Saturday, October 6, 2007

St. Ignace, Michigan Meet Mike Huckabee, Mike Huckabee Meet St. Ignace, Michigan

Hey, I just finished participating in "Fall for Huckabee." I handed out 75 push cards in less than 1 hour! I should have copied out more. Actually, they didn't look like push cards. I was unable to use the thick paper, so they were more like small handouts. Nonetheless, they had Mike's message on them.
I stopped people on the street and went into the businesses to talk to employees, but I did not bother shoppers, until they were outside. I met people from many different states. Some people had not heard about Mike Huckabee, some people heard his name but did not know anything about him, others knew mostly what he was about. The point is they all wanted to "Fall for Mike Huckabee." Of course I would be lying if I said everyone I talked to took the handouts. There was a small, minute, few people who said, "I am a Democrat, I don't vote and/or I don't follow politics." There was quite a few people who said, "Is he a Republican?", "Yes", "I haven't heard of him, but if he's a Republican I will take one." I asked some people if they were from Michigan. The majority said they were. I asked if they heard about the October 9 Debate. Some had, some had not. I gave them details about the debate, and reminded them of Michigan pride that we should be proud of the fact that there will be a debate in Michigan.
I met a woman from Arkansas who said that she just loved having him as governor. And she liked that he was a moral man. She said what we need is someone with morals. Speaking of Arkansas, one gentleman and his wife that I stopped said, "Oh, he's from Arkansas", "But he is different he's not like that other guy, he's a Republican", "Oh, Okay", "Do you still want a handout", "No thanks." Well at least I tried.
Anyone who wants to participate in your own local "Fall for Huckabee", a few tips. If you give handouts to families, focus on the family aspect of Mike. If you handout to businesses, focus on the business and Fair Tax aspect. One woman who was in her shop had her yellow lab in the store with her. I didn't know if she or her husband hunted, but I took a chance and let her know that he is pro-second amendment and that he hunts with his black lab. If you handout to men that look like they hunt, which is a big activity in the Upper Peninsula, let them know that he is pro-second amendment and pro-hunting. If you handout to young adults, focus on the arts and music education. You would not be lying or changing his message, it would merely be focusing on what these people would be most interested in about Mike Huckabee.

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