Sunday, January 20, 2008

Duncan Hunter Bows out of Race

From CBN News.

Hunter Bows Out Before Vote Tallies

The Associated Press
January 19, 2008 - SAN DIEGO - Rep. Duncan Hunter is dropping out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination after a poor showing in the Nevada caucus, his campaign said Saturday.

Click play to hear Duncan Hunter's comments after dropping out of the race.

"We thought we'd do much better in Nevada, but the numbers weren't there," said campaign spokesman Bob Bevill. "We were not able to get any traction."

In recent weeks Hunter, a California congressman, was forced at every stop to dispel rumors that the campaign was already dead and was unable to talk about the issues, Bevill said. The best showing of Hunter's campaign was in Wyoming's Jan. 5 caucuses, in which he won 8 percent of the vote, finishing third behind Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson.

"The media has a 'vote someone off the island' mentality and Duncan Hunter was a casualty of that," said Bevill.

Hunter, a Vietnam veteran, was elected to Congress in 1980 as part of President Reagan's sweep into power. He appealed to some conservatives by focusing on military issues and border security. [click here to watch the video]

Last night I said that I would like to see Duncan Hunter endorse Fred Thompson. Fred is the most likely for him to endorse. When I was checking out candidates after leaving the Huckabee support, I did look into Duncan Hunter. I liked what I found out about him. But he was mostly just about the immigration issue and I needed more from a candidate.

Perhaps he was in the '08 race to test the waters for '12 and didn't want to get to deep into the issues because of which. That is fine. Perhaps he will try again in '12, if Fred Thompson won't be running for re-election (wink, wink, nod, nod), and be more issues in depth. But this is the here and now. Fred needs all the help he can get. And that help would be for Duncan Hunter to endorse Fred Thompson. On the immigration issue, Fred is the most likely for Duncan to endorse.


Anonymous said...

No offense just curious:Who will you be supporting when Fred drops out?? He is expected to drop out tomorrow or Tuesday.

Michigan Redneck said...

Only the media expects Fred to drop out. I won't beleive it 'til I see it. I refuse to support RINOs any longer. I refuse to allow RINOs to make me compromise my principles.

Anonymous said...

Uh yeah. Even if Fred doesn't drop out, I hardly think Duncnut's endorsement and his mighty >1% is gonna help much. Desperately grasp at another straw please.

I hear Kucinich has room on his bus. You guys might be able to trade UFO stories.

Michigan Redneck said...

After all this is done, I think the Paultards, Huck-a-cult and Kook-niks can block a wing of a funny farm and hold a conference. Maybe Chuck Norris and Tim LaHaye can put on an end of the world performance. Let's not forget that wrestler dude too.

Steven M Nielson said...

Wow! What happened to you? You went from a good blogger to visciousness! Sorry that your new boy is undone, but the serious question stands, about what issues you're going to stand up for once Fred is done. If I recall, you were a Huckabee supporter because of Social Issues. Fred came out running as the social conservative, but his campaign has not succeeded.

So who, in your honest opinion, is the best candidate to support social issues, and why? I want to try and understand where you are at on this, and why you are so angry in your blogs and comments. What are your principles, and if not Fred then who supports them?

I hope all is well with you!

Michigan Redneck said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and being a man by using your Blogger name. While we now disagree, I do respect you and your comment.
What you call viciousness, I call honest. Considering that the post is about Duncan Hunter, I said nice things about him.
Fred ain't done. I have a feeling that something may happen to Mike Huckabee that will make him pull out. Fred Thompson was way more than just social issues, that was just the veggie dish on his plate. The economy, immigration and security was his meat and potatoes.
I do think social issues are important, but that is not a deal breaker for me. The Huck-a-cult have tunnel vision about the pro-life issue, which is important. But when ya think about it, the pro-life issue needs the economy and national security issue, more so than the other way. If people get blown to smithereens by terrorists or become sterile and can't procreate due to an attack, the pro-life issue is mute. If people can't afford to take care of their future kids, the pro-life issue is mute.
I did not elect a pastor or daddy last Tuesday. Currently Daddy Pastor, his staff, B-rated celebs and supporters are not acting very "social."
Just a question. Why is that I keep seeing all over the internet that Huckabee supporters keep talking about Fred being done and that he was trying to run as a social conservative?
Before Mike Huckabee's past really, I mean REALLY, came to light I thought Mike Huckabee was the one who supported social issues. I guess it depends on which is more socially acceptable, allowing criminals on the street because "they found Jesus" or giving compassion and justice to victims.
I am not angry, just truthful. Maybe perhaps I am angry. Angry that Mike Huckabee has changed. Maybe I am angry at my own self for ignoring many stories and believing Mike Huckabee's excuses.
There is no one else to support, but Fred Thompson.

