Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thompson's Exit Seen as Boost to Mitt Romney

  • Ex-Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson’s departure from the race for the Republican presidential nomination is already helping former Bay State Gov. Mitt Romney and according to one top Thompson adviser, Romney will continue to reap the rewards.
  • “Thompson leaving the race helps Romney,” said Rich Galen, a Thompson adviser and frequent traveling companion. “Everyone has a hole in their conservative credentials except Romney.”
  • As Romney steadily rises in polls in winner-take-all Florida ahead of Tuesday’s primary, a new Field Poll of California voters released yesterday shows at least 30 percent of “Fred heads” will pick Romney as their second choice.
  • “Anybody who ran for office in this field is a very strong individual and should be considered as a VP nominee whether for me or for somebody else,” Romney said, according to CBS News. “He’s a terrific and highly capable guy and anyone would think that having Fred Thompson as a VP would be a good thing.”
  • Of Thompson supporters, Galen said, “They (would sooner) not vote rather than back (Arizona Sen. John) McCain, and (former New York City Mayor Rudy) Giuliani is just a non-starter.” [more here]


Steven M Nielson said...

MR - 30% to Romney from Fred is a spin on 70% NOT to Romney from Fred in California.

Steve :)

Michigan Redneck said...

But still it is still only a couple days after Fred's departure. Some of these people need are still looking into everyone. Nowhere in the article does it say that 70% people have decided not to choose Mitt Romney.

destilando cafe said...

Fred did McCain a big favor and conveniently siphoned voters away from Huckabee in South Carolina. South Carolina was the only state Fred campaigned in "energetically" or so I hear.

Michigan Redneck said...

Huckabee siphoned voters away from himself.