Wednesday, January 9, 2008

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...Michigan Primary! Woo-hoo! The Red-headed step child will be getting attention on Jan 15, like it or not. Take that, you MSM, like it or not. I have noticed that since the Iowa Caucus, when the media is talking to pundits they keep saying up next is New Hampshire, which is now over, and then on to Florida (whose Primary is on Jan. 29). The pundits interrupt to say Michigan is between New Hampshire and Florida. The media seems to wave that with a slight of hand.
To all you Michigan citizens out there, I want you to go vote. But, you must go to your local polling place informed. I do not want you embarrassing this great state. I don't want to hear on the local news or major news media about exit polls that any of you said the most important reason for voting for your candidate was that "he shares (your) values," gag. I do feel values are important, but in this post 9/11 world, values should not be the most important thing. Keeping America safe and illegal immigration and domestic issues are the most important thing.
The buzz word going around seems to be "change." Would someone please tell me what this means? For the life of me, I can't figure it out. I have been hearing that some of the candidates are trying to take down the "establishment." But again, what does that mean? What are the motives behind that? I admit I fell for that in the beginning. But here is the deal. Are they trying to "bring down the 'establishment'" to include all or are they trying to "bring down the 'establishment'" to install their own "establishment"? If the latter is true then we are in no different place. Perhaps this is what "change" is. If this is what change is, I don't want it.
Back to the original reason for my post about the Michigan Primary. Here is some factoids from the New York Times regarding the Michigan Primary.

  • Republicans

  • John McCain and Mitt Romney are competing heavily, with Mr. Romney hoping that a victory in the state where his father was governor will restore momentum. Mr. McCain was in fourth place in an early December poll, yet some predict that independents or Democrats may vote for Mr. McCain, as they did in 2000, when he beat George W. Bush in an upset victory. The Detroit Free Press notes that evangelical Christians, Mr. Huckabee's primary supporters in Iowa, make up no more than 20 percent of the Republican base here.
Delegate selection
  • Republicans

  • January 15, 2008 Winner-take-all primary (Open) 30 delegates at stake
  • Based on the voting in the Jan. 15 primary, 57 of Michigan’s 60 delegates to the national convention are allocated to the candidate receiving the most votes. Forty-five of those 57 are allocated to the candidate receiving the most votes in each of the state’s 15 Congressional districts; 12 are allocated proportionally to the candidates based on the statewide vote. Three additional unpledged delegates are selected from among party leaders at a state convention Feb. 15-16.
Since I am a Republican, plus the Democrats (candidates) are boycotting Michigan I have only included Republican details. For all the info, including Democrat details click here.

Check out some of the Republican Candidates that will be making stops in Michigan, from Republican State Chairman Saul Anuzis, on "That's Saul Folks." I will give info that regards the Michigan First Congressional District.

Thursday, Jan. 10

6:00PM Cheboygan, Presque Isle, Montmorency Republican Parties
Presidential Gathering
Confirmed Speakers: State Senator Allen
State Representative Casperson
Stoney Creek Restaurant
19011 East M 68
Onaway, MI

Saturday, Jan. 12

6:00PM Charlevoix, Emmet, Antrim, Otsego Republican Parties
Reagan Day Dinner
Confirmed Speakers: Congressman Hunter
Senator Brownback on behalf of
Senator McCain
Congressman Hoekstra
State Representative Casperson
State Representative Hoogendyk
U.S. Senate Candidate Raczkowski
Attorney General Cox
State Senator Allen
State Representative Elsenheimer
Castle Farms
5052 M 66 North
Charlevoix, MI
Contact: Wes Dilworth (231) 582-6886

Monday, Jan. 14

7:30AM Grand Traverse-Leelanau Republican Parties
Presidential Breakfast
Confirmed Speakers: Rev. Keith Butler, former U.S. Senate Candidate
Park Place Hotel
300 East State Street
Traverse City, MI

Tuesday, Jan. 15 – Michigan GOP Primary

8:15 AM McCain for President

Traverse City Get-Out-The-Vote Rally

Northwestern Michigan College Haggerty Place

715 East Front Street

Traverse City, MI

If you are not from the First District and would like to see if a candidate is coming to a town near you, check out all the info here. I know, I am a Thompson supporter and there is nothing going on for Thompson, in Michigan. But most important, I am a Michigander before I am an American. Oh, before I forget. A presidential candidate is giving the Upper Peninsula attention. From First District email update Mitt Romney will be making an appearance in Marquette, Michigan. Here are the details.

Governor Mitt Romney in Marquette, Sunday 1/13/08
Governor Mitt Romney has scheduled an Upper Peninsula stop in Marquette. The event will be held this Sunday (January 13th) at The “W” on Sawyer International Airport at 2:45 PM and open to the public.
This is the first Presidential stop we’ve seen from the campaign trail and honored to host. More details to come soon but feel free to email with any questions.
Joel Westrom
First Congressional District
Keep checking this blog throughout the week to see Michigan related updates regarding the Jan 15 Primary and other Michigan related content. I am trying to get guest posters. If you would like to be a guest poster, regarding the Michigan Primary, please email me at gypzychik (at) Send your info at any time before or on January 15. Michiganders preferred but anyone from any state is welcome, so long as it is Michigan related content. Fred Thompson posts will be accepted at any time and will be posted as soon as I receive them. There will be a Michigan Primary marathon here at Michigan Redneck on January 15, possibly on the 14th also. If you have come to this particular post through a search engine click on my blog name and you will be taken to the home page.


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