Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thoughts on Yesterday’s Super Tuesday

Last night I did some live blogging, along with other First Districters and Michigan GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis, on It was really fun. I was watching Glenn Beck and his panel on CNN Headline News and blogged about it. I stayed neutral on the Republican front regarding John McCain. I dissed a little on the Democrats. Since the First GOP Blog is a group blog of fellow Republicans, I held back a little and didn’t give my full thoughts on things. I did not feel it was right to talk about some things, so I will talk about them here.

Mike Huckabee conceded out of the race. Thus making John McCain the Republican nominee. As of last count John McCain has a delegate count of 1192. That is one more than the 1191 needed delegates to clinch the nomination. Today John McCain is expected to be at the White House, where President George W. Bush is expected to endorse John McCain. I am still not sure how to think of John McCain. I am not thrilled with the any of the Democrat choices. The thing is, Hill and Bar are just so freakin awful.

A part of me thinks about voting third party once the general election comes up. But then I think, what if too many Conservatives vote third party and Hill or Bar become the next president. Sometimes I think that maybe this would be a great wake-up call to the Republicans and it would be a great chance for us to re-group and bring the party back to it’s conservative principals. It would be a good four years to heal. But would the hurting that Hill or Bar be so permanent that the country could never heal? There needs to be a balance. I want to see the Republican party heal itself, but I don’t want to see the entire country get hurt in the process.

Rush Limbaugh talked about Republicans voting for Hillary in the Texas primary to keep her in the race and mess with the Democrats primary, since he is not a fan of John McCain. I get some of his points on why he said this. His feeling as that the longer the Democrats go without a sure nominee the more money that gets spent, from the campaigns and supporters of the campaigns and gives the DNC a shorter time to group up once they have a nom. There are some out there who want to see Hill become the Dem nom. They think that Hillary will be easiest for John McCain to beat.

While I left my support of Mike Huckabee, due to some things I read about him that I didn’t like, there is one thing I agree with him on. When I first supported Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama was just an after thought he said that Hillary Clinton would be a formidable candidate. He said not to underestimate her. Again, ya gotta admit, him living in Arkansas and seeing the “Clinton political machine” first hand. They even had a hand in Arkansas politics after leaving the state.

A part of me is seeing this Obama craze and thinking that maybe he would be harder for McCain to win against. But then I recall about how Mike Huckabee has said about how Hillary Clinton can be sneaky and using dirty tricks. I just don’t think Obama would be able to use dirty tricks, or at least not to the extent that Hillary would. Then I think to myself, why even bother thinking about this. I am not a fan of McCain.

I had heard people banter about Condoleeza Rice possibly running for president. Obviously that ain’t gonna happen for ‘08. I didn’t know too much about her when I heard this. I know who she is and I have followed up on her a little bit. But not to the extent that those who wanted to see her run has. I have just started really learning about her. She is a well accomplished lady. I think if enough people can talk her into it, she just may run in ‘12 or ‘16.

Here is the problem if Hill or Bar were to become president. Obviously Hillary is a woman. Obviously Barack is black. Obviously Condoleeza Rice is a black woman. From my point of view, if one of these two become president and messed up, I would say Hillary royally messed up because of who she is. Or I would say Barack royally messed up because of who he is. I judge people on their minds and actions. Unfortunately, there would be people out there who would say that that is why a woman and or black should not be president. This would mess up Condi’s chance.

I saw John McCain make his victory speech last night. His wife was standing beside him. She looked like an aging Barbie Doll. She looked plasticky like she had no personality. She had this closed lip perma grin. She looks so country clubby. Those clothes, jewelry and hair. I don’t know what it is about her, but I just can’t help but she just gives me chills. Everytime I see her, I can’t see the coloring in her eyes, looks like just white surrounded by too much black eye make-up. Creepy, if you ask me.

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BDBopper said...

Thanks for coming by my blog yesterday with the virtual hug. It meant a lot to me and really helped me feel somewhat better about the outcome. Thank you. You're a wonderful person.

Michigan Redneck said...

You are very welcome. We Conservative Rockabillies need to stay together, through this political season. Good music will get us both through.