Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fred Thompson will Stand up for America

Fred Thompson will stand up for our military and for our Constitution



Tennessee Voices

Frankly, sometimes I think it's hopeless.

Not that I don't think Fred Thompson is up to it. He is a man who knows himself, who takes serious things seriously and laughs at the rest. He has performed very ably as a candidate, rising to the challenge repeatedly in the give and take of media heat and debates and everything else involved in a campaign.

I know. I've paid very close attention. For the first time in my life, I have not only donated cash money to a political campaign, but have also volunteered many hours at Fred08 headquarters.

From the first hint that he might run, Fred Thompson has been hounded by the notion that he is lazy, that he does not have fire in the belly, that he does not really want it. This criticism is put forth by the court jesters who know their brand of foolishness could not get an audience in a Thompson presidency. By dismissing Thompson as a lightweight, they create a negative impression for voters who do not really pay attention.

It is when it seems the court jesters are winning that I feel despair. Such as when Fred beat McCain in Iowa was all but dismissed by the pundits. Such as when at the debates "I agree with Sen. Thompson" is the phrase used more often even than "we need a change," but the one who talks most and loudest gets all the press afterwards. Such as when Mike Huckabee claimed in a flagrant lie on national television that he had a theology degree, yet has not been held accountable. Or when John McCain asserts that he is not in favor of amnesty even while endorsing a plan that lets illegal aliens stay here indefinitely, or Mitt Romney claims to be pro-life today when just recently he ran as pro-choice in Massachusetts.

I believe there are only three sincere candidates in this race who are not driven solely by personal ambition, who might not intentionally sell their country down the river, and who could be trusted with our children's future — Ron Paul, Barack Obama and Fred Thompson.[more here]

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