Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fred Thompson to Appear on Hannity and Colmes

Fred Thompson will appear on Hannity and Colmes on Fox News between 10pm and 10:30


Alex said...

From what I know Fred Thomson's campaign seems worth supporting. I would if it had enough steam to knock down other Republican candidates. Romney's campaign may, and I support Romney, and this is why:


Michigan Redneck said...

In my case I am fortunate enough to have been a Huck supporter, from the beginning. Why do I say fortunate? In the beginning, Huck's campaign was in worse position than Thompson has been at any point. It took Huck forever to get where he is now. The only thing that lifted him to his current position is Evangelical support and Chuck. He has nothing going for him other than "Christian" candidate and he is seriously dividing the party.
Thompson is the polar opposite. I am determined to lift Thompson even farther than Huck could ever imagine himself. Out of these dipwads, Thompson is the only one who ain't a dipwad. He is the problem solver. He has issues going for him.
It is rather unfortunate that most Americans don't take time to really look to see where these people stand on the issues, if they do. Then they complain once the people get in office. If Huck was able to get to this point once people start looking into Thompson he can too.