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Teens Accused of Clubbing Disabled Young Woman

I had heard about this story on the Glenn Beck tv show from Friday. It is a sickening story about a teenage couple who broke into a home and clubbed a young lady in the head, along with other types of abusing her. From the Glenn Beck transcript;

I want to tell you a story about what happened Friday in a rural town in southwestern Ohio. Two teenagers broke into a house and hid in the basement. Their plan was to get up the next morning and steal the homeowner`s car. But it didn`t work out. So they did something much, much worse.

After realizing the only adult in the house had left for work the two went upstairs and found an 18-year-old girl sleeping. They woke her up and then for the next six hours, they tortured here. They used a baseball bat, they shaved off all of her hair, they doused her with water and made her walk barefoot in the snow. Despite her pleas that she just had brain surgery, they repeatedly hit her over to the head. By the way, she`s disabled.

The girl`s mother found her, bloodied, bruised, helpless later that night and the teenagers that did it were found minutes later in the woods nearby. They`re being charged now, if they were being charged as adults, they would only face eight to 28 years in prison. But they`re not being charged as adults. If it were up to me, these two dirt bags would never see the light of day again. Richard Jones is the sheriff of Ohio`s Butler County. And Wendy Murphy is a law professor at the New England School of Law and author of “And Justice for Some.”

I agree with Glenn on these brats never seeing the light of day, and the possible punishment is too short. But here is some good news from The Western Star of Ohio.

HAMILTON — Prosecutors have requested that a teen couple accused of terrorizing a disabled young woman at her Hanover Twp. home last week be tried as adults.

The 16-year-old boy and 17-year-old girl appeared in Butler County Juvenile Court Thursday, Feb. 28, on charges of aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary, felonious assault, kidnapping and vandalism in the attack of Ashley Clark.

Assistant Prosecutor Daniel Phillips said based on the severity of the charges and age of the accused offenders, he is requesting the cases be bound over to adult court. A hearing has been set for April 4.

Glenn Beck talks with the sheriff of Butler County in Ohio.

Let me start with you, Richard, I have heard you quoted saying in 32 years you have never seen anything as bad as this?

RICHARD JONES, BUTLER COUNTY, OH, SHERIFF: Glenn, I have seen almost everything imaginable. That people can do that to other human beings and I have never seen anything such as this. It makes your throat swell up, it makes you have such emotion, that Ashley is the victim here, she`s 18 years old and she does have a disability.

Here’s the kicker, if you thought things couldn’t be worse, they have a kid!

JONES: I that have a two-month-old child themselves. It`s probably the best thing for the child that they not raise the child. Who knows what would happen with that child. If these two — it`s so unusual for two people from a different family to end up — usually in something like this, one person would have sympathy and say, please don`t do this, we need to stop this, this isn`t right. Both of them continued and went on with this rampage for hours.

This is proof that any idiot can reproduce. I know eugenics is supposed to be wrong, but I think in this case an exception can and should be made. Both these little brats should be forcibly sterilized. I hate to think how this kid is going to grow up.

Glenn says he can’t tell these kids names on the air. He says if they are tried as adults, come April 1, he will put their names and faces all over television. I found their names, here.

Wendy Murphy talks about how Ohio law works on whether or not to try teenagers as adults.

Wendy, in Ohio, you actually have to go to court and prove to the court that they should be tried as adults and not juvenile. Any doubt in your mind that that`s going to be able to be pulled off here in this case?

WENDY MURPHY, NEW ENGLAND SCHOOL OF LAW: No. What`s really unfortunate here, Glenn is that Ohio has it a bit backward compared to the trend in the rest of the country which is that for this aged group of juveniles, they`re very close to adult. They`ve got records, this crime is the most heinous for that category of juvenile, you should start off in adult court and in some states, they let the juveniles try to prove that they should be bumped back down to juvenile court which by the way would also never happen in a case like this.

Ohio should not have to bear the expense, taxpayer expense of having to prove that this case deserves to be in adult court.

Did you read that? These little brats even have a record. I hope like hell their kids are taken away.

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Anonymous said...

This horrific and disgusting act of terror occured across the street from my house, about 6 houses away on the opposite side of the street. I called Ashley Clark's neighbor when I saw the multiple police cars parked up and down the road. When our neighbor told me what happened I felt violated and physically ill. We live out in the country and for the most part until this occured has felt quite safe in our home. I can't possibly imagine how Mr. and Mrs. Clark and poor sweet Ashley felt. Ashley's father could not speak much about the case for legal reasons. After speaking to him about what very little he did share with me and seeing his mental anguish, I could only pray that the Lord would see to it that these monsters were locked up. I feel saddened that Cheyenne and Joseph have a child together. Now she too has to deal with the reprocutions of what harm her parents caused. It is probably for the best though that her parents aren't raising her if neither one of them are obviously mentally stable and or responsible. I suppose their child will be yet another child that my tax dollars will provide the care for. I now wonder if their child will grow to be just as much of a repulsive and horrible monster as its parents are or is it possible for two maniacs to produce a child, leave it for others to raise, and then that child be able to grow up and have a normal productive life and future. Cheyenne and Joseph had left their mark in life. I feel for their families who are left to deal with this incredible embarassment and now have to take care of that poor orphaned child.
As far as poor Ashley Clark, words cannot express the sympathy I feel for her. It disgusts me that Ashley was treated this way by someone who was supposed to have been her friend. As if things weren't difficult enough for her already.
Our little neighborhood its pretty tightly knit, for the most part we all know one another. Since the abuse, kiddnapping, assult occured, we are all keeping our eyes open wide for each other. I honestly and sadly hope for KARMA to take "care" of Cheyenne and Joseph. I have seen the HBO series Oz, and thats the kind of taking care of I am referring to. Everything that has happened on that series would be too good for Cheyenne and Joseph.