Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Results Are In...For the Michigan Primary

Mitt Romney 336,801 @ 39%
John McCain 256,600 @ 30%
Mike Huckabee 139,268 @ 16%
Ron Paul 54,233 @ 6%
Fred Thompson 31,998 @ 4%
Rudy Giuliani 24,654 @ 3%
Uncommitted 17942 @ 2%
Duncan Hunter 2,820


destilando cafe said...

Hey, look at all the votes Ann Arbor delivered for that lovable nutjob, Ron Paul!

Michigan Redneck said...

They voted for him up here too.
How were things in Flint, any Republicans get any votes?

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like Fox News made a huge mistake by inviting Fred Thompson to their debate instead of Ron Paul...

Not that either of them really stand a chance in hell at this point anyway.

Michigan Redneck said...

There is still time for people to see the real Mike Huckabee and the real Fred Thompson.