Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Lost in Translation

The title of this post can have multiple meanings. I can't believe it has been a while since I wrote up a new post. Well, I didn't leave. As many of you know I am trying to learn Czech language. I have not always kept up with it like I should. I figured if I got a profil on a Czech social networking site I could attain Czech pen pals. I like mluvit. I always try to return emails, calls and messages ASAP. Thus I figured that if I had people to read their messages and psat back to I would need to keep up my studies, so that I would know what they said and I would vim what to say back. Boy, did I get myself into something. I have recieved and sent many messages. I have not had time to get back to my blog. Not that I don't like receiving messages, it has just taken me longer to read and write than I thought it would.
Obviously my native language is English. In English I can read and write subconsciously. In Czech I have to stop and think about what others are saying and what I want to say back. It is hard to explain, ale the gramatika and sentence structure is different than English and me being the OCD person that I am I try to be as correct as possible. I am probably wrong more than half the time, ale I try.
Right now Ja think this is easier than following politky. I have been following all of what has been going on in Iowa. Nothing really that velky. There seems to be a dogfight between two unnamed candidates. One is airing negative attack ads. The other is complaining about it. Yeah, these are qualities I want in a a leader, NE! The negative attack ads are slimy and exagerated. But the attacker is not saying how he is different or what he would do different. The complainer is not saying what these negative ads are getting wrong. The number three guy is staying out of all this and getting things done. If you want to see what I am talking about, click on his picture to the right and find out where he stands on the issues. I hope to be back with some decent posts soon. Until then, Na Shledanou!
I want to leave y'all with these thoughts. If you move to Iowa will become automatically smarter about politics? Why aren't there more women running for president? If there was, Iowans would be too busy cleaning the lipstick off their butts after the caucuses.

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