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Truth Squad-Mike Huckabee on Illegals

I want to thank DR from The Maritime Sentry for bringing this to my attention, an article originally from Dec. 13, 2007 from The Constitution Party. I really hate negativity in campaigning, no really I do. Any-hoo, blogging isn't campaigning, just facts and opinions. I feel with tomorrow being election day in Michigan this is something that is very important

  • Stop The Illegal Invasion
  • Huckabee’s illegal-alien record hit
  • Mike Huckabee is overselling his record of cracking down on illegal aliens as governor, claiming he ordered his state police to arrest illegal aliens when in fact he never signed the agreement with federal authorities that would have allowed it.
  • Mr. Huckabee signed a bill that began the process, but he never followed through with signing an agreement with the Department of Homeland Security to secure training for state police officers. Without it, they cannot enforce federal immigration law.
Just what we need, a half-ass president.
  • "This is a policy difference, but the facts are the facts — under Governor Huckabee’s administration, there was never even any effort to begin negotiating with Homeland Security," said former state Rep. Jeremy Hutchinson, the Republican who sponsored the 2005 law.
  • Immigration-control groups say they fear Mr. Huckabee could repeat President Bush’s track record on immigration, which they say amounted to tough talk but a failure to follow through.
Tough talk is nice, but failure is the result of non-actions. My momma always said that actions speak louder than words. The reason Fred Thompson is not jumping hoops for the media is he is too busy with his actions. Too busy with his tough actions to talk actions.
  • "The devil is in the details, and Bush has shown a pattern of deception on immigration enforcement again and again and again, and the Huckster is right in line with that technique," said William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, who said Mr. Huckabee is trying to fool the Republican primary electorate.
  • "He knows he’s wrong on immigration; he can’t win if he’s wrong on immigration — therefore, lie," Mr. Gheen said.
  • In Arkansas, the law Mr. Huckabee signed called for his state police director to negotiate the agreement with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement — in this case, Steve Dozier, who Mr. Huckabee appointed after firing his predecessor.
  • Mr. Dozier did not return a call seeking comment for this article. He is now an executive with Arkansas-based Wal-Mart.
  • Mr. Hutchinson, the former Arkansas state lawmaker, who supports a rival of Mr. Huckabee’s in the presidential race — former Sen. Fred Thompson — said that even though Mr. Huckabee signed his bill, "I don’t think he supported the concept."
  • At a press conference last week called to answer charges about his Arkansas record, several state lawmakers who are supporting Mr. Huckabee said they remembered passing the bill, but couldn’t say whether the governor ever followed through.
Couldn't say, or won't say?
  • Still, those lawmakers said Mr. Huckabee did what he could. They said he was proactive in signing a bill to prevent illegal aliens from being able to obtain driver’s licenses, though some state Republicans said that was a reversal from earlier in his administration when he wanted to allow licenses regardless of legal status.
  • CFR touts Huck’s sympathy for illegals
  • While many pro-life supporters trace Mike Huckabee’s rise in the polls to his success in the Sept. 17 Values Voter Presidential Debate, his recent success can also be traced to increased coverage by the Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR’s increased focus on Huckabee began with a speech on foreign policy posted Sept. 28 on the Council on Foreign Relations website.
  • The Sept. 28 speech, delivered at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C., focused entirely on foreign policy, portraying Huckabee as a cautious supporter of Bush administration policy in Iraq.
  • Yet, despite obtaining the endorsement of Jim Gilchrist, the founder of The Minuteman Project, Huckabee is dogged by his pro-illegal immigration record as Arkansas governor.
I am still rather suspicious about this. Unfortunately, when I had found things that gave me suspicions on this I had decided not to post anything negative about Mike Huckabee.
  • Which is the real Huckabee – the last, best hope of Jim Gilchrist to secure the border, or the wink-wink border activist just posturing to win conservative votes in Republican primaries?
Do we need someone who says anything people want to hear just to win or does what is in the best interest of the American people?
  • The profile of Huckabee posted on the CFR website begins a synopsis of the candidate’s position on immigration by noting, "The former Arkansas governor has openly sympathized with the needs of illegal immigrants."
  • Among the points emphasized on the CFR blog are the following:
  • Huckabee has advocated prenatal care for pregnant immigrants;
  • According to the Associated Press, Huckabee criticized a 2005 federal immigration raid in Arkansas;
  • Huckabee has expressed support for illegal immigrants under some conditions;
  • In an interview with ABC-TV’s George Stephanopoulos, Huckabee said, "We should have a process where people can pay the penalties, step up and accept responsibility for not being here legally." He added: "The objective is not to be punitive. The objective is to make things right."
  • WND has documented Huckabee’s efforts in 2006 to finance with state funds and contributions made by private commercial developers a Mexican customs office established in Little Rock.
  • In establishing the Mexican consulate in Little Rock, Huckabee was assisted by his economic development officer, Robert Trevino, who was then also district president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, also known as LULAC, an activist group strongly advocating for rights of Hispanic immigrants in the United States.
  • At no cost to Mexico, the consulate was opened on April 25 this year.
  • Huckabee told WND he and Trevino traveled south of the border in a state airplane in 2003 to pursue the deal with Mexico because he believed having a Mexican consulate in Little Rock would support Arkansas exports to Mexico.
  • Yet, the Mexican office Huckabee sought to put in Little Rock was not a trade mission office, but a consulate office.
  • Nationwide, Mexican consulate offices are known for supporting illegal aliens in their effort to get various kinds of identification, work permits, driver’s licenses and bank accounts.
  • Yet, the Washington Times quoted Ray Beck, president of NumbersUSA, as saying Huckabee "was an absolute disaster on immigration as governor."
  • The evidence of Huckabee’s record as governor, regardless what Gilchrist may say, is that he helped create Arkansas as a sanctuary state, serving the interest of the Arkansas corporations that wanted to exploit the cheap labor readily available from an open flow of illegal immigrants. [read all here]
Well, don't that just sound like the "guy you worked with, and not the guy who layed you off"? The guy you work with complains about Americans who are not willing to work combined with businesses who hire illegals.

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