Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Social security.

Fred Thompson is saying that we are spending the money of future generations with social security. Other than that, he is not making sense.
Romney is being asked about the auto industry's health plans. He does not believe that government should get involved. But he believes states should. He doesn't want to change the current auto health plans , but it should be tweaked.
Ron Paul beleives in unions. Does not think
Mike says they are prominent. He is talking about the CEO making 500 times more than the worker. He feels they are important. He thinks they will make a large come back when wages are unfair.
McCain feels they are important.
Romney is going to falter. He says some are good and some are bad. Chris Mathews just asked him who are the good ones are he mentioned the Carpenters Union. Other than that he looks like a dof chasing his tail.
Thompson says he is a member of the Screen Actors Guild. He does not agree with not allowing secret ballots.
Rudy appreciates his grandma being in the garments union. He just mentioned the UAW.
Hunter just mentioned Steele Workers Union.
Brownback thinks the unions are good. He said the postal union his mother belonged to was good.
Tancredo tried making a lame joke about his mother. Conflicts are good thing. Now he mentioned illegals. Stop about Brownback's mother, sheesh.

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