Monday, January 14, 2008

Kathy's Message to Michigan Voters

Tomorrow January 15 is election day in Michigan for the Presidential Primary. The race for '08 could be compared to a circus, soap opera or a sequel to the movie "Mean Girls." Circus, because most of the campaigning took place in Iowa with the candidates performing for the media. Soap opera because everyone is acting like drama queen chicks. Mean Girls because there are little cliches who each have a leader for their cliches. There is only one real man in this race. That man is Fred Thompson.
If you could put Fred in the above characters he is Asa Buchanon from "One Life to Live," with morals. Like Asa Buchanon, he sits in his office trying to find ways to make his businesses run better. He is the unseen bookworm in "Mean Girls." He is too busy to get involved with the gossip. He needs to study the issues and come up with good problem solving solutions. I can't even think of a circus comparison for Fred Thompson.
Here is the deal. If you are a Republican you could vote for the "strong, strengthy" son of a former Michigan governor, with the nice hair and perma grin. You could vote for the war hero. Or maybe you could vote for the "Christian Leader." Isn't there any better choices? Some on, there's gotta be a better choice. Oh yeah, that better choice is Fred Thompson.
Don't listen to what the media says about him being lazy. Laziness has nothing to do with physical actions. It has to do with if someone is willing to do something for others, something that will actually make a difference. I think these other guys are lazy. Yeah they do a lot of physical motions. Sort of like when my cat chases his farts. It sure is funny, I always get a laugh out of that. But he never catches a fart, although he does get a lot of motion out of that. A lot of motion that never gets results.
Now, if you are a Democrat you have a wide variety. Oh wait a minute, no you don't. You're choices are for "The Woman", some little guy who sees UFOs, or uncommitted. Now I have been hearing that Michigan Democrats and the unions are encouraging Democrat supporters in Michigan who don't want Hillary to win to vote Uncommitted. Until today I thought "good for them." The Democrats are being uncommitted to them, they should be uncommitted to the Democrats. Then today I heard that Edwards and Obama are encouraging Michigan Democrat voters to vote uncommitted. Why should Democrats vote for them, even though their actual names aren't on the ballot. But it is looking the uncommitted votes are pro-Obama/Edwards. These guys didn't pay attention to you, why should you pay attention to them? I could say come over to our side. But you will most likely vote for one of the RINOs. So I would encourage Democrats to vote for Dennis Kucinich, just to mess with the Democrat results. After all, Democrats are encouraging Democrat voters to mess with the Republican results by telling them to vote for Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee.
In the end, I have to say that there is still time to choose Fred Thompson. The polls haven't even opened. You have from 7am to 8pm to make your choice. I want y'all to go into this informed. To be informed the best thing to do is go to and become informed.


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