Monday, January 14, 2008


I have to interupt what I was in the middle of doing to bring this up to y'all. Oooooh, I am ticked off. When blogging I usually have the TV or music on for background noise. I was listening to FOX news today. There is a bunch of talk about Hillary and Obama and using the racial card, for the past couple days. Whatever. I have hardly been paying attention to it. It has something to do with who was more "Civil Rights friendly", Lyndon Johnson or Martin Luther King. Hillary is pro-Johnson, Obama is pro-King. Of course both of them have ignored President Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower's influence, along with his signing of the "Civil Rights Bill" in 1957. The Democrat Congress at the time did not pass it through. I just ignored.
Now I just heard Hillary saying that "Lyndon Johnson signed the bill that John Kennedy supported and pushed through." Oh, now, not only that, she said and I quote, "The previous president didn't do anything to help civil rights." She didn't even want to mention Dwight Eisenhower by name. Maybe she was afraid people would Google the subject of Dwight Eisenhower Civil Rights Bill 1957. She would be afraid of what people would find. What would they find out? The truth. To the Clinton's the truth is like The Swamp Thing.
Please click on Dwight Eisenhower in the below tags, to read what I have posted about Dwight Eisenhower previously. Dwight Eisenhower was the president before John F. Kennedy.

I just hate having to add Hillary and Ike in the same tags.

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