Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thompson presses conservative credentials on eve of caucus

  • WATERLOO --- Republican presidential hopeful Fred Thompson said he believes he can finish above rival John McCain in Thursday's caucuses, and would be happy with a second-place finish.
  • During an afternoon visit to Beck's Sports Brewery, the former Tennessee senator stayed optimistic about his chances of finishing well in Iowa, despite some criticism that he hasn't campaigned hard enough in the state.
  • "I would have been born rich," he joked. "Others have spent a whole lot more money than we have here, and a whole lot more troops on the ground than we have. But, that doesn't always win."
True that! It's issues that win!
  • Thompson said he thinks he can win over those leaning towards McCain because of the Arizona senator's foreign policy credentials because of his more conservative views on domestic issues like immigration.
  • "I think if people compare us both in terms of our positions on domestic issues over the years and our national security credentials, that I have a pretty unique combination of those things," he said.
To see where Fred stands exactly on the issues click here, principles here, and white pages here.
  • To his supporters, Thompson oozes conservative authenticity.
  • It's certainly the message the former Tennessee senator wanted to convey, as he spoke to a crowd of more than 100 in front of a big purple banner that read, "The Clear Conservative Choice."
  • "I think he was born in conservative diapers," said Ken Durst of Cedar Falls, a new Thompson supporter. "I was iffy on him the first time I saw him, but after I heard him here in person, you can see the conviction in his eyes."
I am in the same boat as Mr. Durst. Even looking elsewhere after Huckabee I was rather iffy on Fred. I have never seen him in person, but from what I have seen in pics and vids from his speaking engagements, I have to say I too see conviction in his eyes.
  • "My record's clear. I have no new strategy, no new personality to unveil," he said. "Lower taxes, a plan to save the Social Security system, a plan to rebuild military, to stop illegal immigration."
  • Questions from the audience primarily centered on foreign policy. On the political unrest in Pakistan after the assassination of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto, Thompson said the U.S. must continue to encourage the country towards a Democratic government.
  • "What do you do? Well the first thing you do is nothing stupid," he said. [more here]

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