Friday, October 19, 2007

Mike is Likable

Ya gotta go over and check out all the great posts on! There is so many posts on his blog, too many to mention. Check out the comments too! Everyone "Like's Mike"!
I found this article in Arkansas Matters.

  • In the 1950's, one future president's campaign slogan was 'I like Ike.' Fast forward 50 years, and a new presidential campaign slogan for 2008 may be 'I like Mike.' -- as some are noticing the likeability factor of former Arkansas Governor and Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. Thursday he signed the official paperwork to run in the New Hampshire primary. Tucker Carlson: "I've heard liberals say a lot of nice things about you, are they still going to like you when they focus and start to understand what you really believe?" "I don't think people have to dislike me even if they find out I'm very pro-life -- I truly believe in the second amendment. I believe lower taxes are better than higher taxes, and local government is better than centralized government," Huckabee said. Huckabee appeared Thursday night on MSNBC with host Tucker Carlson. He's currently campaigning in New Hampshire until Saturday, when he moves on to Washington D.C. And by Friday, Huckabee will be the only republican touting his religious conservative values in the 2008 race. Kansas Senator Sam Brownback will announce Friday he is dropping out of the race. He raised less than a million dollars in the third quarter. [Source]

Right now I am working on a set of four small "I Like Mike" coasters. I will have them listed on ebay ASAP. Remember there is less than 24 hours to bid on my first project, "I Like Mike" pillow.

God Bless from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!

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