Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mike Huckabee played at Historical Surf Ballroom Friday

As y'all know I am a huge Rockabilly fan. I am also a huge Mike Huckabee fan. So when the two things are combined I can't help but be excited. Mike Huckabee and his band, Capitol Offense, played at the one and only Surf Ballroom yesterday. Of all places I wish I could have been, that Mike Huckabee was at, this is where I would have liked to have been. Sadly, the Surf Ballroom is all the way in Clear Lake, Iowa. The Surf Ballroom has historical and melancholy significance due to the fact that this is where Buddy Holly, J.P. "Big Bopper" Richardson, Ritchie Valenz played their last concert as part of the Winter Dance Party. The three of them died in a plane crash in February of 1959. Check out this article about Mike Huckabee at the Surf Ballroom.
Of all the pictures I have ever seen of Mike Huckabee, including other ones of him playing his guitar, this is the best I have seen. Just look at him, grinning like a school boy. He seems very elated to be there.

  • CLEAR LAKE — Whether or not GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee’s appearance Friday at the Surf Ballroom was a clever campaign gimmick, two things were clear.
  • One, this conservative crowd didn’t really care and two, Huckabee’s band, Capitol Offense, really could play danceable classic rock.The 300 or so who attended were greeted by a festooned stage alive with red, white and blue bunting and signs everywhere that said simply, “Mike Huckabee.”
  • T-shirts emblazoned with “I Like Mike” were scattered for sale across three tables next to bumper stickers and Huckabee’s book, “Character Is the Issue.”
  • “We came from Ames to hear him,” said April Hill, 39, who brought her entire family — husband, three children and mother — to see the former Arkansas governor. They had first heard his band play at the GOP Straw Poll this summer in Ames.
  • While the music is fun, his message is better, she said.
  • “We really feel he’s the only candidate who offers hope. He embodies all the conservative values our family holds without being negative about it,” said Hill.
  • “I think he’s a great presidential candidate,” agreed Faith Swanson, 16, from Ankeny. The home-schooler called Huckabee’s values similar to her own.
  • Huckabee said only a few words of welcome to the crowd before the band dived into popular rock favorites such as “Only In America,” “R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.” and “Roll Over Beethoven.”
  • In addition to bass-playing Huckabee, band members are Marynell Branch, Aaron Black, Teri Cox, Rick Calhoun, Steve Pyle and Chris Pyle.
  • The band was scheduled to play with special musical guest Barry Goudreau, former lead guitarist for Boston.The group, together since 1996, was formed shortly after Huckabee became governor. It has fronted for musicians such as Willie Nelson, Percy Sledge and Grand Funk Railroad.
  • The event — which drew scores of national media to the apron of the Surf stage — raised questions about whether or not the event was, well, an event, or a campaign stop. People could donate money for a chance at a raffle or a Huckabee-signed guitar and other items. Money would go to the campaign.
  • But his love of music — and Buddy Holly — was as much a draw, said his daughter, Sarah, who was also at the Surf with her mom, Janet. He was fascinated with the Surf during a for-real campaign stop. He called the Clear Lake venue, “preserved and unmolested.”
  • “A few years ago, we all went to England for Christmas and ‘Buddy The Musical’ was playing — and my dad really got excited,” Sarah Huckabee said as she watched her dad perform.
  • He said, ‘That’s it. C’mon, we’re all going to the show.’ He loves Buddy Holly.” [source]

Bye, Bye Miss American Pie and See Ya Later Alligator!

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