the NASA Space Program to Mars. When Huckabee was asked the first question, steven reports, "Perhaps it could be the frustration he is feeling towards other candidates who are currently in a smear campaign against the governor... as was evident with his opening remark, "There are a few people I would like to send to Mars... on a one way trip... but I am not naming names" [Hey, I also liked Steven's graphic.]
  • Kevin Tracy: Of course was happy to throw a curve ball at him, asking about US-Russo relations and increasing military cooperation between the Russian Federation and China. While he didn’t directly answer my question, he did give a glimpse into his personal foreign policy ideology. I think it can be summed up into one word. Humility. “Humility doesn’t mean weakness,” he said, reminding us that it’s having strength but not pushing it at other people. Governor Huckabee calls it “Humility.” President (and war hero) Theodore Roosevelt practiced a similar policy of “speak quietly, but carry a big stick.” It worked for President Roosevelt, it will work for President Huckabee, and it certainly works for me.

In Case You missed it..Mike Huckabee on Neal Cavuto

In case you missed watching Mike Huckabee on Neal Cavuto at 4pm there will be a repeat episode at 5am tomorrow. I will watch it at work. I am also recording it, since I might miss some of it. For a synopsis check Kerry's post from One Mom.

Republican News from Michigan

I thought I would share a few things of interest regarding Republican activities in Michigan.

One is my District will be having a picnic and meeting in my town the same day as the Straw Poll. I am torn between if I want to volunteer at the Straw Poll or attend the picnic, where I can tell people about Mike Huckabee. I would be able to set up a table for Mike Huckabee and set out bumper stickers. If I can work it out just right, I would set up my display between the Romney and Brownback tables.
I have emailed a field director from the campaign to see if he could send me promotion tools. I haven't heard from him yet. I hope he's just really busy. If I do attend I can not show up empty handed. I have already talked to one of the organizers of the picnic and he knows I want to promote Mike there. He also told me there will be Ron Paul supporters there. I don't care if I look like a fool, but I do not want Mike or his campaign to look like a fool. I could just see it now, the Ron Paul guy shows up with all kindsa material and I am empty handed. Yes, there will be a Ron Paul guy there. So if I don't hear from the guy from the Huckabee campaign I may need help from my fellow bloggers. There will be about 50 people. So if just a few of you each donate a few bumper stickers me, those few added together can add up to 50. Also, I would like help writing up literature.
Hopefully, I will hear from him and not need your help. The way I see it, whether or not they are waiting on the outcome of the Straw Poll, there will be just be more people knowing about him when he does have a good outcome at the Straw Poll. These are people that I do not see very often, since the 1st District consists of the entire UP and northern Lower Peninsula. Despite what some people may say, The UP and "Up North" area is not full of hicks. Charlevois and Traverse City are included in the 1st District. And those are richy rich towns.
These are people that once they hear about what Mike Huckabee stands for giving $2,300 to them is like me buying a candy bar. Oh gosh, I hope no one from the 1st District is reading this. Why ignore them until the results from the Straw Poll are in?

I will take pics from the event and post here.

The next thing is, I get emails from Mitt Romneys Michigan HQ. I feel why take myself off the email list when I can find out what they are up to? I got one today about signing up volunteers in Michigan.

  • Come join Congressmen Joe Knollenberg and Pete Hoekstra, along with Scott Romney and others for Sign Up Michigan!
    Sign Up Michigan! is a statewide effort in which Elected Officials, Grassroots Leaders and Volunteers, spend the day calling their friends, families, co-workers, and neighbors to recruit new members for Team Mitt, Governor Mitt Romney’s national grassroots team.
    Don’t miss this great opportunity to reach out to your community and help build the team! Join us Monday August 6th and bring a friend to get in on the excitement. Refreshments will be provided throughout the day.
No, I will not give the locations. There may be people reading this who is a Mitt supporter. Why Mitt Romney supporters would read my blog is beyond me. If you want to go holding Mike Huckabee banners I will give you the location in an email ;).
Here's my point. I would love it if the Huckabee campaign would do that here in Michigan. I would work for free. Whatever they wanted me to do, I would do it.

Now for the last part. I got an update about the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference. Sam Brownback and Duncan Hunter will be there, added to the original line up of Rudy McRomney.

Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference Updatehttp://www.mackinacconference.com/

RegistrationRegistration is now open for the 27th Biennial Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference. Make sure to sign up today and reserve your spot at this exciting event. You will not want to miss it!

Speakers, Please check our website for updates on our featured speakers. http://www.mackinacconference.com/

Meal TicketsBe sure to order your meal tickets and secure your seat in advance. Check out our website at http://click.emailgop.com/?ju=fe881d767761017e7c&ls=fe251679746c0174761170&m=fef8167770650c&l=fef91674776303&s=fe5e10727c6401757014&jb=ffcf14&t= to order yours today. Just a reminder for those staying at the Grand Hotel, your meal tickets are included in your hotel package.

Golf TournamentTee-times are still open for the 1st Biennial "Chairman's Cup" golf tournament. Sign up today at www.mackinacconference.com/golf.asp

Vendor TablesIf you are a vendor interested in participating in the conference please check our website for additional information on obtaining a table, www.mackinacconference.com/vendors.asp

Agenda(Please note that this agenda is tentative and subject to change)

Friday, September 21, 20073:00pm-9:00pm Conference Registration opens3:00pm-9:00pm Media Registration opens3:00pm-10:00pm Vendor Tables open3:30pm-5:30pm Welcome Reception on the Front Porch5:00pm-7:00pm Pundit's and Pollsters Panel7:30pm-9:30pm Dinner Program with Special Guest Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Saturday, September 22, 20077:00am-10:00pm Conference Registration opens7:00am-10:00pm Media Room opens7:00am-10:00pm Vendor Tables open7:30am-8:30am Congressional Q & A8:00am-12:00pm Chairman's Cup Golf Tournament8:30am-10:00am Breakfast program with Special Guest10:10am-11:00am Conference Panels11:10am-12:00pm Conference Panels12:30pm-2:00pm Lunch program with Special Guest Governor Mitt Romney12:00pm-2:00pm Chairman's Cup Golf Reception2:30pm-3:20pm Conference Panels3:30pm-4:20pm Conference Panels5:30pm-7:00pm Chairman's Reception7:00pm-9:00pm Dinner Program with Special Guest Senator John McCain

Sunday, September 23, 20079:30am-10:30am Non-Denominational Church Service

Child Porn and Castration in the Czech Republic

Having a Czech ancestry and being curious about Czech history and modern culture I signed up to get email updates from Radio Praha. A couple news items I got a few days ago seemed to be of enough significance to share with y'all.

Czech senate decides against criminalising possession of child porn

  • The Czech Senate has decided against making the possession of child pornography a criminal offence. Discussing an amendment to the law on pornography passed by the lower house, senators agreed that only people who produce or sell child porn or who make it available should be punished, but not those who just own it, as such a measure could be easily misused by third parties to get others into trouble.
    One senator expressed concern that even an unsolicited email could result in a person being prosecuted under the proposed new child porn legislation. One of the authors of the amendment, Communist MP Milan Bicik has criticised the senators' reservations, saying that they were unfounded and that the legislation only targeted those who knowingly possessed pornographic images of children. The bill has now been sent back to the lower house of parliament for another reading.
Ya know what, I hate to admit it, but I am going to have to agree with the Commies on this. What is going on in the minds of those who posses it is just the same as those who produce, sell or make it available. Maybe even more so. Perhaps the people making it available are not all pedophiles, they could just be marketing to pedophiles. Obviously if someone purchases or downloads it they are definitely pedophiles. I am not making excuses for those making it, whether or not they are pedophiles they are just as disgusting as those possessing it. I think they should all be punished equally.

As for unsolicited email, I may not be all the technology savvy, but I do know not to open up suspicious email. So if a person open up suspicious email they must be interested in the child porn.

Now for the next article of interest.

