Thursday, January 24, 2008

Public Apology Letter to Mitt Romney

Dear Mr. Willard Mitt Romney,

I doubt you will ever read this letter. I doubt you have ever even heard of my blog. That doesn't matter. I have something to say, regardless if you ever know I have said it. I must be nothing but honest, there is going to be positive and negative in this letter. Perhaps honesty is a social no-no in politics, but that has never stopped me before.
I am a former Mike Huckabee supporter turned Fred Thompson supporter. I have been following this primary race since a couple weeks before the 2007 Michigan Republican State Conference in February. I heard you speak at the state convention. When I had heard you speak at the convention I really liked what you had to say. I went into that convention and hearing your speech knowing that you were a Mormon. I went in knowing that your stance on abortion had changed. While I am pro-life and do not agree with the teachings of the Mormon Church these things did not affect me.
When I came back home from the convention I still liked you. But I wanted to be the free American that I am by checking into all the candidates. I still was considering you as my top choice. During this time I found out about Mike Huckabee.
At first Mike Huckabee was mildly leaning towards populism, but not like it is now. See, Mr. Romney sir, as you can tell from my blog name that I am not a country club debutante. I am a blue collar worker. I struggle to pay my bills. I pay my bills according to who is threatening to shut off my services first. I am as active in the Republican Party as I possibly can be. I am not the stereotypical high society Republican. I am unmarried, so this is not something I am doing as a "spousal hobby." Nor am I looking for a spouse within the Republican Party.
You may think, from my social standing in life, that the reason I am a Republican is because of the social values the party espouses. That is far from the truth. I do believe in social values. But these things are the veggie dish on the plate. Things like economy, security and immigration are the meat and potatoes for me. Now you would think that if I am poor and I am worried about the economy I would become a Democrat. That is far from the truth. This is one of the biggest myths portrayed be the Democrats. I believe in the Republican projection of personal economic freedom. I am whole heartedly against the welfare state. People like me pay into it the most. People like me see the effects most, while we are in line at the grocery store.
Now when I heard Mike Huckabee speak about how he is different from most Republicans, I bought into this. I thought "finally one of my own is getting into the spotlight." During this time in which I first started learning about Mike Huckabee I was also checking into the '08 presidential message boards on MSNBC. I was reading the message board about you. It was mostly about your Mormonism. There were some people on this board who claimed to be Mormon. some of the stuff that people, alleged Mormons and non-Mormons said were rather strange. I took this as fact that they were truly Mormons. Perhaps some of them really were. But after getting nasty comments from Huckabee supporters, after switching support to Fred Thompson, I noticed that there was something in their comments that made me recall the conversations, from both sides, on this message board. Am I accusing anyone of anything? No. I am just saying...
Well now Fred Thompson is out of the race. I had already voted here in Michigan. So, I could have just said, "gee Fred Thompson is out of the race and the Michigan Primary is finished so there is not point for me to post anything political." Well that is far from the truth. There are still many more states ahead and I want to keep people in those states informed. And I want to continue following this primary policy. But here is where I must be honest. Whom do I follow and post about?
Fred Thompson was the best choice. But he is no longer in the race. Now who is the second best? I guess in my case third choice. So far, it looks like you, Mr. Romney. There are things I don't like about you. But most of these things are personal related as opposed to policy. But none of these personal things are no longer Mormon related. In fact last night I did something I never thought I would. I deleted all the anti-Mormon things I ever posted. I am not sure if I am going to delete any other negative non-Mormon related posts I ever wrote about you.
Again, there are things about your church I do not agree with, but I do not think you are going to force Mormonism down the throats of the American people. Nor do I think Mormons are going to take over the Republican Party. A possible Mitt Romney presidency may bring in more Mormons to the Republican Party. I say to them "Welcome." We need all the people involved in the party we can get. But I do not believe they will take over "the Establishment" that one of your opponents and his supporters talks about. I do not believe that any possible Mormons that enter into the Republican Party would have any problem with a single woman that drinks. I know that is against your beliefs, but I do not think anyone would shove me out of the party.

After this long letter, I want to say to you, Mr. Romney, I am sorry for anything I said about your religion that would have upset you if you were to have ever read it. I am still going to look into you before I truly decide to support you.

Michigan Redneck


destilando cafe said...

Red, I am surprised at you. Economic conservatives, like Mitt Romney, have absolutely no problem with illegal immigration because it fuels economic growth at low cost to the business owner. Illegal aliens regularly worked on Mitt's properties in Mass.--not just the once or twice they were caught, but regularly over the years. Now, of course, he will say whatever he thinks the voters want to hear. He blows with the wind--and now the wind is anti-illegal, so there's Mitt (for now). His true social values differ little from the norm in Massachusetts--but I suspect that social conservatism is not all that important to you, so I will not bore you with the details. Economically, he is not in your corner. Free trade for profits for the stockholder, more jobs overseas, higher unemployment, tax cuts for the wealthy, thats what you'll get with an MBA type like him. Remember--I'm from the East Coast, and have read the Boston Globe online regularly over the years. You may want to peruse its archives to check out what Romney actually does as opposed to what he says.

Michigan Redneck said...

All I can say is that I am glad that I have already voted in Michigan. Fred Thompson was the full package. I am not fully supporting Mitt Romney, nor am I fully not supporting him. I still want to follow this primary to the end. So far, he looks like the best choice :(. But not the best to represent my personal views. I trust him more than Huck.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that a conservative is getting his talking points from the Boston Globe.......

destilando cafe said...

Neither Democrats nor Republicans particularly like Mitt Romney, not politically, not personally. In Massachusetts he did not work well with either party,and left the GOP in a weakened position. He surrounded himself with trusted advisors from the business world and made decisions with a high degree of secrecy. Sort of like another MBA-type leader I could mention.