Sunday, January 13, 2008

Comparing the Candidates on Border Security

Fred Thompson Opposed
The Senate Immigration Bill
That Included Amnesty

“No matter how much lipstick Washington tries
to slap onto this legislative pig, it’s not going to
win any beauty contests. We should scrap this
‘comprehensive’ immigration bill...until the
government can show the American people that
we have secured the borders.” (The Fred Thompson
Report, ABC Radio Network, 5/18/07)

Mitt Romney Chided Republicans For
Not Supporting The Senate
Immigration Bill Saying They
“Made A Big Mistake”

“…Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, has made
it known that he supports the President’s
immigration position, saying that Republicans
who have broken rank with Bush ‘made a big
mistake.’” (AP , 9/20/06)

Mike Huckabee Defended Bush’s
Immigration Plan Saying It Was Not
Amnesty And That Opposition Was
Driven By “Racism”

“‘I do believe some of it is driven by racism or
nativism,’ he said of the opposition within his
party to Mr. Bush's view that illegal aliens should
not be deported but rather fined and eventually
allowed U.S. citizenship. ‘It's not amnesty to
make people pay for breaking the law,’ Mr.
Huckabee said.” (Washington Times , 5/17/06)

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