Thursday, January 10, 2008

Don't Ask Mike Huckabee This Question

h/t to Maritime Sentry


Larry said...

First of all, Mike Huckabee has already addressed the questions you are trying to raise. I believe it is unfair to ask such a loaded question and expect only a yes or a no answer.

Mike Huckabee was faced with an illegal immigration problem brought on by a federal government that has refused to seal the border. As Governor of Arkansas, he had to deal with the number of illegal immigrants the best way he could, with almost no help from the federal government. Take a look at his immigration policy on his website and see what his plans for dealing with this issue when he is elected President.

Michigan Redneck said...

I don't want to get into it too much with you because I think you are nice person and I respect you. I have read Mike Huckabee's position on illegal immigration, over at his website. I have compared it with Fred Thompson's view. Mike Huckabee is another one of those who says "They are taking the jobs Americans don't want." I will provide a link to my post from when I supported Mike Huckabee, from when the campaign announced the endorsement of Jim Gilchrist. The second comment left on that post is very informing. I did check out the link that was included in that post. It is legit. From that page there is very interesting info about Mike Huckabee on immigrants coming here and pick lettuce. Here is the link to my post,
Here is the link the poster left,