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Reimel Family Line Part I / Edit I

This is the Reimel outline from the email I sent to the Reimel cousin. I have since found new information, that I will add later on. As for now, here is the first outline I wrote up. Living persons have been deleted. My direct line is in bold lettering. Stories and notes are in bullet points. This is not set in stone. I welcome any additions or corrections. For part II, which begins with George Reimel's great grandfather, click here. George Reimel b. abt. 1795 m. Elizabeth

  • I found him in censuses living in Upper Mount Bethel. Later in life, he was living with his son, Henry G. Somehow, I think his great grandfather may be Hans George Reimel of Germany, who resided in Upper Mount Bethel, Pennsylania. Hans George came to the United States in the early 1700's. But not sure how to connect the two. I have since been able to connect George to Hans George. George Reimel was born as John George, but censuses have him named as George, so I am assuming this is what he wanted to be called. Joseph Reimel b. abt. 1821 Henry G. Reimel b. abt. 1828 m. Maria Schoch
  • He resided in Upper Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania. I believe, through internet searches, Maria's maiden name was Schock. If I am correct, her father was Michael Schock. I have since found out that her maiden name is Schoch. Her birth name was Anna Maria. I will write up a post on that later. Sarah Reimel b. abt. 1849 Leonra Reimel b. abt. 1853 William G. Reimel b. abt. 1856 Michael Reimel b. abt. 1856 m. abt. 1878 Katherine Shoemaker d. 1929
  • I knew that he was a twin and was born in Pennsylvania but did not know his twin's name. I had searched for Reimel families with twin sons in different censuses, one being Michael. That is how I found out that his parents were Henry G. and Maria. The first census, and only, census I found with twins in 1860 census, in Upper Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania, was the above family of Henry G. and Maria. I have been told that Katherine may have been a twin also, but no confirmation either way. I can not seem to find information for Michael and Katherine as a couple in the 1880 census. Died in Durand, MI. Interred with wife, at the family mausoleum at Yerian Cemetery in Vernon, Michigan. Carrie Reimel b. abt. 1878 m. Ernie Lamb
  • Born in Pennsylvania. Died in Durand. Frank Reimel b. Mar. 11, 1888 m. Joella VanArsdale d. July 18, 1959
  • Born in Orion, Michigan, according to his WWI Draft Card (never served). Died in Durand. Frank and Joella are interred at the same mausoleum with Michael and Katherine Reimel. Cora Reimel b. 1913 Kathryn Reimel b. 1914 m. Mr. Jacobs Lauren Luis Reimel b. 1917 Leo Reimel b. 1920 Carl Reimel b. 1923 Floyd b. Sept. 24, 1926 m. "living person" d. Feb. 23, 1986 Mary Reimel b. abt. 1883*
  • Born in Michigan. Never married. She died being hit by a train. Interred with parents, brother and sister-in-law at the family mausoleum. William Henry Reimel b. June 12, 1893 m. Dorothy Elizabeth Nelson April 3, 1918 d. 1949
  • Born in Vernon Twp., Michigan, according to his draft card (never served). I think, maybe, William and Dorothy married to avoid being drafted. Officiating pastor was Rev. D. Idle. Not sure what church, if any, they were married at. Their marriage license has witnesses as Donald Shenk and Mrs. D. Idle. It looks as though she was the officiating pastor's wife. William and Dorothy resided at and raised their children at the farm on Reimel Rd. Died at the farm in Lennon, Michigan Nelson H. Reimel b. Mar. 31, 1922 m. "living person" d. Dec. 6, 2003
  • This was "Uncle Tub." He was named after Grandma B's maiden name. Most likely the H. initial stands for Henry? He was born on the farm on Reimel Rd. Died in Durand. Jerry Keith Reimel b. June 1937 m. "living person" d. Feb. 18, 1994
  • First child of William Henry and Dorothy Elizabeth Nelson Reimel to be born at Owosso Memorial Hospital. The other children were midwifed by a woman who lived in the woods across from the farm. Somewhere my grandmother has a picture where the older kids were outside of the hospital and Grandma B. is at the window holding up Jerry. Maria Reimel b. abt. 1832 Jeremiah Reimel b. abt. 1836

*Original post stated that Mary Reimel's birth year was 1888. I have found that it is actually 1883.

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