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Reimel Family Line Part II / Edit I

Previously I had put up the Reimel Family Line Part I outline, beginning with John George (called George) Reimel. I have been able trace the Reimel family back to 1610. I did this with a combo of adding "family tree hints" from and doing other internet searches to make sure everything matched up. I have since found that the "family tree matches" need to be taken with a grain of salt. I will talk about that later. I will post the info that I have so far found in outline style. My direct lines in bold. I welcome any possible corrections and/or additions. Notes in bullet points. I am still working on this family. This is not the final edition of this outline. I am trying to focus on my direct line. I hope to add more information. As soon as I find enough information, I will write up a new edition ASAP. If I have time, I will try to add info for the distant family.

1. George Reimel b. 1610 m. Maragreth Ziller July 3, 1641 d. Jan 1, 1661

  • Born in Hüttendorf, Erlangen, Bayern, Germany. Married in Bouxwiller, Germany. Died in Niedermodern, Alsace, Holy Roman Empire. In searching, I would sometimes find Niedermodern, Alsace located in France. Other times it would be located in Germany. Wanting to find which country it was and knowing that Reimel is a German name, I did an online search to see which country it was really located in. I found quite a bit of info on Wikipedia. Basically, it was a territory between France and Germany. Throughout the centuries, France and Germany fought over who would over rule Alsace. She has been under many rulerships. I have decided to add the ruling party as the country, depending on the date of said ancestors.
1.1. Otilla Reimel b. 1644
  • According to "family tree matches," this child is a female.
1.2. Anna Eva Reimel b. Mar 10, 1645
1.3. Hans George Reimel b. Feb 16, 1648 m. Catharine Scheer May 12, 1683 d. April 27, 1700
  • Born in Niedermodern, Alsace, Holy Roman Empire. Married in Pfaffenhoffen, Alsace, Kingdom of France. Died in Niedermodern, Alsace, Kingdom of France.
1.3.1. Hans George Reimel b. Feb 12, 1683 m. Anna Barbara Diemer Aug 1, 1704 d. 1774
  • This is the first Reimel ancestor to arrive in America, with his wife and children who had already been born in Alsace. Born in Pfaffenhoffen, Alsace, Kingdom of France. Married in Pfaffenhoffen, Alsace, Kingdom of France. Now there seems to be a bit of a discrepancy as to who is wife is and what her name was, and when the marriage took place. There is an Elizabeth Viet that I find on occasion as his wife. But this woman actually died before the marriage date, so that would not make sense. What needs to be found, is something mentioning the wife being named while living in America. The George Reimel family departed Europe from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Ship name was Virtuous Grace, captained by John Bull. I am guessing this was in the beginning of 1737. They arrived in Pennsylvania on Sept 24, 1737. I have also found two possible places for his death. One as being in Virginia or Maryland. Second is Williams, Northampton Co. Pennsylvania, USA. Jacob Johan Reimel b. June 17, 1718 d. Nov 22, 1796
  • Born in Germany. Died in Upper Mount Bethel, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania, USA Philip Reimel b. 1726 George Reimel b. Feb 3, 1727 m. Anna Elizabeth Barbara Bender Nov 4, 1750 Re-m. Anna Margaret LaBar Aft. 1792 d. July 16, 1810
  • Born in Pfaffenhoffen, Alsace, Kingdom of France. Baptized Feb 5, 1727 in the Lutheran Church. Married first wife in Upper Mount Bethel, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania, USA. Have not found info as to where the second marriage took place. Elizabeth Reimel b. May 21, 1752
  • Born in Williams, Northampton Co. Pennsylvania, USA. Catherine Reimel b. Dec 7, 1757 d. April 16, 1845
  • Born in Allentown, Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania, USA. Died in Washington, Butler Co., Pennsylvania, USA. Magdalena Reimel b. July 11, 1760 d. Dec 1856
  • Born in Northampton Co. Pennsylvania, USA. Died in Pennsylvania, USA. Christina Reimel b. 1762 d. Aug 13, 1862
  • Born in Northampton Co. Pennsylvania, USA. Died in Pennsylvania, USA. Jacob Reimel b. 1773 m. Anna Maria Beck d. 1822
  • Born in Northampton Co. Pennsylvania, USA. Died in Pennsylvania, USA. Phillip Reimel b. 1793
  • Born in Upper Mount Bethel, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania, USA Susanna Reimel b. May 12, 1797
  • Born in Upper Mount Bethel, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania, USA John George Reimel b. June 11, 1799 m. Elizabeth
  • Born in Upper Mount Bethel, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania, USA. Family of John George and Elizabeth Reimel continued HERE. Johan George Reimel b. June 1, 1774
  • Born in Northampton Co., Pennsylvania, USA
  • I think George Reimel's second wife may have given birth to two more of his children. Not sure though. I found names of children who are buried in Upper Mount Bethel. One of the children is mentioned as a daughter to a George and Sarah Reimel.
1.3.2. Anna Barbara Reimel b. Sept 24, 1685
  • Born in Pfaffenhoffen, Alsace, Kingdom of France.
1.3.3. Anna Maria Reimel b. April 14, 1688
  • Born in Pfaffenhoffen, Alsace, Kingdom of France.
1.3.4. Anna Catharina Reimel b. April 3, 1688
  • Born in Pfaffenhoffen, Alsace, Kingdom of France.
1.3.5. Anna Eva Reimel b. Nov 22, 1691
  • Born in Pfaffenhoffen, Alsace, Kingdom of France.
1.3.6. Hans Conrad Reimel b. Mar 9, 1695
  • Born in Pfaffenhoffen, Alsace, Kingdom of France.
1.3.7. Anna Catherina Reimel b. Mar 7, 1698
  • Born in Pfaffenhoffen, Alsace, Kingdom of France.
  • See what I mean, from a previous post, about taking this "tree match" stuff with a grain of salt. I am sure many of y'all can see the confusion that I am seeing. If you have any corrections, PLEASE let me know.
1.4. Margaretha Reimel b. Jan 9, 1649
1.5. Mary Reimel b. April 24, 1759

