Sunday, January 6, 2008

Thompson Places Second in Wyoming

  • Mitt Romney Wins Wyoming Caucus Vote, Fred Thompson Places Second
  • by Steven Ertelt Editor
    January 5,
  • Cheyenne, WY ( -- Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney won the Saturday caucus vote in Wyoming, a result not unexpected given the money he poured into the state and his sizable Mormon population. Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson placed second while Rep. Duncan Hunter came in third. [more here]

While Wyoming may be a small state, it still should have been given as much attention as did Iowa and is New Hampshire, with New Hampshowa getting less attention. We are living in the United States of AMERICA. Not the Old Guard of New Hampshowa. To me this whole New Hampshowa thing is no different than if say in Michigan Cheboygan County or Barry County were the counties that got their results in first during a statewide election. Thus the candidates spent all their time and money in those two counties, spent some time in Oakland and Ingham Counties, did drive-bys in Genesee County, Grand Rapids and Battle Creek and said to the rest of us, "Yes I care about this state and I want to be your Governor or Senator and I care about your needs and concerns as Michigan citizens, but screw you on me coming to your area."
Granted, a statewide election is in one day and a presidential primary is spread out through a few months. Nonetheless these candidates spent most of the Summer and Fall in Iowa, while spending most of their money there. Folks, that money they spent there was money that came in from all the other 48 states. You people were spending money for candidates to asskiss Iowans and ignore you. Is that what you want in a president? Someone who ignores your needs, yet is more than happy to spend your money on other peoples needs. Now that sounds like Conservative principles, doesn't it?
I'm still trying to figure this out. They spent most of their time in Iowa, unless they had to go Washington or something. Let's not forget Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, Ron Paul, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain were kind enough to make a showing on Mackinac Island, MI during the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference. Did I forget anyone? NOPE. Then they would fly back to Iowa. Sometimes flying to another state again, back to Iowa, repeat. Now, I don't take too many trips. But wouldn't ya think it would make more sense to start out at point A then go to B then C then D then E... This would be more fair and possibly more economical. Again, don't listen to me, I'm just a dumb broad.

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