Sunday, October 14, 2007

Buy it on eBay!

Well, first things first, I finally finished my pillow I was working on. My next projects will be finished much sooner. If ya want to find out the whole story, check out this post on Hobbies for Huckabee.
I now have the pillow for sale on ebay. This link will take you directly to the pillow.


BDBopper said...

There I got the bidding going. I hope others jump on this and raise the bidding higher. Good luck and Thanks for all you do!

Michigan Redneck said...

Thank You, for bidding on my pillow! Hopefully, someone else will bid on the other pillow. If you could promote this on your blog, MySpace, Facebook or anywhere else. Wait 'til you see my apron. It would make a nice gift for any Rockabilly girl.

BDBopper said...

Consider it done! Would you do me a favor. I am taking a drastic measure. I have two Amazon banners on my blog. from this point every commission I get from them will go to the Huckabee campaign. Please spread the word