Monday, March 3, 2008

First District Now Has it's Own Blog!

If you recall, a while back I said there was a group project in the works. Well it is official, Michigan First District GOP now has a blog. Here is the email announcement from Joel Westrom.

February 29, 2008
Baraga- On our way home from State Convention a couple weeks ago it was discussed by several people about putting a First District blog site together. Several people submitted ideas on how to do that. Keith Almli (Baraga County, left) and Kathy Wells (Mackinac County, right) worked together to bring this discussion to a reality.
On behalf of the First District, I’m pleased to announce as a new blog site for the District. Keith has spent several days working on this and we are very proud of him. We encourage you all to sign up and submit your thoughts. The site is set up for each County (31 in the First) to submit your information. Keep the District informed on you latest events or fundraisers or take a moment to tell us how you felt about a State or National issue.
1st District- I’m working with the officers to schedule our next First District meeting. We are planning to have it centrally located in the District within the next 5-6 weeks. We’ll keep you posted and encourage you all to attend.
Our last meeting in Gladwin was a huge success co-hosted by Hubert Fisk and Darlene Conner. Over 80 people in attendance. Meetings have been doubling in size since we started. Thank you all for those who have made them a success.

Yeah, that is me in the right side. I know, that is a crappy picture. Why he used that pic is beyond me. I have a long skinny nose. I have heard that is a typical Czech feature. So that makes me feel a little better. If you want to say something about my forehead, just remember "Big foreheads are Eastern Europe."
If you are from the First District (Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan), join in on the fun. If you are not, read it and see how us First District Republicans are newsworthy and politically minded. I will be blogging on the Mackinac County Page.

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