Monday, January 7, 2008

Fred Thompson "Owes Nothing to the Media"

h/t to ARRA news Service, for this video. A bit from ARRA's post, which can be found here.

  • Thompson to Media "I Owe the Media Nothing" after spreading false rumor
  • During the Iowa Caucus, The Politico and other media sources spread the false rumor that Fred Thompson was withdrawing from the GOP race. Robert Novak revealed yesterday that the false rumor was started by the Mitt Romney campaign:
    Published reports that Fred Thompson soon will withdraw from the Republican
    presidential contest and endorse Sen. John McCain have been traced in part to Mitt Romney's
    campaign, trying to stir up strife between McCain and Thompson.
    On this morning's Today, he declined to engage in horse-race speculation about his own prospects, then took the media to task for its propagation of that false rumor about his impending withdrawal.

ARRA has the full transcript on their post. I will post the first part, because it really stuck in my mind about why we are electing a president and what is most important for this country. And that is not pettiness. Fred shows that he ain't gonna play petty games.
  • FRED THOMPSON: I'm not going to engage in that -- further beating the process issue to death. We're talking about the future of our country here and the fact that our worst enemies are trying to get their hands on nuclear weapons and we're bankrupting the next generation. That's what I'm talking about. The rest is all speculation and I don't engage in it.


Anonymous said...

If it is already here one the site please forgive me (and let me know the date!), but when did you make the switch from Mike to Fred ? (and why? must be a good story)

Michigan Redneck said...

I had evolved into a switch within the past month. I don't want to talk too much about it. It has a lot to do with illegal immigration, crime and foreign affairs and I no longer think he is conservative enough. He has many extremist supporters and associates. I will try to find the post I made announcing the changes and let ya know.

Hangmann747 said...

Hello Kathy, My name is Shane. I am a fellow Michigander. My Wife (Infadel Granny) and I have the unofficial Fred Thompson campaign headquarters for Oscoda Mi. Anyway, Just wanted to say great seeing you on the Flopping Aces list and Thanks for being involved. I would love to partner with you in helping Fred. I have added you to the blog roll of one of my blogs ( My main Blog site is ( called Fred Thompson and "The Doctrine of Original Intent". I would love to know what you think. I will let the blog speak for itself. I also blog at Blogs for Fred, Marblehead Regiment, Redstate, Michigan Right, and comment everywhere. Yes, I know I stand so far on the right wing I almost fall off. No worries though I am an aircraft mechanic and a Gymnast, I'll be OK! LOL. Thanks and many Blessings, Shane