Thank you so much for taking time to read this outline. I will be posting outlines for the Reimel wives that I have found information sometime. I will write up quick posts for the Reimel wives that I have found merely scant info for.

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Maiden Name for Maria Reimel is Schoch

In the beginning (pun intended), I had mentioned that I was unsure of the maiden name for Maria, wife of Henry G. Reimel. First, I had Googled Michael Reimel, grandfather for my maternal grandmother. I came across search result for a page in Google Books; The History of the Borneman Family in America, written by Amos Borneman. Partial text for the search result was, "6 Michael Reimel, twins, 22. 6 Sarah Ackerman, family. 6 Norah Houck, 25. 6 Wm. G. Reimel, twins, 22. 6 Michael Reimel, twins, 22. 6 Sarah Ackerman family. ..." Seeing the words twins and the names of Wm. G. Reimel and Michael Reimel being the twins mentioned peaked my curiosity. As y'all will recall, I had mentioned that my gg grandfather had a twin brother named William G. I clicked the link. Came across this partial text;

4 Michael Schock family 5 Sarah Rutt 59 5 Elizabeth Witeman 57 5 a Catharine Schock 2 5 a Jonas Schock 34 5 Jesse Schock 52 5 Maria Reimel 50 5 Enos Schock 47 5 Plena Ackerman 45 5 Hannah Prieshoff 43 5 Sarah Rutt family 6 Adaline Shook 31 6 Paulena Buzzard 29 5 Henrietta Rutt 27 6 Franklin Rutt 26 7 Carrie Rosenbach 7 5 Jesse Schock family 6 Erwin Schock 27 6 Ansanetta Bennett 25 6 Allie Schock 22 5 Maria Reimel family 6 Sarah Ackerman 29 6 Nora Houck 25 6 William G Reimel twins 22 6 Michael Reimel twins 22 6 Sarah Ackerman family 6 Norah Houck 25 6 Wm G Reimel twins 22 6 Michael Reimel twins 22 6 Sarah Ackerman family
Well, wouldn't ya know it. I was unable to copy/paste the way I viewed. I will try to make sense out of this for ya. I highlighted those in my direct line. The numbers in front of the names are the generations down from the first person in the book. That person is a male Borneman. I am working on how to connect to Borneman Family. I will post those results soon. Numbers after the names are there ages. Through searching about this book, I found that Amos Borneman started writing the book in 1878. He passed away before the book was published in 1881. Considering that the book was started in 1878, that would mean that Michael Reimel in the book was age 22 in 1878. My Michael Reimel, and his twin brother, would have been age 22 at the time. When reading this, I saw that there mother's name was Maria. I had already known that Michael and William G.'s mother was named Maria. I figured that the chances would be very low of a woman named Maria would marry a Reimel man and have twin sons with the same names as those in my family. But still, I did not know for sure what the maiden name for the Maria in my family was. So I made a note of this book. If you would like to read the page 79 book of this book link here. From there, you can type in whatever you may be looking for in the search box, even read the full book.

