Sunday, October 21, 2007

Debate Reaction

Hey all. I had a chance to watch the Republican Debate in Florida. To sum it up, some of it was good and others of it wasn't so great. It was merely a wannabe comedy show.
The "front runners" were bickering. They also got most of the spotlight.
Ron Paul was given more time than what I think he deserved. I have a suspicion that the time he was given was just so FOX News could make fun of him. Now that's professional, NOT!! That was a waste of time. Time that could better have been spent giving air time to Mike Huckabee.
As always, Mike Huckabee made the most of the little time that was given to him. While I thought it was rather childish to have an "I hate Hillary" round. Mike Huckabee probably did the best of all the contestants on this. Everyone was making jokes about Hillary. When it came to Mike Huckabee's turn, he made the most sense. He said that "There's nothing funny about Hillary." He seems to be the only one who gets it.
He understands that Hillary is more powerful than what the "Getting Old Party" wants to think. While the others are making jokes he knows that she is serious and she will do whatever it takes to win and mudsling. Tonight, Mike Huckabee showed that he is truly thee only one who can beat her. He reiterated, that of all the candidates, Republican or Democrat, he knows her best, he knows best what she is capable of. I have said it over and over again, while she were to mudsling, Mike can predict her little tricks and "kill 'em with kindness." The other guys will just mudsling back and pull this country back into the apathy attitude that most Americans have towards politics.
Mike Huckabee also gave great responses about health care and pro-life.
Mike Huckabee is the only candidate out there who can bring in the people who think "Democrat/Republican, what's the difference? They are all the same, sleeping with the lobbyists and screwing the American people."
Oh, and not to be petty, but the first thing I noticed when it was Mitt Romney's first turn to speak, his hair was all tussled. I think he did that on purpose. He knows that people make fun of his polished look, so his consultants just said, "Gee Mitt, scrub your hair on a pillow so it looks like you just got out of bed and forgot to comb your hair." At some point it looks like he did get a comb and his hair had been straightened.
I am going to re watch the debate and give more analysis of this and get back to ya.

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