Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fred Thompson on Isreal

h/t to Maritime Sentry. They have posted Fred Thompson's views on Isreal and Middle East.

Fred Thompson On Israel

The United States is committed to the security of Israel and the safety of the Israeli people. The historical, familial and cultural ties of our peoples are the basis of this commitment. It is strengthened by the shared values and shared interests of our nations. Our mutual goal is an economically and militarily strong Israel at peace with its neighbors. We must exercise our traditional leadership role in the region and continue our longstanding support to Israel to achieve this vision. [more here]


DR said...

Thank you for the mention. Isn't it nice that we support a candidate that has so many detailed plans for moving this Republic forward?

Michigan Redneck said...

You said it exactly in the word detailed. Yes I am glad that we support someone who has detailed plans. One of the Huckabee bloggers has the price of the plane ride and other expenses Mike Huckabee payed to go out to California to be on Jay Leno last night, the "Playing bass with the Tonite Show band: Priceless" That looked rather tacky. It was telling what they wasted their money on. I am glad that Mike is getting so many contributions that he can spend OTHER PEOPLES money like that.
I thought it was rather cheesy for Fred Thompson to announce his presidential run on that show. But here is the difference. One, Fred was using his own money to go out there. Two, he used to be an actor. Jay Leno has actors on his show all the time. So in a way, it did make sense.
Oh, let's not forget that Huckabee crossed the picket lines of the writer strikes. He claims to be for the blue collar little guy and the workers. He claims he didn't know they were still on strike. Just listened to wrong info others told him.