Anonymous said...

Blame yourself.

You and Maritime either have the weakest convictions on the planet, or you're both absolutely horrible at fully researching a candidate before throwing fanatical support behind them.

Huckabee and his campaign haven't changed. These "facts" from his past have always been there. You can't blame anyone but yourself that you're JUST NOW swallowing everything that the Arkansas hit squad media put out on him.

Best of luck with Thompson. Even if he were to stay in, his support is quite minimal, and would have an extremely hard time getting the nomination. Once there, he'd get trounced in the general, as very few people in this country want his type of good ol' boy, back-room deal, Washington-insider, Bush III, insolent jackass type of politics any longer.


Michigan Redneck said...

"You and Maritime either have the weakest convictions"
Actually Maritime Sentry, others who have left the Huck support and I have strong convictions.

"you're both absolutely horrible at fully researching a candidate before throwing fanatical support behind them."
You may be right on that. I should have fully researched Mike Huckabee when his record first came out.

"Huckabee and his campaign haven't changed."
The change has slowly taken place since February. He was the same until he received the "Evangelical" support. His campaign started getting cocky after the Iowa Straw Poll. Then it really started changing the most after the "Huck's Army" came around.

"These "facts" from his past have always been there. You can't blame anyone but yourself that you're JUST NOW swallowing everything that the Arkansas hit squad media put out on him."
You're absolutely right, again, on the first two parts. I just didn't want to believe it. I had bought into his excuses, without fully reading between the lines.
There is no hit squad out to get him. Why is it that people are mean just because they are stating his record?

"as very few people in this country want his type of good ol' boy, back-room deal, Washington-insider, Bush III, insolent jackass type of politics any longer."
Are you talking about Mike Huckabee there? That sounds a lot like what I have read about how he dealed with the Wayne Dumond and other "I found Jesus" criminals issues and the Mexican consulate.

No need to apologize for your support of Mike Huckabee. It's a free country.

SR said...


Next time, try posting your attacks on a related article and if you are big enough to speak your mind you should be big enough to post who you are. Furthermore if you are going to attack The Maritime Sentry you should do it on The Maritime Sentry.

Now, to deal with your rude behavior towards my very good friend here; the only person with weak convictions is the person who votes on feelings instead of fact or not at all. MR and the two of us have done more research and put more effort into this campaign than many out there. Mike Huckabee has a forked tongue that can spin Manson into Mr. Rogers and that is despite the record. Not everything on paper is always what it appears to be. There is always a side to everything that many do not see.

BTW, Huckabee and his campaign did change. We were all very involved in the campaign and knew very well where they started out at. Once he realized that leaning left a little got him more votes and he got a taste of power he ran the rest of the way to the left as fast as he could. Huckabee began on a conservative platform that he abandoned like a sinking ship. With open Primaries and Caucuses being conducted in so many states it has conveniently allowed many Democrats and Independents to pollute the Republican vote. These states do no reflect the conservative base; only those who have intruded where they do not belong. The voice of the Republican base will be heard when the states with closed Primaries and Caucuses place their votes. I look for Huckabee to drop out once he begins to fail in these states and funds run out.

Speaking of lack of research, you obviously know nothing about Fred Thompson. If the Primary/Caucus process was not so compromised and broken he would have been ahead from the beginning. Fred accomplished what he set out to do. He brought Federalism, the Constitution, national security and foreign policy to the forefront of this race. Washington insider? Back-room deals? You must be talking about Huckabee's secret bid for VP! At least you admit you are prejudice against the Good Ol' Boys of the South, that is at least honest and your momma should wash your mouth out with soap for such salty language.

The only thing I agree with you on is Bush is a liberal j*****s!