Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hannity and Colmes

I just took off to take a snack break. Took longer than I thought. The long lost sunshine that is back in the UP brought people out and grocery lines. I am back. I kept the TV on when I came back Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes are on FOX News. They were talking to a Democrat Strategist. Remember the hullabaloo about Florida and Michigan holding there primaries early? And the DNC not allowing the Dems to campaign in these states? Well, this strategist is talking about how Michigan and Florida “almighty” Superdelegates will be important in deciding the Democrat nom.

I know, I know I am a Republican. Why am I talking anything about Dems? There isn’t much interesting going on on our side. Hill and Bar a close in delegates. Mac and Huck have a major delegate ratio between them. I am going to channel surf a bit and also see what Rush is talking about. I am wondering if Betty Ford Clinic has a wing for political addiction, argh.

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