Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What's in a Name...?

For about 2 years I have been researching my předeky(ancestors) from Bohemia (in modern day eastern Czech Republic). This is the side of my family from my mother's line, her mother, her mother and her mother's parents. All my life I was told that their příjmení(surname) was Kallis. With Frank and Elizabeth (Selinger) Kallis being the first Bohemians, in my family, to come to Illinois, USA. Through sheer dumb luck, I found a cousin in South Dakota online who had more info on the family. He had been told the same thing about the family name. But he did give me a little more info than what I had. He did tell me the name of the town that our předeky came from. They came from Nosálov, Bohemia, once called Nosál.
I have been in the process of learning the Czech jazyk(language), off and on. Through part of this process I decided to sign up to have a profil on Lidé(people). First I needed to get a Czech E-mail on Seznam search engine. I did all that and found a pen pal who is into genealogy. He told me that he had found some info on my předek, Frank Kallis. Frank Kallis was actually František Kališ. Somewhere along the line, he had changed the rodina(family) jmena(name). My pen pal gave me some info on where I could start searching. He told me about an interesting genealogy searching site, Rod & Clan, for searching genealogy in the Czech Republic. It is all written in Czech. With what little Czech I do know, I filled in my předeky informace. I also added in a quick inquiry into inzeráty, about my předeky.
This informace about the jmena change is very significant for hledání(searching) purposes. The Kallis jmena works, somewhat, for searching in the US. But the Kališ jmena works for searching in the Czech Republic. I may need to also use the Kališ jmena for searching in the US. So, yes Mr. Shakespeare, there is something in a name. And a rose can smell sweeter when you call it a růže.
Some people who read my inzeráty on Rod & Clan emailed me about the info I gave. I had posted an address my cousin gave me that was Elizabeth Selinger's brother's. I was told by them that the info on the address was written wrong. Anyways I was told that there are some Selingers in the same town of Mšeno. That is the town Elizabeth's brother Wenzel was from. Most likely she was from Mšeno, before marrying František. Mšeno is very near to Nosálov. One emailer gave me the website for Mšeno. It is a very interesting town. I found information that the town has produced many artists and writers. Which is rather interesting, since my grandmother's sister is a well known artist. And I have loved to write since high school.
This is what the website has to say about artists and writers, on one of the tourist pages.
Timbered cottage "Additionally, it is no wonder, that both due to the fact that the Mšeno region is remaining intact by industry and due to its rather remote location from the main thoroughfare system, the Kokořín region has established a dense cobweb of spontaneous and also sign-posted hiking trails and cycle tracks. This heavily wooded country yields plenty of romantic corners, which have already inspired people like Karel Hynek Mácha (poet), Eduard Štorch (novelist) and many a painter. Despite its adjacent location to the city of Prague, Mšeno has yet not been fully discovered by travel industry, and as a result, it accordingly provides its visitors with plenty of opportunities to spend a phenomenal vacation out of the reach of the traditional tourism movement centers. " [more here]
Jsem(I am) velmi(very) pověrčivý(superstitious). I always feel like I can get better luck finding genealogy info if I listen to Czech music and wear my great great grandmother's wedding ring while searching and learning Czech jazyk. I like to listen to Raduza. She sings many of her songs in other jazyky, other than Czech. It seems to be a combo of folk & rock and polka. It was actually a Czech girl who invented polka music.
Anyways, I actually got off track and forgot why I started this post in the first place. Oh yeah, now I now. I want to say that I had previously posted svátek(name days) everyday. But got off track and stopped doing that. But with finding out that my předeky had changed their jmeny I realized how important jmeny can be. So I will be doing this again.
Without further adoo,

Pozdravy Svátek, Zdeněk!

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