Through a "hints search" on I found a page for The Ackerman Family Association which mentioned the following partial text;

For the full text on page 205, click here. From there you can search other pages in the book. The next page tells of what happened to Abraham Ackerman and the descendants of Abraham and Sarah Jane Reimel Ackerman. You do need to have a subscription to to be able to view. If you don't have a subscription, you can Google the book and find info.
I knew that Sarah Jane Reimel was the daughter of Henry G. Reimel and sister of Michael Reimel. With this information added to the above info, plus reading that Sarah died in Michigan, I knew that I was onto something. The death date for Sarah would have been about the time that Michael and Catherine/Katherine Shoemaker Reimel were in Michigan. I know this because the draft card for my maternal grandmother's uncle, Frank Reimel, stated that he was born in Orion, Michigan in 1888. I asked my sweet little granny, who will be 84, to send my cousins up to the courthouse in Corunna , Shiawasee Co., Michigan to pick up the death certificates for Michael and Catherine Shoemaker Reimel. So as that I would be able to find out for sure maiden name of Michael Reimel's mother. My grandma asked why I wanted my cousins to pick up the certificate. I told her that because she is getting older, she prolly shouldn't drive out to Corunna just to pick up some certificates. Uh-oh! She said that she isn't that old and she can drive out there. After picking up the certificates, she sent them to me. Michael's cert. stated that his mother's maiden name was Maria Shook. Considering that it would be too much of a coincidence for a Maria Shook and a Maria Schoch both be married to Henry Reimels and both have twin sons of the same names and ages in the same town, this must be the same Maria Schoch that I had found, just a mis-spelling. Now if it was a totally different last name, that would have been a different story.
I have been able to find more information on the Schoch side. I will get into that later. Maria has been mentioned as full name of Anna Maria Schoch b. June 16, 1828. Her parents were Michael b. August 9, 1791 d. May 9, 1875 and Elizabeth Ratzell b. April 3, 1794 d. Nov. 9, 1845. Originally, I had wanted to focus on the Kallis and Selinger family, from my full maternal line, but I have not been able to get farther than the info that I have already posted here. So for now I am focusing on the Reimel side.

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Reimel Family Line Part I / Edit I

This is the Reimel outline from the email I sent to the Reimel cousin. I have since found new information, that I will add later on. As for now, here is the first outline I wrote up. Living persons have been deleted. My direct line is in bold lettering. Stories and notes are in bullet points. This is not set in stone. I welcome any additions or corrections. For part II, which begins with George Reimel's great grandfather, click here. George Reimel b. abt. 1795 m. Elizabeth

  • I found him in censuses living in Upper Mount Bethel. Later in life, he was living with his son, Henry G. Somehow, I think his great grandfather may be Hans George Reimel of Germany, who resided in Upper Mount Bethel, Pennsylania. Hans George came to the United States in the early 1700's. But not sure how to connect the two. I have since been able to connect George to Hans George. George Reimel was born as John George, but censuses have him named as George, so I am assuming this is what he wanted to be called. Joseph Reimel b. abt. 1821 Henry G. Reimel b. abt. 1828 m. Maria Schoch
  • He resided in Upper Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania. I believe, through internet searches, Maria's maiden name was Schock. If I am correct, her father was Michael Schock. I have since found out that her maiden name is Schoch. Her birth name was Anna Maria. I will write up a post on that later. Sarah Reimel b. abt. 1849 Leonra Reimel b. abt. 1853 William G. Reimel b. abt. 1856 Michael Reimel b. abt. 1856 m. abt. 1878 Katherine Shoemaker d. 1929
  • I knew that he was a twin and was born in Pennsylvania but did not know his twin's name. I had searched for Reimel families with twin sons in different censuses, one being Michael. That is how I found out that his parents were Henry G. and Maria. The first census, and only, census I found with twins in 1860 census, in Upper Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania, was the above family of Henry G. and Maria. I have been told that Katherine may have been a twin also, but no confirmation either way. I can not seem to find information for Michael and Katherine as a couple in the 1880 census. Died in Durand, MI. Interred with wife, at the family mausoleum at Yerian Cemetery in Vernon, Michigan. Carrie Reimel b. abt. 1878 m. Ernie Lamb
  • Born in Pennsylvania. Died in Durand. Frank Reimel b. Mar. 11, 1888 m. Joella VanArsdale d. July 18, 1959
  • Born in Orion, Michigan, according to his WWI Draft Card (never served). Died in Durand. Frank and Joella are interred at the same mausoleum with Michael and Katherine Reimel. Cora Reimel b. 1913 Kathryn Reimel b. 1914 m. Mr. Jacobs Lauren Luis Reimel b. 1917 Leo Reimel b. 1920 Carl Reimel b. 1923 Floyd b. Sept. 24, 1926 m. "living person" d. Feb. 23, 1986 Mary Reimel b. abt. 1883*
  • Born in Michigan. Never married. She died being hit by a train. Interred with parents, brother and sister-in-law at the family mausoleum. William Henry Reimel b. June 12, 1893 m. Dorothy Elizabeth Nelson April 3, 1918 d. 1949
  • Born in Vernon Twp., Michigan, according to his draft card (never served). I think, maybe, William and Dorothy married to avoid being drafted. Officiating pastor was Rev. D. Idle. Not sure what church, if any, they were married at. Their marriage license has witnesses as Donald Shenk and Mrs. D. Idle. It looks as though she was the officiating pastor's wife. William and Dorothy resided at and raised their children at the farm on Reimel Rd. Died at the farm in Lennon, Michigan Nelson H. Reimel b. Mar. 31, 1922 m. "living person" d. Dec. 6, 2003
  • This was "Uncle Tub." He was named after Grandma B's maiden name. Most likely the H. initial stands for Henry? He was born on the farm on Reimel Rd. Died in Durand. Jerry Keith Reimel b. June 1937 m. "living person" d. Feb. 18, 1994
  • First child of William Henry and Dorothy Elizabeth Nelson Reimel to be born at Owosso Memorial Hospital. The other children were midwifed by a woman who lived in the woods across from the farm. Somewhere my grandmother has a picture where the older kids were outside of the hospital and Grandma B. is at the window holding up Jerry. Maria Reimel b. abt. 1832 Jeremiah Reimel b. abt. 1836

