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Maiden Name for Maria Reimel is Schoch

In the beginning (pun intended), I had mentioned that I was unsure of the maiden name for Maria, wife of Henry G. Reimel. First, I had Googled Michael Reimel, grandfather for my maternal grandmother. I came across search result for a page in Google Books; The History of the Borneman Family in America, written by Amos Borneman. Partial text for the search result was, "6 Michael Reimel, twins, 22. 6 Sarah Ackerman, family. 6 Norah Houck, 25. 6 Wm. G. Reimel, twins, 22. 6 Michael Reimel, twins, 22. 6 Sarah Ackerman family. ..." Seeing the words twins and the names of Wm. G. Reimel and Michael Reimel being the twins mentioned peaked my curiosity. As y'all will recall, I had mentioned that my gg grandfather had a twin brother named William G. I clicked the link. Came across this partial text;

4 Michael Schock family 5 Sarah Rutt 59 5 Elizabeth Witeman 57 5 a Catharine Schock 2 5 a Jonas Schock 34 5 Jesse Schock 52 5 Maria Reimel 50 5 Enos Schock 47 5 Plena Ackerman 45 5 Hannah Prieshoff 43 5 Sarah Rutt family 6 Adaline Shook 31 6 Paulena Buzzard 29 5 Henrietta Rutt 27 6 Franklin Rutt 26 7 Carrie Rosenbach 7 5 Jesse Schock family 6 Erwin Schock 27 6 Ansanetta Bennett 25 6 Allie Schock 22 5 Maria Reimel family 6 Sarah Ackerman 29 6 Nora Houck 25 6 William G Reimel twins 22 6 Michael Reimel twins 22 6 Sarah Ackerman family 6 Norah Houck 25 6 Wm G Reimel twins 22 6 Michael Reimel twins 22 6 Sarah Ackerman family
Well, wouldn't ya know it. I was unable to copy/paste the way I viewed. I will try to make sense out of this for ya. I highlighted those in my direct line. The numbers in front of the names are the generations down from the first person in the book. That person is a male Borneman. I am working on how to connect to Borneman Family. I will post those results soon. Numbers after the names are there ages. Through searching about this book, I found that Amos Borneman started writing the book in 1878. He passed away before the book was published in 1881. Considering that the book was started in 1878, that would mean that Michael Reimel in the book was age 22 in 1878. My Michael Reimel, and his twin brother, would have been age 22 at the time. When reading this, I saw that there mother's name was Maria. I had already known that Michael and William G.'s mother was named Maria. I figured that the chances would be very low of a woman named Maria would marry a Reimel man and have twin sons with the same names as those in my family. But still, I did not know for sure what the maiden name for the Maria in my family was. So I made a note of this book. If you would like to read the page 79 book of this book link here. From there, you can type in whatever you may be looking for in the search box, even read the full book.

Through a "hints search" on I found a page for The Ackerman Family Association which mentioned the following partial text;

For the full text on page 205, click here. From there you can search other pages in the book. The next page tells of what happened to Abraham Ackerman and the descendants of Abraham and Sarah Jane Reimel Ackerman. You do need to have a subscription to to be able to view. If you don't have a subscription, you can Google the book and find info.
I knew that Sarah Jane Reimel was the daughter of Henry G. Reimel and sister of Michael Reimel. With this information added to the above info, plus reading that Sarah died in Michigan, I knew that I was onto something. The death date for Sarah would have been about the time that Michael and Catherine/Katherine Shoemaker Reimel were in Michigan. I know this because the draft card for my maternal grandmother's uncle, Frank Reimel, stated that he was born in Orion, Michigan in 1888. I asked my sweet little granny, who will be 84, to send my cousins up to the courthouse in Corunna , Shiawasee Co., Michigan to pick up the death certificates for Michael and Catherine Shoemaker Reimel. So as that I would be able to find out for sure maiden name of Michael Reimel's mother. My grandma asked why I wanted my cousins to pick up the certificate. I told her that because she is getting older, she prolly shouldn't drive out to Corunna just to pick up some certificates. Uh-oh! She said that she isn't that old and she can drive out there. After picking up the certificates, she sent them to me. Michael's cert. stated that his mother's maiden name was Maria Shook. Considering that it would be too much of a coincidence for a Maria Shook and a Maria Schoch both be married to Henry Reimels and both have twin sons of the same names and ages in the same town, this must be the same Maria Schoch that I had found, just a mis-spelling. Now if it was a totally different last name, that would have been a different story.
I have been able to find more information on the Schoch side. I will get into that later. Maria has been mentioned as full name of Anna Maria Schoch b. June 16, 1828. Her parents were Michael b. August 9, 1791 d. May 9, 1875 and Elizabeth Ratzell b. April 3, 1794 d. Nov. 9, 1845. Originally, I had wanted to focus on the Kallis and Selinger family, from my full maternal line, but I have not been able to get farther than the info that I have already posted here. So for now I am focusing on the Reimel side.

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