Wednesday, January 16, 2008

John McCain beats Mitt Romney, Both Beat Hillary Clinton; in Mackinac County

I just got home from canvassing the election. What is that? After the votes are counted at each precinct the results get sent to the county clerk. The day after the election the county canvassers show up at the courthouse to make sure all the "i-s are dotted and t-s are crossed" and count the different numbers on different paperwork to make sure everything matches up. If all goes well the county clerk sends the info to the state. Yes, you do need to have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) to find this to be fun. I am working on getting the individual results, for Mac County, posted here. For right now I thought I would quickly post the more important info.

John McCain (541 votes) beat Mitt Romney (466 votes) by 75 votes. John McCain beat Hillary Clinton (354 votes) by 187 votes. Mitt Romney beat her by 112 votes. Hillary Clinton beat Mike Huckabee (266 votes) by 88 votes.
Something I found rather interesting and surprising, on Mackinac Island, is John McCain (38 votes) beat out Mitt Romney (20 votes) by 18 votes. Hillary Clinton received more votes, 29, on Mackinac Island than Mitt Romney. The Hillary part is very surprising. Mackinac Island has been known to have mostly rich Republicans residing there. Except the year long residents are more poor than the Seasonal residents. But there are still quite a few of rich year long residents.

Oh by the way, I was made chairman of the Mackinac County Canvassers. It isn't that big of a deal. There is only four canvassers, two Republicans and two Democrats, in the canvassers. The officers get elected every two years. In our county it gets rotated by person and party. I guess it was my turn. We all get payed for our time, officer or not. So I get some extra money.

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