*Original post stated that Mary Reimel's birth year was 1888. I have found that it is actually 1883.

Kallis and Selinger Line

I haven't kept this blog up like I should. I have found quite a bit of information about the Reimel line, which I will talk about my new findings soon. For right now I will post the outline of the Kallis and Selingers lines I had sent to my Reimel cousin, who also shares the same Kallis ancestry. For obvious reasons I am living out living persons. My direct line is in bold letters. Notes and stories are in bullet points. Grandma B. is Dorothy Nelson Reimel Behnke. The following info is not set in stone. I hope to find more info to add, along with possible corrections. So keep checking and I always welcome any input.

1. Josef Kališ m. Elizabeth d. June 18, 1850

  • Like I had said before, the correct spelling for the Kallis name is Kališ. I am not quite sure of Frank Kallis' father's name. I am using this as an educated guess. Since the family in Nosálov that I have been in contact with has a long line of Josefs. "Living person" thinks that the mother's name was Elizabeth.
1.1. Josef Kališ
  • According to letter that "living person" has, Josef wrote a letter to Frank in 1850. In it, he writes that he has been traveling with a band for about a year and half, throughout Russia, Serbia and Turkey. I think it his descendants that are the people I had once been in contact. Now that I have started back to my Czech lessons, I will try to reconnect with them.
1.2. Frank Kallis b. 1826 m. Elizabeth Selinger d. Dec. 25, 1880
  • According to "living person", Frank Kallis came from a town called Nosálov, Bohemia. Supposedly him and his brother had planned to come to America together. But Frank ended up coming w/ Elizabeth. They ended up settling in Illinois, where Frank took on many jobs. "Living person" had said that at one point Frank was working as a bartender on weeknights and organ player at a Catholic Church during the weekends. Censuses have him also as a tenant type farmer. I have a pen-pal, not related, who is also into genealogy who told me that he saw in some book that he found a František Kališ and Josef Kališ who would be about the same age as our Frank Kallis, both living in Nosálov, Bohemia at the time Frank would have been living there.
1.2.1. Maria Kallis
  • Baby born on the way to America. Died at sea.
1.2.2. Joseph Kallis b. 1857 d. Dec. 28, 1903
  • Born somewhere in Illinois. Never married. He worked as a miner and a tenant type farmer. If the 1900 census I found for a boarder named Joseph Kallis outside of the Will and Grundy Counties is him, he also worked as a carpenter. "Living person's" family thinks he died somewhere near Morris, Illinois. Will County Death Records have him died in Will County and buried at Sand Ridge.
1.2.3. Henry Kallis b. Jan. 17, 1860 d. April 18, 1943
  • Born somewhere in Illinois. Never married. Died in Mitchell, South Dakota. In the Kallis family album, I have a picture of him with the picture card from a Hazeltines Studio in Baker City, Oregon. He looks dressed like a cowboy. Has one of those silk ties with a ring and then split to tuck each side under his blazer.
1.2.4. Mary Kallis b. April 22, 1862 m. Mortimer Powell Nov. 1885 d. June 5, 1903
  • Born in Illinois. Married in Dakota Territory. Died in Anoka, Minnesota. George Joseph Powell b. July 24, 1886 m. Madge Leora Homewood June 26, 1918 d. May 1974 Harry Powell b. Nov. 11, 1887 Kate Powell b. 1894 m. Dr. Thomas Dean Carl Evan Dean Dick Dean Harold Dean
  • I have a couple Christmas cards my mother gave me that grandma B. gave her. They are from Kate Powell Dean. It has some family info about the family in South Dakota. I will get into more of that in a later email. Phoebe Powell b. abt. 1897 m. N. Emmet Beers Mason Beers d. Sept. 1, 1980
  • Died suddenly while out on the tractor.
1.2.5. Elizabeth Kallis b. Jan. 5, 1864 m. Henry H. Nelson (Nielsen) April 21, 1890 d. June 20, 1909
  • Born in Diamond, Illinois. Married in Wilmington, Illinois at First Presbyterian Church in Wilmington with Rev. Thomas S. Anderson as officiating pastor. Reverend Anderson is listed on the marriage certificate as the pastor. I checked the pastor list at First Presbyterian in Wilmington. He was the pastor their at the time. So I would assume they got married in the church. Elizabeth died in Illinois. She is buried in Oakwood Cemetery of Wilmington. Emma Nelson b. April 23, 1891 m. Donald Shenk Jan. 1911 d. Dec. 30, 1972
  • Born in Illinois. Married in Wilmington, Illinois. I am guessing at the Presbyterian Church. Died in Durand, Michigan. Joseph Shenk b. 1914 Helen Shenk b. 1915 Donald Shenk b. Sep. 11, 1916 m. Arloa d. July 29, 1996 Josephine Shenk b. 1922
  • I am not sure, but as of this writing I believe Helen and Josephine are still living. *If they are living and any relatives reading this want me to take this down, please let me know. Edward Nelson b. June 8, 1892 d. May 15, 1969
  • Born in Illinois. He is the one who was developmentally disabled and was taken care of by Emma Nelson Shenk. Died in Durand, Michigan. Charles Henry Nelson b. March 25, 1895 m. Ruth Prudence Finney Dec. 15, 1928 d. Jan 18, 1981
  • Born in Illinois. Married in Ohio. Died in Durand, Michigan. I believe all his children are still living. Clarence Nelson b. 1897
  • Born in Illinois. I do not know anything more about him. Dorothy Elizabeth Nelson b. July 26, 1900 m. William Henry Reimel April 3, 1918 d. July 5, 1995
