Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fred on Cuba

  • On Cuba
    Posted on January 16th, 2008By Fred in Commentaries, Cuba
    [Fred was the first Presidential candidate to submit an essay to the Candidates on Cuba forum sponsored by Babalu Blog. –Sean]
    United States policy must continue to stand with the Cuban people and against those who have oppressed, terrorized, and murdered so many Cubans over the past half-century. This was my position when I served in the Senate; it is my position today; it will be my position as President.
    Fidel and Raul Castro are unaccountable dictators who can serve no role in Cuba’s future. We must continue supporting the growing internal opposition in Cuba while also denying the regime any source of funding that could prop up this cruel, illegitimate government. This means keeping current sanctions in place, and increasing our efforts to bring about change, until all political prisoners are freed, human rights and basic freedoms are restored, elections are held, civil society is established, and a working democracy exists in Cuba. Any actions or concessions prior to then will only embolden Cuba’s tyrants and give the regime the opportunity to survive beyond the current dictators.
    Cuba’s illegitimate leaders are enemies of the United States and the values of freedom and democracy we hold dear. They have consistently espoused anti-Americanism and opposed our interests around the world, and have sent their spies to the United States to infiltrate our government and communities. And a Cuban government aligned with Venezuela’s dictator Hugo Chavez constitutes a real threat to America’s interests, values and policies in the hemisphere. That is why the United States must remain steadfast in its position, articulated well by Cuban-American leaders now serving honorably in the United States Congress: no concessions until political prisoners are freed, basic human rights are restored, and free and fair elections are conducted so that the Cuban people are free to determine their own destinies. [source]

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