Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Am Voting for the Line Foreman

Now that the Michigan Presidential Primary is coming up on Tuesday January 15, 2008, I am now getting bombarbarded with ads for Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney and John McCain. I just caught Mike Huckabee's new ad. I didn't listen to most of it. One thing did stick out in my mind. He encourages voters to vote for "the guy you work with not the guy who layed you off." I want neither one. Since this is an ad targeting Michigan I think he is trying to target blue collar workers.
I want the line foreman. I have never worked in an assembly plant, but I grew up in that culture. The guys who work on the line joke around and goof around. They do do their work also. But they need a foreman to keep them in line and make sure everyone and the machinery is working smoothly. When the line foreman makes sure that everything is going smoothly it keeps costs down for the company, thus keeping the costs down for the customers. After the line foreman goes home to his family, the workers go out and have beers together, sometimes mocking the line foreman, but in the end they still have respect for him.
President of the United States may be the highest political office in the country, but at the same time American people are the board of directors of the "company" called America. The president is not above us, nor should he be considered our buddy. We expect, or at least should expect, checks and balances from our government officials.
An American President should be considered a line foreman in that he keeps those in lower government in check and makes decisions that will effect the American people, hopefully in a positive way. He reports to the American people who in this situation are a combination of bosses, CEOs and shareholders. Of course I realize that there can not be an exact comparison, but this is the best way I can describe it.
I had fallen for this "Buddy for President" thing. But when I stepped back and looked at all the implications, I realized that I want "Bossman for President." I truly believe that Fred Thompson is the line foreman. He has that gruffness that makes a good lineman, but can joke around at the same time. He is up front and honest and tells it like it is. He actually sits down and writes well described papers on the issues, not just nicely packaged sound bites. I believe he will do what is right for this country, as president. Please go to his website at and click on issues and read where he stands on all the issues. After that commit to VOTE FOR FRED! If you are in MICHIGAN VOTE ON JANUARY 15!


Hangmann747 said...

Hello, Just something I posted at Redstate, Blogs for Thompson, and Michigan Right. Thought you would want to no. Thanks Shane

Hello All, My Wife (Infadel Granny) came across this and I knew I just had to get this out. Click this link ( and see how Dem's are trying to get together to Gum up the works in the Michigan primary. In a nut shell, since there are no Dem delegates in Michigan, they want to cross over and vote Republican. Only to mess things up! The one part of this that has real logic is that they want to vote for Mitt Romney. Even they know he is bad for the Republicans!!

As Always Thanks for being involved, Many Blessings, Shane (Hangmann747)

"The Hunt For Red November"

Michigan Redneck said...

Thank you Shane for that info. Maybe it is Democrats who keep posting annonomosly, on my blog, to vote for him.