  • Born in Wilmington, Illinois. Married in Owosso. I am unsure as to what, if any, church it was at. Marriage license states that the officiating pastor was D. (can't read his full first name) Idle. Considering that they were married soon after William's draft card was issued, along with the fact that witnesses listed are Donald Shenk and Mrs. D. Idle, I think they may have been married to keep him out of the war. I have a really neat recording of grandma B. talking about growing up that I will get into in another email, about the details. She passed away at Owosso Memorial Hospital, of a stroke, after having been living at an assisted living home in Swartz Creek, Michigan. Nelson H. Reimel b. 1922 m. "living person" d. Dec. 6, 2003
  • This was "Uncle Tub." He was named after Grandma B's maiden name. Most likely the H. initial stands for Henry? He was born on the farm on Reimel Rd. Died in Durand. Jerry Keith Reimel b. June 1937 m. "living person" d. Feb. 18, 1994
  • First and only child of William Henry and Dorothy Elizabeth Nelson Reimel to be born at Owosso General Hospital. The other children were midwifed by a woman who lived in the woods across from the farm. Somewhere my grandmother has a picture where the older kids were outside of the hospital and Grandma B. is at the window holding up Jerry.
1.2.6. Emma Kallis b. Nov. 27, 1865 d. Dec. 23, 1933
  • Born in Morris, Illinois. Never married. This is the aunt of Grandma B. who worked as a cook at a hotel in Braidwood, Illinois. And Grandma B. would visit on the weekends. The story about the "gypsies" is true. Just the story kinda got carried away. We do not have gypsy ancestors. Emma did have friends who traveled about. They could have been anyone. True gypsies are Romany persons who originally came from India into Eastern and Central Europe. Her friends may have been circus freaks, miners going to wherever there was work, or anyone who went where there was work. My grandma has a few pictures of the people, they seemed pretty decently dressed. There was men and women. They would set up camp when in Braidwood. Emma would visit them at night and they would have a big bonfire. Grandma B. was not allowed to go see them. She would watch from her aunt's bedroom at the hotel. Interestingly, in the Kallis family album is a picture of a woman in very a very fancy dress, that was taken at the P. Schneider Studio in Chicago, Illinois. Another photo is of a woman in a fancy dress, also, at the Morele or Morsele City Gallery in Bloomington, Illinois. Both these women are dressed way fancier than Mrs. Oleson on Little House on the Prairie, even on her best days. I am wondering if they were actress friends of the family. I think the album came from Kate or Phoebe Powell when Grandma B. went to South Dakota with "living person" in the 60's. So I am not sure if they had a connection to Emma Kallis. When Grandma B. would have a baby she would come up to Michigan to help out at the farm. She usually stayed at the Shenk farm. My grandma insists that Emma died in Durand, Michigan, at Emma Nelson Shenk's farm. Supposedly she was there, bedridden. When she died they shipped the body (sounds kinda cold) to Illinois, where she is buried with Henry H. and Elizabeth Kallis Nelson at Oakwood Cemetery, Lot 43. But her death certificate is filed with Will County in Joliet, Illinois. The law is that wherever a person dies, that is where the death certificate is filed, regardless of where they are buried.
1.2.7. William Kallis b. Feb. 2, 1867 d. May 9, 1962
  • Born in Wilmington, Illinois. Never married. Died in Wessington Springs, South Dakota.
1.2.8. Anna Kallis b. Dec 3, 1869 m. Alex Vessey d. May 23, 1919
  • Born in Illinois. Was a school teacher. Married later in life. Moved to Tripp, South Dakota after marrying.
1.2.9. Charles Kallis b. Oct. 26, 1870 d. May 4 1925
  • Born in Morris, Illinois. Never married. Lived in St. Paul, Minnesota for most of his life. I am assuming this is also where he died.
1.2.10 Jennie Kallis b. 1872 d. Mar. 25, 1962
  • Born near Morris, Illinois. Never married. Died in Wessington Springs, South Dakota.
1.2.11 Frank Kallis b. Nov. 11, 1875 m. Minnie Seymour Jan. 1900 d. April 4, 1948
  • Born near Braidwood, Illinois. At some point he divorced Minnie. I think this would have been before 1920, as the Pleasant, South Dakota census has him living with the Kallis family, listed as single. Uncle "living person" remembers him stopping by the farm, when "living person" was a kid. Never invited. Never gave an announcement. Just showed up. I guess he would travel around a lot. Uncle "living person" recalls him talking about using "buffalo chips" as fuel for the fire. I think uncle "living person" said that Frank worked as a cowboy. Frank J. Kallis
  • I am not sure, but I would guess he was born around 1901-1903. According to "living person", Frank lived in Washington State. I have seen a few multiple generations of Frank J. Kallis' living in Pennsylvania, during searches. Not sure if this is related to us.
1.2.12. Albert Kallis b. 1877 m. Mary Freese
  • Born near Braidwood, Illinois. Had one son. No grandchildren.
  • All of the Kallis children, with the exception of Joseph, Elizabeth and Emma are buried with their mother at Hope Cemetery, 10 miles west of Wessington Springs, South Dakota. Frank Kallis Sr. is said to be buried in a small country cemetery outside of Wilmington, Illinois. But no one knows where.