Czech sexologists defend castration practises

  • The Czech government and sexologists have rejected criticism from the Council of Europe regarding the practise of castrating some sex offenders in this country. The Council's Committee for the Prevention of Torture has criticised the policy of allowing some sex offenders to choose between surgical castration or confinement for life in a psychiatric facility. Leading Czech sexologists have defended the practise, saying that castration is only carried out with the prisoner's consent and that it has drastically reduced re-offending. The Committee for the Prevention of Torture maintains that consent to castration can hardly be considered free if the alternative for the prisoner is indefinite confinement in a psychiatric hospital.
Again, I don't see anything wrong with this. I have been saying for years that we need similar laws here. While I know we have the same 2 above problems here in US and we should focus mostly on the US I think these things are important issues. Whether it be in the U.S., Europe or anywhere else. I think both these things are a good turn from the stereotypes some Americans have about sex in Central and Eastern Europe. Probably it is more important to know how the Czech people and officials feel about Missile Defense Shields in their area feel. I will get to that in later posts.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Great Articles

I love this photo! Taken when he spoke at the National Wellness Conference in the Jenkins Theater at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Thomas Kujawski/Stevens Point Journal. "A picture speaks a thousand words." To me this says, "Mine and my supporters prayers are finally being answered. AMEN!".

Here are three great articles to read.

If Only Huckabee Had Money

  • Even though he isn't counted in the upper tier of most lists, Mike Huckabee has managed to generate more buzz for his presidential candidacy than other second-tier candidates. He was well-served by the debates, in which he was articulate, glib and funny. Many observers seem to lament the fact he has not been able to raise the money to compete with the big boys. While Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain had their millions, Huckabee couldn't crack a single million. His response was predictable: Money isn't the best indicator of strength. He asserted that the candidates who were being hailed by the media would eventually fade...
  • Click link above to read the rest of the article in the Arkansas News Bureau.

  • Gov. Mike Huckabee thought about that after Hurricane Katrina. The ordained Southern Baptist minister also knew that the summer camping season was over and that thousands of people fleeing New Orleans had to go somewhere."I saw on TV people on the bridges of Interstate 10 stranded for days without water, and I thought, this isn't Rwanda. This isn't Indonesia. ... This was the United States of America," said the former governor, who is now part of the throng of Republican presidential candidates. "These were the neighbors just to the south of us in Louisiana. It was beyond my comprehension that we could get TV cameras to those people but we couldn't get a boat or a bottle of water to them."Thus, he asked religious leaders to open camps all over Arkansas to the evacuees, while urging the public to rally around this blunt public policy: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."...
  • Click the above link to read the rest of the article in The Daily Dispatch.

Ex-Arkansas Governor Urges Culture Shift in Health Initiatives

  • About five years ago, Mike Huckabee had a heart-to-heart conversation with his doctor that changed his life.

    "If you don't change your lifestyle, you're entering the last decade of your life," the former governor of Arkansas remembers his doctor telling him. "He then described for me the progression of how I would decline and then die."

    Huckabee is now 110 pounds lighter, a candidate for president and nationally recognized for the success of the wellness initiatives he instituted in Arkansas.

    His keynote address to the National Wellness Conference in the Noel Fine Arts Center on Tuesday afternoon was part pep talk, part stand-up comedy routine and part warning about the stark consequences the country faces if it doesn't start investing in health...
  • Click the above link to read the rest of the article in the StevensPointJournal.com.

Tomorrow there will be another Bloggers Call with Mike Huckabee. It will take place a few hours after I come from work. So I may or may not be asleep. If I do partake I will let y'all know about the call.

I am working on a post about sex offenders and the Czech Republic. It's not what you think, knowing American stereotypes. It's actually a good response from the Czech Republic. As a woman I find these issues important.

God Bless from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!

Hey Y'all, Check this Out!

Click on the link above to read the blog of the same title from MikeHuckabee.com. It is very positive about the second quarter. Check out the link to a radio interview from Professor Dr. Jay Barth from Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas and an article about the views from Professor Dennis Goldford from Drake University in Iowa . Also take time to read the interesting comments from Mike Huckabee supporters. One commenter makes an interesting point about the questions from poll takers giving only four options or "other" on primary choices.
These are all definitely must reads!
It is getting late for this third shifter so I must go to bed. "Night night."
God bless from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!

A More Funny Take

Yesterday Jeremy from Mike Huckabee in '08 posted about the UUUGGGLY fish that was served at the wedding rehearsal dinner for Bill Lee and Sarah Gore.

And now for the funny take from a Glenn Beck email I received.

