Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Energy independence, drill off the coast of Florida?
Rudy wants to be energy independant so we don't have to rely on mid-east oil.
Sam Brown back says we should go everywhere we can to get oil. He says in Detroit we need more electricity to power our cars. He has voted for ANWAR.
John McCain says he would not, unless the people of the state aprove of it.
Mike's turn, about ethanol. He says ethanol is good. He wants energy independance in less than a decade. Because we are in a race for our lives. He wants to use all possible sources. He does not want to wait. He just made comparisons with NASCAR and Goober and Gomer from the little filling station. He wants to see the US be more like NASCAR pit stations. Realize what needs to be done and do it quick. Not act like Gomer and Goober staring at the problem and think, not doing anything.
Fred Thompson is copying Mike. Not much here.
Mitt is being phony. He sounds so patrionic in his sacharin voice.

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