Monday, January 14, 2008

A Guest Blogger from the Neighbor State of Wisconson Talks about the Importance of Michigan's Primary

I asked SR from Maritime Sentry to write a guest post regarding an out-of-state view of Michigan's Primary, due to the fact that we are both Fred Thompson supporters.
Here is her post.

Michigan is going to be a very important state this year. Times have changed and so has Michigan . The Primary has been moved up to January 15 this year and the Democrats have been stripped of their delegates. Look for Democrat voters to vote in the Republican Primary and to throw their votes to the most liberal Republican candidate they believe would be easily beat by a Democrat candidate. Some have already been calling for the Democrats to vote for Huckabee, this should tell you that the Democrats see him being beatable by their candidate.
There are 30 Republican delegates and 0 Democratic delegates. Michigan Democrats lost their delegates because they broke the rules of both major political parties to move up its primary date, However state party officials believe they will regain those delegates at the national conventions. Michigan has picked the winner in every presidential race but two since 1980. John Kerry and Al Gore.
I believe this year will be different though because of the unusual delegate situation. I believe it makes it imperative that every conservative voter in Michigan who is able, put their vote behind the most conservative candidate. Not only to send a message and combat the liberal agenda, but to preserve our country for our children and grand children.
A conservative like Fred Thompson.
Fred Thompson will give our country the leadership it needs to become independent, healthy and unique in a world of terror and chaos. He will move us forward to a place this country has not enjoyed for a long time because we have lost so much understanding of what our founding fathers had intended for this country and Michigan can be the first to put him on top where he needs to be.
The Maritime Sentry
Thank you to Kathy for giving me the opportunity to guest post on her blog.

I want to thank SR for her insight. I also want to ask Michiganders to vote for Fred Thompson on January 15, 2008. Check out The Maritime Sentry, it is a terrific blog.


Debbie said...

Thanks for your comment at Right Truth. I agree, it's a soap opera. I can see old Asa Buchanan now, ha.

I think the other candidates are afraid of Fred. They seem to be spreading the rumor that he intends to drop out, and he's not.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Michigan Redneck said...

Thank you Debbie, for stopping by my blog. I had found your blog just through searching the net and couldn't remember your blog address to add to my blog roll. Now I have it to add.