  • Gore in Trouble
  • Al Gore recently threw a rehearsal dinner for his daughter's wedding in California. One tiny little problem, however, was that the meal served at the dinner included Chilean Sea Bass, a 'threatened' species. Now animal rights groups are upset with Mr. Gore for patronizing a restaurant that serves up threatened animals for meals. His daughter, incidentally, is named Sarah and she married Bill Lee, making her new name Sarah Lee. Read the story here.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Playing With My New Toy

Update: Here is a pic of my Grand Am with the Mike Huckabee bumper sticker. Remember to send your pic of bumper stickers on your car. Just click on the "Universal Car Acsecory" link at the top of the page. I am having fun playing with my new camera. I may post my out takes for the "I like Mike" vid, after I get the real one done.

I thought I would share with you the sewing project I am working on. I know Mike Huckabee needs all the help he can get. But if I post too much I will get burned out. So I need to break once in a while and sew. In this pic is the Elvis fabric I am using to make an apron and my grandma's 1950 series 153 Domestic Brand sewing machine.

Crossing the Bridge 4 Huckabee

I know Labor Day is still quite a ways away. But I would like to invite y'all to come up to the UP for the Labor Day Bridge. The Mackinac Bridge will celebrating it's 50TH anniversary this year. Every year, for the past 50 years there has been a bridge walk on Labor Day. People from all over Michigan attend this event. There is even attendance from non-Michiganders. Also is the occasional Asian or European busload of tourists. This year will attract national attention, due to the anniversary.

The reason I want to invite y'all is that this would be a great way to show support for Mike Huckabee. Think about it, 1,000s of Michiganders AND Americans, plus national media will be there. If we can all group together and show support for Mike Huckabee he will get more attention than anyone could imagine. We could all walk together wearing Mike Huckabee t-shirts and pass out bumper stickers, plus other literature with info about him. Unfortunately, we can not make banners. But most other campaigning activities are allowed. Since the Mackinac Bridge is 5 miles and it takes about 2 hours to walk people will get thirsty. If somehow we could get water bottles made up with Mike Huckabee's name on them to hand out that would be great.
I will do everything I can to find places for y'all to stay. If it comes down to it, I will go out of my way to put everyone on the floor in my 750 square feet house. Ya would just have to deal with Joe, my cat, wanting to cuddle. For Mike Huckabee I think y'all would be willing to sleep on Arrow Bed in a Minute and/or sleeping bags. In fact, I would be willing to give up my bed for any "princesses."

We gotta do what we can to get Mike's name out there. In a situation like this we need to think outside the box. I suggested this event to the campaign. I guess maybe they want to wait and see what happens at the straw poll. I say, "straw poll be damned." Of course I want him to do well at the straw poll. But if he could come to the Mackinac Bridge he would get noticed. This is not a political event. So Republicans, Democrats, Independents and those who do not pay attention to politics will be there.
Michigan is one of the few states that does not require voters to register with a party. Thus non-Republicans can vote for him also. Even if he can't show up to the event, at least people can see his supporters show up in droves.
If he were to win the primary, not only would Republicans vote in droves, dis-illusioned Democrats and Independents would vote for Mike Huckabee. Maybe I am over optimistic, but I truly believe he will be able to even attract those that don't vote.
He is the only Republican who can defeat Hillary. Remember, he is from Arkansas. He knows what Hillary, and Bill Clinton are capable of. He will be able to predict her tricks. Then he could play against her tricks, using honest methods. Even if there are Republicans who could play against her tricks, do you want a president who would use dishonest methods to get elected? Anyways, Hillary would have people to watch every move of the opponent and expose them, before they were able to expose her dishonest tricks. Hillary's people would not be able to find anything dishonest about Mike Huckabee. If you recall, in the book reports I have been doing (that I got behind on), in one of the chapters Dick Morris told him that Mike's supporters "would swim the Mississippi during flood stage" for him. Hey, we might not be swimming the Mississippi, but we can cross the Mackinac Straits.

