Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I hate Iowa

Yes, I have fallen off the deep end. Thanks for asking. I am watching FOX News and they're making a big hullabaloo about the Iowa Caucuses, where only about 10% of Iowans will even be caucusing. Yet these candidates have been spending most of all 2007 in Iowa. I just heard that on average the candidates have spent $200 per vote in Iowa.
If you want to know all about what's going on in Iowa I leave you some of these gems, from MSNBC.

  • There were signs that Democratic voters are more energized than Republicans.
  • Democrat Joe Biden, who ranks in the low single digits in polls, attracted 500 people to a noontime event at a Des Moines brewery — a bigger crowd than any Republican candidate usually gets.
  • ...Huckabee made good on a promise to clean up his act, the day after he held a news conference to say he would not run a critical ad against Romney — but then showed it to a room full of reporters and cameramen.
  • With two days left in the campaign, Romney continued his ads against Huckabee. He also assailed Huckabee's defense of his own failure to read the National Intelligence Estimate on Iran last month.
  • "President Bush didn't read it for four years; I don't know why I should read it in four hours," Huckabee said in an interview published Monday in the Mason City Globe Gazette.
  • Romney seized on the comment: "I'm not sure whether Governor Huckabee meant the attack as a joke, but this is not a time to be mocking our president, and it was I think in bad taste."
I am not a Romney supporter, but I must say that at least one of these guys has balls.
  • A multimillionaire, Romney also indicated that he had funneled more of his personal fortune into his campaign, but wouldn't say how much. He had contributed $17 million through September.
Read all the crap here.

Here's more crap, from MSNBC First Read, about the upcoming Iowa race.


Steven M Nielson said...

Wow - you really did fall off the deep end. though I understand... a lot of states moved their primaries and caucuses up to attract the kind of attention that Iowa has received, to no avail. I even heard that Democrats refuse to campaign in Michigan because they broke the Super Tuesday rule.

But you have to remember that this is the process. For the last two generations it has been Iowa, NH, and SC as the pulse of the nation... to expect change, especially when EVERYONE frontloaded their caucus, is naive at best (not to you, but to the state parties).

Sit back, enjoy the ride... and put on a positive smile! This dark side is nice, but not good for the stress level! :)

Happy New Year!


Michigan Redneck said...

I would say more like two decades as opposed to two generations. But i digress.
In the end the POTUS will represent ALL 50 states. Not just three states, so the candidates should show that.
Just because it IS the process, doesn't mean SHOULD be the process. I am glad there are states that are willing to buck the busin"ass" as usual.
It is rather sad that Joe in Ohio should say "Bob in Iowa voted for guy A, so should I" or "Todd in New Hampshire voted for B, so should I" or Bubba in South Carolina voted for C, so should I." All Americans need to think for themselves.
Actually for me the stress level will go down once I get to get out all I am thinking.