Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rush Suspects McCain-Huckabee Deal

From a Newsmax emailing

Rush Suspects McCain-Huckabee Deal

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh suspects that John McCain may have cut a deal with GOP presidential rival Mike Huckabee to have Huckabee siphon off votes from Mitt Romney.

Rush said that on the day after McCain’s victory in the New Hampshire primary, McCain told reporters that Christian conservatives should back him, saying: “A very large portion of the evangelical community is becoming more and more concerned about climate change because of our biblical obligation to be good stewards of our planet. That clearly is an issue that I’m in complete sync with the evangelical community on.”

Noting that Huckabee was thought to control the evangelical vote, Rush told listeners: “Governor Huckabee, at this stage, in my opinion, is in the race to take Romney out of the way for McCain…

“The thing Huckabee’s got to understand is if you have made a deal with McCain behind the scenes, under the table, understand it’s one way, because McCain is going to throw you overboard as soon as he has to, Governor, when the time comes — and he’ll not remember the deal or it will get reshaped in his mind or somehow changed.”

McCain also reminded reporters that he has voted the anti-abortion line during his entire career.

Said Limbaugh: “In that way he’s going to take out Rudy [Giuliani, who has expressed support for abortion rights],” Rush said.

“So he’s going to try to get the Huckabee vote with the global warming route and try to get the evangelicals. He’s going to try to take Rudy out with his consistent abortion stand, which he is not fabricating.”

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