Monday, January 21, 2008

Carl Cameron, Kiss My Ass!

Well, let's add Carl Cameron to the "Kiss my ass" list. I was watching him on FAUX News. I wasn't paying too much attention to him. He is in Florida talking about the election and he mentioned Fred Thompson. Whoever was in the studio asked him if Fred might accept the VP nom. He said that that was what Thompson wanted all along, puhleeze. He said that Fred Thompson will announce his pulling out soon. What an idiot. Fred never said that. Fred Thompson is not in Florida, currently, because he is Tennessee to be with his mother who has pneumonia. He wants to spend time with family. Leave him alone.

I have been thinking. Why would an allegedly conservative cable news with an allegedly majority conservative audience want to dis on a true conservative candidate? They want Hillary to win. Why? Ratings, of course. If we get a crappy nominee who can't win the general election, then Hillay wins. If Hillary wins there will be all kindsa fun and complaining from Hannity and the ilk. Colmes will vehemently defend her to no end. The inner fighting between these two will bring tons of ratings. More so than if there was a conservative president. This would be the same with any other FAUX News show that has panels. It would be rather boring, in their ratings world, if it was just good news on the national front.

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