Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kathy's Potty Humor

After the South Carolina Debate Mike Huckabee said the Fred Thompson should take Metamucil. In fact a Mike Huckabee supporter put the video of him saying up on You-Tube. Umm, that's something a five year old would say. But I guess if a Republican candidate can use potty humor, so can I.
Here's what I was thinking. Mike Huckabee could make Iran's President Ahmed "Idiotjob" pee his pants by telling a joke. Fred Thompson could make "Idiotjob" pee his pants by staring at him.

If you want to see "Idiotjob" pee his pants from laughing, vote for Huck.
If you want to see "Idiotjob" pee his pants from being a scared sissy, vote for Fred Thompson.

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