Now onto the Selinger line;

1. Anton Selinger m. Lena
  • "Living person" said that the mother of Elizabeth Selinger Kallis was named Lena. I found the 1880 census she was living with the Kallis family in Wilmington, Illinois, as a widow. She was born about 1802. In the census, her given name is spelled as Ellen. Last name as "Selezer." But that could have just been a mistake by the census taker, or the person he talked to. It could have been a neighbor he talked to if no one was at the Kallis home, or one of the Kallis children. Henry and Elizabeth Kallis Nelson's marriage license has "bride's mother's maiden name" as Seliger. So any of these arrays of surnames could be correct. Also, as to Lena's given name, I can not rule out Czech and German variations of the name; such as Lenka, Helena or Magdalena. Most likely, she died in Illinois and is buried there. "Living person" said that the name of the father of Elizabeth Selinger Kallis being Anton is not for sure, but most likely.
1.1. Wenzel
  • Lived in Mšeno, Bohemia.
1.2. Elizabeth Selinger b. May 5, 1835 m. Frank Kallis d. April 4, 1919
  • Born in Bohemia. I am guessing that since her brother lived in Mšeno, she was probably born there also. It is not far from Frank's hometown. Grandma B. thought that her grandmother had been dead most of her life. There was some sort of family feud. Grandma B. remembers when she was little asking her sister about their grandmother. Emma told her sternly, "Your grandmother is dead! Now don't ask me again." Not sure what was up with that. I have found through census searches that her cousins, Kate and Phoebe Powell, were living with the grandmother, along with many of the aunts and uncles at the time. Yet, Phoebe would come to visit Illinois. So somehow the pieces need to be put together, once all found. "Living person" also said that Elizabeth refused to leave the farmhouse and speak English while living in South Dakota. Censuses state that she spoke German. She died in Wessington Springs, South Dakota.