Come on, whatd'ya say? Please comment. If the campaign sees lotsa comments about people wanting to show up for Mike they will take this seriously. Considering that Mike Huckabee is the candidate who is focusing on fitness and healthy lifestyle the most, walking five miles across a 5 mile bridge would be a terrific show of that.
I will add a demand sticker from eventful, please demand. Here is a link to the bridge event http://www.mackinacbridge.org/annual-bridge-walk-7/ .
God Bless from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Michael Moore

I sure did miss a lot while I was gone. Originally I was going to try to catch up my blog on what I missed, but I think it would be easier to just begin in the present. One thing I do want to do is give a commentary on the Michael Moore situation. After all, what kind of Michigan Republican would I be if I didn't? I am working on a post about Mikey "no-Moore" and Mike Huckabee's reaction to "Sicko", the movie not Michael Moore.
Tomorrow I am planning on renting the "Roger and Me" movies to give a commentary on that, Flint, Detroit, General Motors and UAW. I will have my movie snacks of beer and Jiffy-Pop. But one problem, I think I will need to buy some Pepto-Bismol in order to watch Michael Moore on film. I can't risk buying the cheapo Family Dollar stuff. If anyone has any other ideas how to help with nausea, please let me know.
Talk about product placement Goofy .
God Bless from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!

Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm Baaack!

Hello, dear readers. I am back to the UP. I missed alot during my hiatus. I hope y'all kept up with Mike Huckabee news. I will try to update this blog this weekend or early next week. I want to thank my readers who sent kind comments.

I got a new toy! My great aunt who gave me my computer also gave me a digital camera. Not only does it take pics, it takes vids! I will post an "I like Mike" video and send it to the campaign. I will let you know as soon as it gets posted on Mike Huckabee's website and also post it here.
I tried to take a vid of Flint while traveling on the bus. Unfortunately, the bus traveled on the e-way instead of going through town. Gee, I wonder why. I will talk about that later, since it is relevant to local government and economy. I will post what I took from the e-way, except ya can't see how dilapidated the town has gotten in the past 20 years, thank you UAW AND General Motors.

God Bless from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

I Will be Away from my Blog for a While

My grandparents on their wedding day in Germany in 1948

I just talked to my dad a little while ago. My grandma passed away yesterday. I need some time to mourn. I will be going to Flint, MI next week to see family and attend the funeral. I will be reading Mike Huckabee news, I don't think I will be able to blog for a while. So wait about a week and I will be back.

I want to take time to talk to y'all for a little while about family and other issues. When there is something you want to do don't say "someday" say "today" and keep up with it. There are a few things I have said that about, and I didn't get them done, or even started.
I started getting into genealogy. I started with my maternal side, using Ancestry.com, following the female line until I got to my great-great-great grandmother from Bohemia, now known as Czech Republic. When I hit a brick wall there I started working on my maternal grandmother's father's side. My mom has been working on her father's side. When I hit brick walls on my grandma's father's side I started working on my dad's side. His father is the one from Arkansas. His mother was born in Germany.
I tried searching on her family. I even found a possible cousin in Germany. They wrote me an e-mail, in German. I started learning Czech last year, didn't keep up with that. Must get back to that. But knowing Czech ain't gonna help me with German emails. On a Czech message board I asked some of them Czech members to help me write an email in German to contact this person. I got help on that, but I haven't written them yet. I wished I hadn't procrastinated on that. I would loved to have gotten a response before my grandma passed, so I could have told her about the info the person gave me. I am still going to contact this person.
About Stella, my six-string, my grandfather gave that to me many years ago. I still haven't been able to stick to my lessons, payed for and self teaching. I can play, but not very good. Now my grandfather has Alzheimer's. Even if I could I don't know if he would be able to pick up on what I was doing and/or remember that he gave it to me.
Please, I urge all you out there to take time to talk the older generation in your family. Learn your family history. They may have more interesting stories to tell than you may think. If you are fortunate enough to receive an instrument from an elder, do all you can to focus on learning how to play it. They would love to hear you play it, even if you aren't that good. Just do these things before it is too late.
I just wish I had gone to Flint last Christmas. If you live far from family try to get to see them as much as possible. Don't let weather be a deterrent. Even if you have a crummy car, take a bus.
Thank you so much to any one who took the time to read this. I will be listening to my Elvis Gospel CD, Amazing Grace, and reading my Bible, and not much else for right now. I have picked up Stella, just to strum chords, no songs. I have to clean house, for my family. I know my dad and brother will be coming up to go fishing, my step mom will probably be coming too. I don't know if I will have any other family who will be up here or not. Thank you for your understanding.
************************************************"Stella", a vintage Kay brand guitar