Sunday, January 13, 2008

All the Wayne Dumond Details

h/t to ARRA. When I switched over supports I did not want to say anything negative about Mike Huckabee. But after I read this I just can't keep quite. I have a puking feeling in my stomach. I am almost numb about the whole thing. While reading the post from ARRA and the provided link, I was shaking my head with tears in my eyes. I was going to post some of the things that upset me most and comment, but I just can barely even think.

  • The ARRA News Service has until not reported on former Gov. Mike Huckabee -Dumond issue. Most Arkansans, especially Republicans, have previously accepted Huckabee's position that he regretted Dumond's subsequent actions and that he (Huckabee) was not involved in Dumond's release. Most of us went about our business and many had not read Murray Waas' 2002 prize-winning investigative report concerning then Gov. Mike Huckabee actions to win Dumond's freedom. Regretfully, political expediency and wishing for the issue of Wayne Dumond to be over (he died in prison Aug 30, 2005), led most of us to close the book on the Dumond issue. We never dreamed that Huckabee would run for president and as a result, re-open this ugly issue. We expect that if Huckabee were to win the Republican nomination, the Democrats will address this issue. Therefore, it now needs to be fully addressed.
  • The victims of Wayne Dumond and others have called attention to former Gov. Huckabee's involvement with Wayne Dumond. We are sure Huckabee wishes that he and his staff had never gotten involved in the Dumond case. There was absolutely no need for Huckabee to get involved. Thus his actions now force the public's to question why did he get involved, what caused him to intervene and risk his political career for a rapist, and why did he dispute Dumond's rape victim account of the rape? Dumond had a previous history of sexual abuse before arriving in Arkansas and eventually being sent to prison for a rape in Arkansas. After being released he went on to rape and murder again. Missouri police believe he did so more than one in Missouri.
  • Obviously, the victim's of Dumond are not supporters of Mike Huckabee. It would nice if we could write this off as a mistake by a new Governor if it were not for the fact that reports by Post Prison Transfer Board members in 2002 relate that Huckabee pressured them for the release of Dumond. Also, there was a fellow Baptist minister who campaigned for Dumond's release. Finally, we wonder how Huckabee could have shown compassion for a rapist while evidencing no compassion for the victim who was raped by denying to her that she was raped by Dumond because of new DNA evidence which is now reported to be nonexistent.
  • Both previously and now as a presidential candidate, Huckabee has said that it was the Post Prison Transfer (Parole) Board who released Dumond. This is correct - But, Huckabee does not identify that he met with the Board behind closed doors and according to statements by four members made it clear for them to vote as Huckabee desired. Huckabee personally and his staff members pushed through the parole. After his release, Dumond again raped and this time murdered Carole Sue Shields. Also, Missouri identified Dumond was suspected in another rape and murder. The above facts are identified in the below referenced investigative report.
The ARRA News Service adds excerpts and a link to an Arkansas Times article about all the details of Huckabee's involvement. Check out their post here. I encourage everyone who likes and dislikes Mike Huckabee to read this and make up your own minds. When I first supported Mike Huckabee I accepted his explanation that it was just a mistake. I accepted that he didn't have that much part in it. But according to the Arkansas Times article from 2005, he did have quite a hand in it. He also had a sneaky way of being able to "keep his Hands clean" while being involved.
For all of those out there who are supporting him simply for religious reasons, stop it. After all this I can not believe there are women out there who would be willing to support him. I can not believe the way he treated Dumond's victim, after her and her family and the prosecuter met with him. If you are a woman, a husband of a woman or a parent of a daughter, you really need to read this.

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