Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What to Do?

I know my past couple posts have been Czech related. Don't despair. I will soon be posting about politics and Michigan again. After having supported Mike Huckabee, then supporting Fred Thompson I do not want to jump into things on the national race. I found out that Mike Huckabee was not who he portrayed himself to be. While I had been supporting Mike Huckabee I was also checking into Fred Thompson. During this time I found out that while supporting Mike Huckabee I was allowing my conservative beliefs and principles to be dumbed down. When I looked into Fred Thompson my beliefs and principles came back. I was devastated when Fred Thompson pulled out of the race.
Currently I am checking into Mitt Romney. Maybe I will look into Ron Paul. I am not that overjoyed with his views on some things. There is no way I can support Rudy Giuliani or John McCain. I can not find anyone I believe to be truly conservative. When I look into the attitudes of supporters, Mitt Romney has the best supporters, bar none. While I can not just choose to support someone just based on supporters, I do believe supporters along with endorsers can give a glimpse into the candidate themselves.
I will keep a button to the side for Mitt Romney's website. Any reader is welcome to click this on and check out Mitt Romney and make their own decision. I am currently not ready to post about Mitt Romney. I may provide links to articles about him, but no commentary, yet.

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