Monday, January 21, 2008

Glenn Beck is Gummed Up About "Change"

On todays radio show Glenn Beck talked about the South Carolina Primary and "change." Here is the partial transcript.

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  • January 21, 2008 - 12:42 ET
  • GLENN: I mean, think of the America that we live in today. Are we willing to have a woman as a President of the United States? I think the answer to that is yes. An African-American? The answer is yes. Are we really free at last. In many ways, in many ways I think we are. But the other thing, the other buzzword that's happening today is change. Everybody wants change. Vote for change. Every single slogan for every single person is about change, or even in the case of Ron Paul it goes beyond change. It's revolution. What is the definition of change? Definition of change, I looked it up. To cause to be different. To give completely different form or appearance to or to transform. To exchange or replace with another. To lay aside, abandon or leave, to transfer from one to another, excuse me, to become different, to undergo altercation -- or alteration. Undergo transformation or transition. To go from one phase to another, as the moon goes from one phase to another or seasons change. My question is, which one of these defines the change? Is it just to go from one to another? Is that the kind of change we're talking about if really Clinton and McCain are the two candidates? If those are the two candidates, if we have as a nation gone from all of the candidates, that we had all of the choices that we have had in these primaries and we end up with McCain and Clinton, are those the agents of change? I mean, I find it absolutely amazing, incredible to me that Clinton is an agent of change. Has anybody noticed the pattern? Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton? I mean, I don't want another Bush. I don't want another Clinton. And the reason why is because, not that I hate the families or anything else. I mean, I like the Bush family. Not really my favorite politicians, but I like them. I just don't want another one. I like change. And I happen to know specifically what kind of change I want, but I'm beginning to believe the United States of America, the average person, doesn't know what kind of change they want. They don't even know what they're voting for. Tell me what kind of change Hillary Clinton brings. Tell me what kind of change John McCain brings. Tell me what conservative, tell me what Republican is saying John McCain's the guy? Now, maybe you're one of these new Republicans, the anti-Reagan Republican, the one that doesn't understand how taxes work. I don't get the change thing here. [more here]


destilando cafe said...

Sure, Glenn, I can tell you. At the very least, Hillary will aggressively pursue universal health care coverage for all American citizens. John McCain will aggressively pursue Osama Bin Laden. Both of these aims carried out successfully would qualify as change because Bush & Co. has been uninterested in the first and unsuccessful on the second. As has been pointed out by others, this would be a good year to vote along your party line rather than by personality, because the differences will be clear, as you can see by that butt-kickin' Democrat debate in South Carolina this evening! Well worth watching!

Michigan Redneck said...

I missed the Dem debate. I heard it was pretty entertaining.