Thursday, January 10, 2008

Michigan Next, GOP Rivals Turn to the Economy

PONTIAC, Mich. — Senator John McCain and Mitt Romney sped to Michigan on Wednesday and turned their focus to the slowing economy as they headed toward the next showdown in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.
Mr. Romney dropped his television advertising in two other important battlegrounds, South Carolina and Florida, to focus his spending on Michigan in hopes of averting another major defeat. Mr. McCain, whose campaign until now has operated by necessity as a wide open but low-cost insurgency, adopted a carefully choreographed series of rallies as it scrambled to gather the money and the organization it needs to take advantage of his victory in New Hampshire on Tuesday. [more here]


Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney is extremely capable and intelligent and is the only candidate that can help turn Michigan's economy around. Vote Mitt!

Michigan Redneck said...

While this blog is pro-Thompson I am willing to allow all comments, so long as they are not rude or profane. I believe in free speech and I want everyone to be informed and check out all candidates and realize that once the rest are compared to Fred Thompson, Fred Thompson is the true conservative.

Steven M Nielson said...

Hey! I love that you still ahve the same enthusiasm, even if for another candidate... :/

I am writing to discuss something regarding your long term support for Mike. I know that you were once one of the biggest Huckabee supporters, and were turned off by his comments regarding smoking ban... but when it comes to Social issues, I think that you connected with Mike. Why else were you so involved with our community of bloggers!

In that same spirit, it looks like Michigan is going to come down to a three way contest: Mike, Mitt, and John McCain.

Where I appreciate your convictions in supporting Fred for his conservative stance, I have to ask about a candidate who shares your social conservative issues... and a candidate that is going to get a boost out of Michigan before SC.

Mitt Romney is so uncertain about his stance on Social issues that I am sure even HE cannot be sure as to what he will do once he is in office. He appointed liberal judges in Massachusettes, and will liekly do so if elected President.

MCCain is a warhawk, and that is as far right as he goes. Every other issue is liberal or moderate, and he refuses to allow social conservative issues to come to the senate floor.

And there is Huckabee. Huck is consistently pro-life, consistenlty pro-gun, consistently pro-state's rights... I am already looking ahead, and know that supporting huckabee means that I will have to fight him on some issues... but of the three who need momentum heading into SC, Huckabee is the ONLY one who has the SoCon credentials.

I ask that, even though you are pro-Fred, you look at what your vote could do. Who could help beat the actual moderates and liberals as the campaign moves beyond Michigan.

I know that you are ready to cast your vote for Fred... but I hope that you think about the implications of your vote. Think about the candidate who you supported for so long... and remember that there are no perfect candidates, but of the three who are gaining momentum, you could cast your vote for Mike and help him stop the two candidates who are arguably less conservative than Huckabee on every single issue.

Please reconsider Huckabee, and what your vote means. From one blogger to another!

Thanks for listening!

Michigan Redneck said...

I respect you and your comment. But it was way beyond the smoking ban. The smoking ban is small potatoes in the whole grand scheme of things.
The Mike Huckabee I supported in the beginning of '07 is different than the Mike Huckabee that is out there now. Immigration, crime and foriegn affairs is what broke it for me. I have compared both him and Thompson on those issues and Thompson beat him hands down. After leaving support of Mike Huckabee I even compared him to other candidates. So I did not jump on Fred's red truck lightly.
Mike Huckabee really is trying to be "pastor in chief." I did not, or did not want to, see this in the beginning. But now I see his "advisors" told him this was the only way for him to win. I have seen how rabid his "Christian" supporters are. Frankly they scare the begebees out of me. They talk about knocking down the establishment. But is it because they want to be inclusive of all people or do they want their own "establishment."
While I don't want to sound like a selfish broad, I am going to come out and say it on this blog. The reason I think they want there own establishment is there were some unnamed people who are Huckabee supporters that pushed me out of the way. These are people who live the perfect little Christian life. They probably did not like that I drink and smoke (trying to quit the latter) and don't have a perfect little family. I am a Christian, but I don't live a pius gingerbread house lifestyle.
Mike Huckabee supporters stalk Mitt Romney, who I am not a fan of, and harrass him. Regardless of your thoughts about Mitt Romney, that is just tasteless and tacky. Mike now has a National Chairman who was a former boxer that has an @$$-whole attitude. "Wants to kick, punch and bite Mitt Romney"? He has the mental capabalities of Mike Tyson.
What we see in Mike Huckabee's campaign is what we would get in the White House. Disorganization, pettiness and backstabbing. Well, on that logic, why don't we elect Hillary.
I had met Mike Huckabee twice. I have seen him numerous times on TV. I had seen a soul in his eyes. I don't see that anymore. It is like he sold it out. I believe somewhere in the background he has allowed others to control him like a puppet.
Originally I fell for his schtick about having the dirt on Hillary. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. But something tells me she has twice as much dirt on him. I have been periodically checking in on Huckabee blogs and they seem to be pushing Obama pretty good. Makes me wonder if the campaign is guiding them on this. My theory is that the last thing the Huck camp wants is for Hillary to win her party's nom. They know that it would be much easier to up against Barack.
Back to your point of your comment. I am not going to vote for Huckabee just to vote against Mitt and McCain. I am going to vote for Fred. I don't care what the polls show in Michigan. I am voting for Fred because I believe he is the best choice.
Yes, I do realize the implications of my vote. That's why I am voting for who I truly believe in, not against one or two other guys. I want more people to vote for Fred. While I think it stupid for people to vote depending on what happened in a previous state, people do do that w/o researching. So the more votes for Fred in Michigan, the better chance he has going into S.C.