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Children of Henry and Elizabeth Kallis Nelson

Here are some names and statistics for the children of Henry and Elizabeth Kallis Nelson;

  1. Emma Nelson b. April 23, 1892 m. Donald Shenk in Illinois Jan. 1911 d. Dec. 30, 1972
  2. Edward "Happy" Nelson b.June 8, 1892 d. May 15, 1969
  3. Charles "Shorty" Nelson b. March 25, 1895 m. Ruth Finney Dec. 15, 1928 d. Jan. 18, 1981.
  4. Clarence Nelson b. 1897
  5. Dorothy Elizabeth Nelson b. July 26, 1900 m. William Reimel April 18, 1918 d. July 5, 1995
  6. Carl Nelson June 10, 1903 d. 1938

A Few Snippets about Henry Nelson

I guess this could be part of the Lunch with Grandma Behnke series. I am going to talk about some of the combined stories about Henry Nelson as told to me by my mother and great grandmother, and even a few quickies from my grandmother's brother. From what I have heard, I have already stated that the correct spelling of his surname is Nielsen. My mother told me that Ruth Prudence Finney Nelson, wife of Charles Nelson told her that the reason for him changing the spelling of his surname is that when first residing in Illinois, there were many Nielsens living in the town or block and would receive other people's mail or they would receive his mail.
Henry came to the United States with a brother. My mother thinks that the brother's name may have been Thomas. Henry was about sixteen years old, his brother about eighteen. Now here is where things get fuzzy; Supposedly the reason for the young men to travel to the New World is that the brother was about to be drafted into the military, had they stayed in Denmark. My mother has said that Grandma Behnke told her that when arriving in New York the two brother's became separated in the crowd. Not being able to speak English at the time, it was difficult for them to be able to ask the people around for help finding each other. Grandma Behnke also told me this story.
Yet, Ruth Nelson told my mother that the two brothers did to make it to Illinois together. Once in Illinois they had a falling out. Supposedly the brother wanted to "Go West Young Man!". For whatever reasons, Henry wanted to stay in Illinois.
I would love to find descendants of this brother, who may also be doing research on the family and see if they have been able to trace family information in Denmark. Like I had mentioned, the father of Henry Nelson was Niels Powelson. I am not sure of his mother's name, as Henry did not report her name on his and Lizzie Kallis' marriage license, from April 21, 1890. I wondered why and asked out loud to my mother. She said that Grandma Behnke told her that Henry's mother died when he was a small child. He had a step-mother that he did not like. Without knowing the mother's name, the search into Denmark becomes rather difficult as there were probably many Niels Powelsons in Denmark who had a son named Henry. As for Henry's brother, he could have changed his surname to Nelson, kept the Nielsen spelling or even another possibility is using the father's surname of Powelson.

While in Illinois Henry worked as a dreyman where he would have a team of horses, pick up freight at the train depot. From there he would deliver the items to the local merchants. He had also done some beer delivery. Supposedly, he had been asked by Anheuser-Busch to drive for them, like those horses ya see on the Budweiser commercials at Christmastime. Henry declined the offer, as he chose to keep the family living in Illinois.
Henry's wife, Elizabeth, had been suffering from TB in 1909. This was in the days that people with TB were told that the best thing was to get fresh air. When Elizabeth wasn't feeling well Henry would call up Elizabeth's sister, Emma Kallis, who was a cook at a hotel in Braidwood, where she would come into Wilmington to look after the kids, so that he could take Elizabeth for a buggy ride and go on a picnic. Elizabeth eventually passed away in June of 1909. Henry seemed to have taken this hard. He would spend much time at the saloon.
After Emma Nelson, oldest daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Kallis Nelson, married Donald Shenk in 1911 in Illinois, the family moved into the Shenk farm in Illinois. At some point, Donald Shenk bought a farm in Durand, Michigan. Eventually the Nelson followed them and they moved to Durand in 1914.

I had talked to one of my grandmother's brothers. He remembered his grandfather fondly. Henry lived at the Shenk farm the entire time he lived in Durand. I guess Henry still had a bit of an accent. So growing up the kids would try to get him to say thirty-third. Which from Henry sounded like "tirdy-turd." He also recalled that Henry loved his beer and Limburger cheese. Henry had the cheese in a barrel in the basement of the Shenk farm. He was not allowed to eat it upstairs, as it was very pungent.
Henry passed away in Durand, Michigan on April 15, 1929. He is buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Wilmington, Illinois, Lot 43.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lunch with Grandma Behnke

