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I Made a Reimel Cousin Connection!/CORRECTION!

Granted my focus is on the Nelson, Kallis and Selinger line. But currently, I am at a stand still on that line. So I am focusing on the Reimel side, for now. I have the Reimel side on my family tree at I had posted a few queries to the community about the Reimel family. An member posted a response to my query. He is a nephew of my maternal grandmother. I just love the internet, how relatives who have never met and relatives who have lost contact can connect through genealogy based sites! He also emailed me the posted photos of plaques for Michael (left) and Katherine (right) at the Reimel family mausoleum in the cemetery in Vernon, Michigan. The Reimel cousin also stated that three others in the mausoleum are Michael and Katherine's daughter Mary, son Frank and his wife Della. I have already stated that my great grandmother was Dorothy Elizabeth Nelson Reimel Behnke and that she married William Reimel. I do not know too much about the Reimel family. I will state what I know from a combination of family information and through

William Henry Reimel was born on June 12, 1893 in either Durand, Michigan or Pennsylvania. Censuses that I have found all state that he was born in Pennsylvania. His WWI Draft Card (never served) states that he was born in Durand. That is also where I found out his birth date. He was born to Michael and Katherine Shoemaker Reimel. He married Dorothy Elizabeth Nelson on April 3, 1918 in Owosso, Michigan. Officiating pastor was Reverend D. Gale. He died in 1949.

Michael Henry Reimel was born in 1856 in Pennsylvania, to Henry G. and Maria or Mariah (surname unknown) Reimel. He had a twin brother named William. He married Katherine Shoemaker about 1878. He died in 1929. Fortunately for the fact that I knew he was a twin, is the only way I was able to find him and his family via Upper Mount Bethel, Northampton County in Pennsylyvania censuses.

Katherine Shoemaker Reimel was born in 1857 in Pennsylvania and died in 1947. Since I do not know much about her or who her parents are, I have been unable to find info about her.

  • Other Children of Michael and Katherine were;
  • Carrie Reimel b. ab. 1878
  • Mary Reimel b. ab. 1883
  • Frank Reimel b. ab. 1888 married Della VanArsdale
Henry G. Reimel was born about 1828 in Pennsylvania to George and Elizabeth (surname unknown) Reimel. I was fortunate enough to find find Henry's father living with Henry and Maria, as a widow, in the 1870 census.

Maria (unknown maiden name) Reimel was born about 1829.

George Reimel was born about 1795 in Pennsylvania. This is the farthest I have gotten in the Reimel family.

Elizabeth (unknown maiden name) Reimel was born about 1800.

Somehow, there is a connection to a Siebert family. My grandmother has an old woven wool red, white and blue blanket. I haven't seen it since I was a child. But I do recall that it had really pretty designs on it. My mother remembers seeing that whomever wove it put the name of Siebert on it. I can't recall the first name of the Siebert person. But I believe the year it was woven was 1810. And was woven in *Easton, Pennsylvania. So I would assume that Katherine Shoemaker Reimel's mother was a Siebert. Or Maria, Henry G.'s wife, was a Siebert. Or possibly Elizabeth, George's wife, was a Siebert.

*The original post had stated that the Siebert blanket was woven in Upper Mount Bethel. I have since talked to my mother. She says that the blanked was woven in Easton, Pennsylvania.

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