Monday, May 25, 2009

Lunch with Grandma Behnke

While mainly I want to post on research findings in my genealogy searching, part of researching is stories as told by the older persons in the family. I am thankful for the times I went with my grandmother to take her mother to lunch. Since my parents were divorced and my mother had to work I spent a lot of time with my grandparents after school. When my grandmother would go to visit her mother and mother's second husband, Edwin Behnke, she would take me along. Sometimes she would take her to the cemetery or just shopping. Afterwards, she would take her to lunch, in Durand or Vernon/Corunna area. One of the restaurants I recall well is that little restaurant on the corner by Carters Grocery Plaza, just on the other side of the railroad tracks. I can't remember the name of it. There's a bank there now. Sometimes my mother would visit Grandma Behnke on Saturdays. Mom didn't usually take her to lunch. She knew Grandma Behnke wouldn't let her pay and my mom didn't want her to pay either, so we would just visit her in her house.
I remember she used to always have gum in her purse. When I was little I was not allowed to chew gum. I recall whispering in her ear asking for a piece of gum. She would always give me a piece of gum. Whether we were visiting her at her house or at lunch, many times she would talk about growing up in Illinois and/or family that she would talk to on the Nelson side. She never revealed too much about growing up. But would reveal little bits and pieces. In her house she had a box of old photos on her stair steps that she had shown us a few times. A couple that I recall asking to see when I would come over was of her and her youngest brother Carl Nelson, one was with her and her cousin Phoebe Powell (daughter of Mortimer and Mary Kallis Powell), another was a really neat photo of her aunt Emma Kallis where Emma had her back to the camera and her long hair was let down. The photo of Emma was really neat. Her hair was down to her ankles and she was wearing this curve hugging dress that belled out at the bottom and had bell sleeves.
Anyways, besides documented research that I find, I will also be sharing stories that have been told to me by the older people in the family. So consider it having lunch with me. These will be short quick posts.

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