While mainly I want to post on research findings in my genealogy searching, part of researching is stories as told by the older persons in the family. I am thankful for the times I went with my grandmother to take her mother to lunch. Since my parents were divorced and my mother had to work I spent a lot of time with my grandparents after school. When my grandmother would go to visit her mother and mother's second husband, Edwin Behnke, she would take me along. Sometimes she would take her to the cemetery or just shopping. Afterwards, she would take her to lunch, in Durand or Vernon/Corunna area. One of the restaurants I recall well is that little restaurant on the corner by Carters Grocery Plaza, just on the other side of the railroad tracks. I can't remember the name of it. There's a bank there now. Sometimes my mother would visit Grandma Behnke on Saturdays. Mom didn't usually take her to lunch. She knew Grandma Behnke wouldn't let her pay and my mom didn't want her to pay either, so we would just visit her in her house.
I remember she used to always have gum in her purse. When I was little I was not allowed to chew gum. I recall whispering in her ear asking for a piece of gum. She would always give me a piece of gum. Whether we were visiting her at her house or at lunch, many times she would talk about growing up in Illinois and/or family that she would talk to on the Nelson side. She never revealed too much about growing up. But would reveal little bits and pieces. In her house she had a box of old photos on her stair steps that she had shown us a few times. A couple that I recall asking to see when I would come over was of her and her youngest brother Carl Nelson, one was with her and her cousin Phoebe Powell (daughter of Mortimer and Mary Kallis Powell), another was a really neat photo of her aunt Emma Kallis where Emma had her back to the camera and her long hair was let down. The photo of Emma was really neat. Her hair was down to her ankles and she was wearing this curve hugging dress that belled out at the bottom and had bell sleeves.
Anyways, besides documented research that I find, I will also be sharing stories that have been told to me by the older people in the family. So consider it having lunch with me. These will be short quick posts.

I Made a Reimel Cousin Connection!/CORRECTION!

Granted my focus is on the Nelson, Kallis and Selinger line. But currently, I am at a stand still on that line. So I am focusing on the Reimel side, for now. I have the Reimel side on my family tree at I had posted a few queries to the community about the Reimel family. An member posted a response to my query. He is a nephew of my maternal grandmother. I just love the internet, how relatives who have never met and relatives who have lost contact can connect through genealogy based sites! He also emailed me the posted photos of plaques for Michael (left) and Katherine (right) at the Reimel family mausoleum in the cemetery in Vernon, Michigan. The Reimel cousin also stated that three others in the mausoleum are Michael and Katherine's daughter Mary, son Frank and his wife Della. I have already stated that my great grandmother was Dorothy Elizabeth Nelson Reimel Behnke and that she married William Reimel. I do not know too much about the Reimel family. I will state what I know from a combination of family information and through

William Henry Reimel was born on June 12, 1893 in either Durand, Michigan or Pennsylvania. Censuses that I have found all state that he was born in Pennsylvania. His WWI Draft Card (never served) states that he was born in Durand. That is also where I found out his birth date. He was born to Michael and Katherine Shoemaker Reimel. He married Dorothy Elizabeth Nelson on April 3, 1918 in Owosso, Michigan. Officiating pastor was Reverend D. Gale. He died in 1949.

Michael Henry Reimel was born in 1856 in Pennsylvania, to Henry G. and Maria or Mariah (surname unknown) Reimel. He had a twin brother named William. He married Katherine Shoemaker about 1878. He died in 1929. Fortunately for the fact that I knew he was a twin, is the only way I was able to find him and his family via Upper Mount Bethel, Northampton County in Pennsylyvania censuses.

Katherine Shoemaker Reimel was born in 1857 in Pennsylvania and died in 1947. Since I do not know much about her or who her parents are, I have been unable to find info about her.

  • Other Children of Michael and Katherine were;
  • Carrie Reimel b. ab. 1878
  • Mary Reimel b. ab. 1883
  • Frank Reimel b. ab. 1888 married Della VanArsdale
Henry G. Reimel was born about 1828 in Pennsylvania to George and Elizabeth (surname unknown) Reimel. I was fortunate enough to find find Henry's father living with Henry and Maria, as a widow, in the 1870 census.

Maria (unknown maiden name) Reimel was born about 1829.

George Reimel was born about 1795 in Pennsylvania. This is the farthest I have gotten in the Reimel family.

Elizabeth (unknown maiden name) Reimel was born about 1800.

Somehow, there is a connection to a Siebert family. My grandmother has an old woven wool red, white and blue blanket. I haven't seen it since I was a child. But I do recall that it had really pretty designs on it. My mother remembers seeing that whomever wove it put the name of Siebert on it. I can't recall the first name of the Siebert person. But I believe the year it was woven was 1810. And was woven in *Easton, Pennsylvania. So I would assume that Katherine Shoemaker Reimel's mother was a Siebert. Or Maria, Henry G.'s wife, was a Siebert. Or possibly Elizabeth, George's wife, was a Siebert.

*The original post had stated that the Siebert blanket was woven in Upper Mount Bethel. I have since talked to my mother. She says that the blanked was woven in Easton, Pennsylvania.